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Begun in 1988, Financial Sense(R) Newshour is a financial market broadcast hosted by money manager James J Puplava, CFP, on the week's market action, interviews with financial experts, and Jim's personal perspective on the markets/economy.

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there are no labels for this post because frankly if you don't get the point I'm not explaining it here too changes to game mechanics achievements BETA POST Garrison popularity is pretty much assured faffing with a possible purpose but I'm not making any promises gaming as a metaphor beta test this week I will be mostly to build a home hunter mounts Garrisons are the Marmite of this Expansion professions making money gaming changes Speculation changes ptr vanity pets Blizzcon Countdown battle pets Cataclysm shut up and stop moaning you whiners pet battles #TEAMFAFF Mists of Pandaria 3.3 Alternative Chat mogging I made a podcast gold making #WCOW14 Warlords of Draenor druid gaming issues 4.3 looks like it will be MADE OF WIN ALPHA POST farming until my eyes bleed I don't care how long it takes THIS MOUNT IS MINE actually playing the game discussion making gold 10 man Expansion preparation admin ah philosophy reputations gathering professions quests archaeology mogging for fun and profit op-ed raiding 3.2 I did a Podcast all hunters all the time getting Stuff dun progress LFR alts gameplay pet battling is GO gaming getting my life organised making things better spoilers Blizzard are awesome Darkmoon Faire Garrisons 101 PODCAST can't write too busy playing changes to everything crafting fishing gaming as storytelling mount collecting pvp Legion is the new Expansion and frankly there are no tags until this all sinks in Twitter is awesome pets Blizzard achievement points changes to professions changing the way things work fiction football is life game changes gaming mechanics levelling shaman transmogs warlock #alpha Legion Alpha instances primary professions #warlordsreleasedate 6.2 ACTUALLY A TAG NOW Ulduar blogging don't throw rocks at me this is my opinion faffing in high gear followers gaming in high gear just a bit of fun life missions secondary professions stuff to do upgrades #firstworldproblems 25 man 5 mans Pandaren Preparation Programme Patch 6.1 gets its first tag farming gaming expectations gear group stages guild items making money from rubbish organisation planning the future 4.1 information 4.1 is awesome 5.4 PTR 5.4 is coming Farming Today Hunters are Awesome IntPiPoMo OMG it's almost Pandaria bags being a Hunter cant write too busy playing cataclysm countdown change is a good thing changing the game gaming achievements gaming concepts grinding is it Expansion time yet? leatherworking lore speculation making cash progression tin foil hats on 10 man raiding 3.3 ICC progress 5.2 on the PTR Brewfest DROP MY WEAPON LFR Garrisons are the Spawn of Hellfire I am Not Here LFR is actually useful Pandaria content daily quests gaming choices general speculation guides learning to play legendary quest line levelling to 90 news nostalgia playing the game your way skinning stuff and gubbins stuff to make and do things to make and do this week I have been mostly what's wrong with crafting why do I play warcraft #TEAMFAFF I will #WoWscreenshotaday 10 mans Darkmoon Island Dwarf Hunters Flex is the new Black I am Writing I am faffing I wrote a story Patch 6.1 THE FUTURE LABEL IS ALL CAPS Valor Points alt family auction house better gear makes happier toons changes to your attitude companion pets cool new things dps drama dwarf expansion farming mounts flying mounts forward planning gearing alts getting organised heroics how to make things betterer hunter news hunters matters arising new stuff playing the game ride a white horse shhh I am hunting rares stupidity transmog doesn't have a tag WELL IT DOES NOW #BlizzCon2015 #TBLIZ #mopreleasedate 4.0.1 5.2 is coming Blizzcon Firelands I am actually playing the game OMG I am on holiday The Accidental Goldmaker cookery finding new stuff getting stuff done gold farming history just for fun lore making money without even trying patch notes personal development presented without labels professions news reputation 101 guides Guild Changes I am playing dress up Notes from a Small Island OMG not PANDAS Patch 5.1 REALLY here since Vanilla The WoW Token Warlords Countdown actual PROPER NEWS actually no spoilers at all bank storage blogging help changes to loot systems classes click on ALL THE THINGS contests dailies dammit I need an Alpha tag discussion post doing things differently game design garrisons gold isn't everything but actually IT IS NOW here's what I'd do mog outfits money for old rope money making empires moving forwards personal stuff pugs rampant speculation rewards story time the things I do for Achievement points HONESTLY things to do twitter #hunterweek 185 names for pets 25 Days of Azeroth 25 man raiding 4 expansions and counting 4.2 is more awesome than 4.1 Archive Post Speshul Countdown to Warlords End game Expansion details GIF post Hallow's End I don't have to farm every day you know NBI Vogue absence actual relevant news all loot is Hunter loot all this and Time Travel argent tournament can't talk too busy farming changes to gaming systems elbows gold nerfbat playing the alt game podcast tag self help guides site maintenance talents the problem with PvP things to do before Warlords things to do in Warlords warcraft movie #10Years10Questions 4.0.3a 5.0.4 is coming 5.2 speculation AH ALLIANCE GARRISON EXPANSION IS COMING NO MORE TAGGAGE IS REQUIRED Flex raiding For Great Justice Points GUEST POST I am a Sad Collector I love this game and there aint no thang you can do about it ICC progression Icecrown It's all gone Pete Tong Jewelcrafting Love Is In the Air RNG is RANDOM Timewalker account faffing addons being organised beta bucket list change is sometimes not great choices collecting stuff content patch dungeons gaming evolution gaming perceptions gear choices gold isn't everything heirlooms humour hunter pets learning how things work making money at L100 making money from utter crap is a great thing to do and so I will continue to do just that making things simpler mogging is love mogging is life money making my brane is cheese new stuff to play with new things to do oh look it's another flying argument old skool oldskool patch patch 6.2 pet battle database podcasts priest rares rep grinding rogue screenshots seriously you people need to take a look at yourselves and understand the long term damage your attitude does to the community the other side to the Garrisons coin updates videos weekly faffage what to expect when garrisoning winter veil #Alpha #Player5 3.2.2 3.3 LFG Tool 3.3. 3.3.3 A WHOLE NEW WORLD DISNEY SONG TAG AAAAAAH ALL OF THE LOOTS Cross Realm Raiding EPIC LOOTS Guild progression HONKING HUGE SPOILERS RUINED MY MORNING Heroes of the Storm I love my Guild I love this job I stood in the fire L85 LFG system Logistics Island Loot Island Merry Christmas NBI2015 PvP is awesome TINFOIL HAT TIME The Mog Project 2015 The Panda Expansion The Warcraft Movie The space between Transmog is now really rather important Utterly Cheapass Guides World Bosses Wrath of the Lich King beta testing can't plan too busy writing changing times character portrait community competition cookery ingredients cross server gubbins currency data mining details doing stuff badly everybody changes and I don't feel the same exploration faffing finally getting the family sorted gaming as reward gaming discussion gear issues gear itemisation gearing gnome guild drama guild management having fun and getting points healing hello I am organised today how are you heroes wanted hunters are not broken lag loot loots lore post minipets money shot more things and stuffs new blogger initiative new expansion nick off LFR no Podcast today organising gubbins patch 5.4 personal gubbins playing dress up pre-Expansion patch professions finally get some lurve professions in Legion are looking good pve pvp changes quality of life changes questing raiding issues rant time rare spawns raw materials social media policy social policy stop hating Haters structure stuff to do between Expansions the big questions the end of all things the next Expansion the professions game this is a ridiculous SPOILER FILLED speculation post and you only have yourself to blame for reading it this is not an excuse for actual content vanilla farming video void storage writing yes I know how lucky I am Thank You yes Wildstar now has a tag #TeamHunter #WarcraftBasics 3.1 4.3 4.3 Speculation 4.3 may not be as WIN filled as first thought 4.3 ptr 5 man instances 5.4 6.2 you say? Alliance Alpha client AoE Looting BMAH gets interesting Beta is AMAZING Blizzard mentality Bloody Rare CONTEST TIME Challenge Modes Circuit of Disappointment Class orders are the new Garrisons Fire Festival First Impressions From the Delta to the CRZ Ghostcrawler HAVE FUN HUNTER WEEK Here since Vanilla I am a female player I have no idea I'm just making this up as I go along :D I heart my Guild It's not just about the numbers MMO Movie Tie in has a Tag because DUH Onyxia RNG hates me The Dark Below The Timeless Isle Timewalking no longer sucks monkeyballs Warcraft Movie is now properly capitalised actual information administration banking be the change blog blogging in high gear both factions indivisible can't play too busy writing cataclysm release date changing the way you play characters collecting shizzle comfort gaming context is everything controversial comment digging for victory doing things in context doing things properly don't panic engineer enjoying the game everything changes expansion announcement family feats of strength finally some use for the Future for the Horde fun game planning gamer education games gearing for LFR guilds happy playing this game heroics are hard holidays horde how NOT to raid hunter weapons is the Expansion out yet? is this the way forward last 16 looking forward loot rules mail outfits making content making life easier metaphors in gaming mining models mogging requests money for nothing and your mounts for gold monk levelling moral dilemma motivational guides my bagspace is still an issue my brane hurts no more heroes any more no tags no pack drill no-one has a clue about the release date do they? npc's old content old stories patch day pet battles ftw :D pet collecting picture post player entitlement poorly sick pvp gear scenarios servers shallow alts social media discussion spoilers Sweetie still waiting for my moose stop being a Cheevo Hoe survey the Tillers the ascent to Grown Up raiding the past the state of the gaming industry the things we do for professions theorycrafting things to do at 100 things to do before Beta third faction please this is how I feel about the future of this game Tag readers time for a change time management to the looter the aoe spoils too much information toxic behaviour weapons website faffing what happens next? writing gubbins yeah I'll shut up now and go back to playing don't worry #7YearsofAlt #crunchtime 10 Years 10 Questions 4.2 may not be as awesome as first reported 5 MORE YEARS 5.0.4 HAS ARRIVED 5.2 arrives 6.2 PTR 6.2 and beyond 6.2 has already exceeded expectations ARE WE THERE YET HOW MANY MORE MILES? Alpha release Alternative Chat is not here Azeroth is Beautiful Blizzard Blogs Blizzard is a business BoA D3 DINOSAUR MOUNTS Draenor is AWESOME Dragon Soul Dwarves are AWESOME FAFFING ON THE INTERNETS Follower of the Day Go Guild Haters Gonna Hate Holiday Writing Horde are not the enemy I <3 you guys I am insane I heart this game I'm in love with a video game be afraid I'm not good at patience. is Legion here yet? ICC IntPiPoMo 2012 Karazhan Legion Beta Mogging Mog Madness Molten Core Mount Parade Mythic DUNGEONS you say? NEEDS MOAR CAPS NPC employment NPC reinvention Old Azeroth Pandaria Impressions Patch 6.0.2 Patch 6.3 may now be a Thing Play Warcraft Rare Items Real ID Shipyards are your new drugs you can't escape so don't try TWIWBM Tanaan IS the new Timeless Isle The Expansion isn't even a month old yet do me a Lemon and SHUT IT The Mog Doctor is IN The Vanilla Generation Theramore This Label intentionally left Blank This game is stupid sometimes Thunder King HOOOOO Tillers UBRS is going bye byes UI changes Vanilla content ZG a lot of hard work this questline is a triumph for forward planning you decide readers academic stuffs achievings all change altering the status quo angsty teenage whine incoming look away now I did warn you answers to nothing apocalypse authenticator back in the saddle background bad players are BAD badgers bankalts battlegrounds be excellent to each other being a GM sucks blimey Charlie blizzard lied blue posts bows broken machine can I be Neutral please? cash cataclysm planning change your outlook choices to be made choose your currency with care comment commentary commentary on the changing landscape communications breakdown can mean only one thing competition time completely disorganised cool stuff criticism didn't have a label? Who knew? cross realm zones documentaries dps is only ever part of the story dragons dressing the alts dressing up drops druids easy mode gaming emblems embrace the FAFF engineering every day is a school day everything is awesome fail fangirl stalking favourite zones feel free to go right ahead and judge me for my decisions I know you will regardless flying football free gifts free loot friendships gaming speculation gaming stuff getting better at this unscripted shizzle gotta catch them all grand plan green items grinding mobs for fun and practice had enough grinding kkthxbaibai happy camper hardcore gaming hearthstone helpful gubbins ho ho oh bah humbug how to improve Hunters hunter post interesting developments invasion! knowledge last alt to be levelled layout learning to use Technology for GOOD leather legendary Items levelling to 100 on the ground levelling your Garrison lied to by my patch notes logistics for fun and profit making mistakes and how you deal with them when that happens making the game better may be some plot here lets see mini pets mogging makes a return mogging. Mog Madness mucking about 101 music new races new things to learn no more easy crafting no news is good news right no tags at all here not a job not being a Nubcaek not official til we get the Cinematic old raid content old stuff online accountability other games are available paladins pandas personal issues personal opinion personal post pet battle guide pet battle score plotline needs work predicting Blizzard's work ethic projects release date rewarding good play rogues do it in stealth screenies screenshot post scroll of resurrection semi finals server stupidity short sweet and to the point site skills social networking sorry speculation post starting area starting areas stockpiling stop playing Warcraft storytelling stupid people are stupid talking a good game talking to people tanking the Circuit of Disappointment the bigger picture the daily grind the game is broken things I want to do things to do before Draenor thinking on a Sunday is unheard of this is awesome this is what I'll be doing all the way until Legion so you'd better get used to it thoughts time to actually get organised too many tokens not enough rewards updatery useful stuff website what I am what to do with the game why I write worgen work in progress working for rewards world events yes it is Pokemon #BlizzCon2014 #TBLIZ #BloggyXmas #WarcraftMemeContest #YEAROFFAFF #quiktips 10th Anniversary 2012 25 man ICC 3.2.2 speculation 4 raid difficulties 4.2 preparation 5.0 5.1 speculation 5.2 release date 5.3 6.2 brings the Orcs to the Yard 7.0 is now a Tag and a THING ADVISORY POST AQ40 AWESOME POST Adventure Guide All aboard the Hype Train CHOO CHOO Alliance are not the enemy Alliance v Horde Almost time Arthas Kill Azeroth in Five BM BWL Barcraft on Thames now has a tag Battle State Russet everyone Battle.net Black market Blackrock Foundry Blizzard hates melee Blizzard may be in trouble Blizzcon itinerary Blog Anniversary Bloody hell that was fast Blizzard Boss Tactics Brawler's guild Bring on the Nerfbat Buy your L90's here CONTEST TIEM Class order halls Countdown has begun Decisions Dev Watercooler Dire Maul Dragonscale Duncan Jones is GOD EXPANSION NAME HO YUS Extended Maintenance has a tag Frostbitten GAH GM GM's ROCK Garrosh Hellscream Ghostcrawler tweets get their own tag Give it away now CONTEST TIME Giveaway Granok Guild Love Heroic raids Horde and Alliance I HAVE A POLL GO ME I am back :D I am dangerous I am disappointed with Blizzard I am here I am no longer the target audience for this game I am not here for gear any more though I once was and this may make me a hypocrite only you can decide I am not your Enemy I have no agenda I love Paladins I made some Art I understand the game but choose not to play I'm not doing that again I'm not good at patience... is Legion here yet? ICC is Broken Insert festive greeting here Ironforge JUST FARM HARDER L90 LFG LFR has broken the game Legacy Content is relevant again Lego Level 85 Loremaster Malygos Minipets Database MoP release Mog It Molten Front is fail More Opinion OMG STOP IT Mrs Mog of the Clan McMog Music to Quest By My faction sucks NICK OFF Naxx Noblegarden Northrend OCD tendencies OMG ACTUAL NEWS OMG INFORMATION OMG it's Pandas Oondasta Overwatch tag is in effect P's Progress P's World Panda Starting Area Patch 6.2.3 Patch Faffing Player 5 Podcast news Points Make Prizes Pokemon Azeroth Edition PvP finally gets fixed QQ incoming Quarter Finals Quel'delar RL Ragnaros Real Life SILVER SURFER MOUNT SPOILER POST Salvation San Diego is a tag now Scrap the plan just blow something up Seven Days Away Shado Pan are AWESOME Siege of Orgrimmar Spirit of Harmony TECHNOLOGY CAN NICK OFF THANK YOU THE FINAL Tanaan Jungle The Movie might actually be awesome The Promise The Shattering There are other Games Those We Leave Behind Tillers starting guide Timewalking sucks monkeyballs Twitter Integration is Scary Vale of Eternal Doobreys VoA Waiting for Godot Warcraft is a lifestyle choice Warlords is our Waterloo Weekly Fishing Contest Welcome to the Machine Wildstar YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS Yay and Nay time ZG and ZA a lovely Sunday morning rant abilities accounts actually go ahead and throw rocks because I DON'T CARE addiction advert affecting change alpha another ridiculous project why not apologies artefact weapons are a potential deathtrap artwork awesomesauce banking. 4.3 be a decent human being everywhere be prepared beautiful been wanting to say this for weeks being a better player being prepared bloody hell that's a thing blowing the graphics budget like a baws boo to naysayers boss fights brain overload breaking stuff breaking the game bring back the Caverns of Time brutal honesty bug report bugs build an army busy buying stuff can't believe its that simple ccg celebrate good times come on change the world character creation character expenses class balance clever stuff coming soon common decency community topic complaining about change complaining won't fill your Toybox get grinding consequences cool stuffs core abilities crossbows crusader's seals customisation cut scenes day 1 dev chat digital download diversity doing stuff don't make the same mistakes Blizzard downtime dungeon finder economics elemental invasion elites endgame politics enjoying what you are given epic ethical issues evolution expansion tales explain this and stay fashionable exploits extreme soloing factions faffing with a possible purpose butI'm not making any promises fangirling farming with a purpose feminism festivals festivals are now relevant again finally some honesty from the woman first aid fishing is awesome stop laughing fix Archaeology fix stuff fourth wall game balance game changing game developments game play gaming ideas gathering gear as gating gear is no longer a status symbol gear score gems getting people involved getting ready for Warlords getting things right goals goblin gold buying gold sink good ideas good move Blizzard peeps keep them coming graphics grinding is the new Black grinding rep guide guns hard modes hello new people herbalism here but not here here's a question history will teach us nothing how the capitalist economy works how to play Garrisons hunter alts immersive experience improvements in my head things are different in which I am brutally honest individual responsibility instancing is it time yet? issues it's a NERFBAT it's a new game item squish its not ready yet its only a game jousting just another post in a stream of seemingly endless ruminations on the nature of game development just getting on with it justic points kids kite mount learn to play legendary levelling experiences lewts lich king is DEAD linear progression lists looking good Houston loot is not everything loot sparklies love mage mains making models future-proof making space making stuff making things less complex map changes marketing got a tag because now this shit actually matters match reports meme metaphors microtransactions mini-games mix tape monk motivation mounts from instances move along now movie news narrative storylines navel contemplation needs moar points nerf nerfs never let the facts get in the way of a good story new MMO new beta build new character new ideas new items new players ninjas no actual content yet sorry no news is good news no news today no really there is a plan HONEST no tags because its BREAKING NEWS not doing it properly and loving it not levelling not really a surprise nothing more to say nothing to see here move along now things get serious old games are now new games old instances old world other games paladin palalalalaladins pandaria release date parody patch 4.0.6 patch changes pay attention 007 pay your money and take your choice paying to get things done perception perhaps you could try and understand why this is happening phasing philosophy pictures plans player expectation playing as a team playing both sides please give me a story plot time poetry pokemon preparing yourself presented without labels work it out for yourself people I have to daily privacy procrastination ftw programming proper hard content raid changes raid readiness random random gubbins read the instructions nubcake reboot recipes recruit a friend recycling redrawing the map repostage resource management rested XP revolution ridiculous ideas rogues rules rules and regulations sandbox games scary times scheduling is EVUL scheduling is not the devil's work science security serious stuff seriously people shut the fuck up and do some work if it matters that much to you server community shameless self-indulgence shiny horse shirts site changes incoming slow news day smarter people than I social awareness social comment some days I really do wonder why anyone bothers quite honestly sort the RNG out nubcakes sorting alts speculation time spirit beasts spirits are the new volatiles spring cleaning squad rotation starcraft stating the bleeding obvious is now officially a tag still here still no actual content stop trying to pretend you're important storage stories strange stuffs to do stupid ideas I have had subscribers summer summoning stones super friends talent trees teaching players to play ten years of Warcraft testing times the Burning legion the Exalted the Legion the Real World the argument rages on the end of an era the first rule of Brawler's Guild is finish Brawler's Guild the internet is for pron the present tense the rules the social policy meteor the waiting game they fixed Archaeology things I'd like in an Expansion things are changing things change things that are only likely to happen if something fundamental changes at Blizzard things to do before Legion things to do in Beta things to do in November this is getting complicated this is me being calm and relaxed and DEALING WITH IT this is my sad face this is not fun any more this is the only tag this post needs titles tokens too busy playing to write so you'll just have to follow me on Twitter right? trailer treasure tri spec turning up early becomes less and less of an incentive understand your buildings unhappy face waiting waiting for the patch that never comes waiting for the train that never comes warcraft warlocks warning you now this thing is going to change we are broken weekly raid weeky news what happens after 6.2? what is wrong with Warcraft right now is too complicated to be answered in simply one blog post what is wrong with my Garrison? where has everyone gone where have my pets gone? why I game why do we play why don't you do this when on other people's podcasts will you look at all that space wishlist wow.com yes I keep picking this scab and I don't really care so if you don't like it exit's over there yes the past is relevant again you are not prepared you're in danger girl #133 #134 #136 #138 #139 #140 #218 #221 #DAW2015 #Remember #TEAMFAFFI will #gamescompulsion #newbeginnings 10 Years of Warcraft 10 reasons why 10 things 15 minutes 2 boxing 20 man raiding 20 questions 2000 Followers Give-away 3 wishes 3 years 3.3 Progress 3.3.3 Frozen Orbs 3.3.3 Incoming 3.9 4.0.1 is WIN 4.0.1 is borked. 4.0.3 changes 4.0.3a is WIN 4.1 bugs 4.3 looks like it be MADE OF WIN 4th Birthday 5 PICTURE BLOG POST 5 mans are the new 25 5.1 5.1 is GO 5.2 5.2 THIS WEEK 535 upgrades 6 Years of Blogging 6.0 8000g in a day 85's 8th Birthday 90 to 100 ACTUAL FUCKING NEWS WILL YOU LOOK AT THOSE APPLES ACTUAL NEWS AH outfits AI is here ALMOST DONE AQ questline Actually Mount #219 Alliance side now Alterac Valley Alternative Universes a gogo Anniversary Annual pass Apexis Crystals Archmage Vargoth Ashran Aspect of the Dork Azeroth BEARD POST BG's BIG DWARVES BM Spec ROCKS BOOOOOM! Back to Basics Bankalt Spec Baradin Hold Barctaft-on-Thames Battle for Gnomeregan Beast Mastery is the new Black BetaWatch Beyond earth Big Bad Big Brother Bind on Account Black temple Blackwing Lair Blizzard Design Choices confuse me Blizzard News Blizzard RTS Blizzard Watch tag is WATCHING YOU Blizzard get your act together Blizzard pull a fast one Blizzard stuffed this up and I do sincerely hope they learn from it Blogger are Gits Blogger are Gits. Bodyguards are Meaty and Burly and I LOVE THEM Brew Pup Bronze Dragonflight Build 18566 Build 20773 Burden of Eternity COME ON ENGLAND CRAH Cataclysm was pants Celestials Children's Week Chuck Norris Circuit of Ongoing Optimism Civilisation 5 Community Blog DANGER WILL ROBINSON DS10 Dalaran Darkmoon Rabbit Deathwing Diablo 3 Diablo III Dinosaur Bones Dominion Draenei Draenor Dread Wastes Elder Charms of Good Fortune Epic Fail Epics are not the same Everquest Landmark Exiles Expansion Valor reset FREE SHIZZLE Farmville Father Ted Ferelas Fish of the Day For the Alliance Forge of Souls Friday Frosties Frozen Orbs Furtive Father Winter GENIUS IDEA GET ON WITH IT! GIVE ME A RED ROCKET DAMMIT GM jobs GO AWAY AND PLAY X BOX NUBLETS GRR ARGH GRRR Game Devs Garrison Hearthwarming Party Garrison resources Garrosh is a Moron Giveaway Post Glorious Glory of the Hero Gnome Hunters represent Gnomeregan Goblins v Gnomes is also new Greg Street had to leave to get a Tag from me Grumpy Old Woman Halion Happy Birthday Me BECAUSE REASONS Happy Birthday Warcraft Happy Holiday of Choice Here begins the End Game Hillsbrad v Southshore Honored to Revered Horde Starting Area I <3 this feature I <3 this game I AM FABULOUS I Love You People I NEED CHOCOLATE I already had a tag for this I am an idiot I am angry about moaning people I am broken I am concerned by this development I am farming mounts and that is what I am going to do now I am genuinely surprised I am ill I am not Happy I am playing Diablo 3 get over it already I am scared I am taking a day off I can't do this yet gimme time to work it out and I'll be right with you I do not like the way this is heading I don't know either I dunno about you but I'm on a schedule here I finally have a wolf mount I give advice I have a sadface I have an Agenda I have no idea what to write today I have no patience I know I know what this means I love fishing I may not like it but its true I miss just collecting pets I need a hug I see what you're doing thar I should have seen this coming *sigh* I should not need to read extra stuff to understand your motivations Blizzard I think that covers every base I want my machine back I want to help you I was fooled too yeah I know I will not be broken I will upset people I would be happy I'm confused are you? I'm done and outta here I'm fed up with this wank I'm in a WoW depression I'm not sure I like the way this is heading I'm not what you think I am at all I'm utterly DOOMED ICC 10 IF INCOMING Iron Horde Ironpaw Tokens Is it time for Legion news yet then Blizzard? Isle of Giants It's coming... Jade Forest Just Don't Start Klaxxi L1 L100 Boost is coming L100 Boss fight L20 L2P Nublet is actually a THING L80 L80's LFR is the new Spawn of Hellfire Lasting Impressions Legacy Gamer Legion Alpha Legion Preparation Guides Legion is here Legion is the new Expansion and frankly there are no tags until this all sinks in.Welcome to the Machine. Legion issues Level 100 Level 2 Garrison Level 3 Garrison Lich King Logging skill Looking for Guild Lootistics Lunar Festival MMO Report Merry Christmas Everybody or whatever festival you choose to enjoy this season Minecraft for Grownups Mission Impossible MoBa MoP Info Mogu'shan Vaults Mori gets his own Tag Mount #220 Mr Alt gets his own tag Mr Godfather Mr Robot saves the day Mumper tweets get their own tag Murloc My review of Pandaria simply using the medium of GIF NAME THAT ALT Contest Post NDA NEW SERIES NEWS POST Nagrand Nat Pagle is an annoying git Naxx 10 Neutral AH No Warcraft news well DUH WHAT DID YOU EXPECT Not Mount #221 Not a Guide no this is really NOT a Guide don't take it as a Guide at all okay? OCD tendancies OH PURLEASE OMG ALMOST THERE OMG Blizzard Listened OMG EXPANSION OMG HEROES IS IN OPEN BETA OMG INFORMATION. OMG MOAR PODCASTING OMG PODCAST OMG TELL ME EVERYTHING NOW DAMMIT OMG TIE IN ZOMG OMG fighting stuff OMG it's almost Cataclysm Offand on and off and on Officially Impressed now has a Tag Old Gods Only 1 Epic gem ALL NIGHT and that was a given :( OpenRaid Opening Ceremony Orange Orange is the new Legendary Ordos PATCH TIME PEP Week 1 POSSIBLE VAGUE NEWS POST PP Guides PPP PR PR Machine PST Packing up Panda Alpha Panderans Part One Part Two Patch 3.2.2 Patch 5.0.4 Patch 5.4.8 Perfect Day Pit of saron Play Nice Kids Play to Win Podcast on Friday! Podcasting Post 1000 Pre Expansion Event GETS A TAG TOO Professions changes Project #1 Prologue PvP pet battling QUIK TIPS Qule'delar READY FOR WARLORDS NOW IS IT HERE YET? READY TO GO RESCHEDULED PARTAY RL Woes RL can NICK OFF RSS feed RTS as a metaphor Reddit is not to be trifled with Rotface Round three STORIFY Sarth + 3 Scarlet Monastery Scholomance Searing Gorge See me Tomorrow Server identity Silithus Sim City Sky broke the Internet Skygrim Skyshard Small Plots SoO can bite me Social club Star wars Stay Classy Warcraft Stormwind Stupid hats Survival Hunters TBC doesn't have a tag OMG FIX THAT TELL ME NOW DAMMIT THERE I SAID IT Tamer Tanaris Tenacity pets The Bucket List The Burning Crusade The Council of the Three Hammers The Dig The Divine Comedy The Faff is Life The Jade Forest The Olympics The Red Team The Secret World The Starting Zone The Starting Zone gets a label The Sundering The Titans The end of Cataclysm The more things change people is all that really matters here The state of the Hunter Things go BOOM This and That Tier 18 Time Lost Proto Drake Time to Change Timeless Faffing Tired Hector Titan ToS Tol Barad Toravon True Stories Twitch UI UI discussion UI layout Uldum Vanilla WG WTB [GUN] PST WTDWWWFP War is Hell Warcraft fiction Warcraft is a dinosaur Warlords Overview Weekly Quests Welcome to the Future Welcome to the Jungle What is this sorcery? WiP Winners Wintergrasp WoW Insider World Explorer Wow Farmville Wrath Farming YES I AM IN SHOCK YES I'M JOKING YES I'm being critical of Blizzard what of it? YOU GUYS ROCK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU Yes I cheated Yes I'm on Holiday but this was Important enough to make a post on while I ate breakfast so NEURGH Yogg Saron You are supposed to blow the bloody doors of and so I did with this post [BETA] NPC's a change is gonna come a clean slate a good place a line in the sand a lone orc a lot of fun a return to TBC a weekend off about time too... abuse acceptable behaviour account wide achiements achievements. achievemts acting like a grown up actually having a plan is GREAT actually it is adapt or die addictive behaviour adventurer's guide afk afk hunter faffing against the might of the Alliance age all about the Hunters all great over here :D all news is eventually old news all over the shop all points inbetween allons y! almost there alone alpha testing an opportunity missed and in shock news I'm playing and with that Blizzard make good on something that matters animation announcements another game that isn't Warcraft say it isn't so another one has gone :( appreciation post april 1st archeology architecture didn't have a tag WHO KNEW are you happy now? dailies are you paying attention arena arguments armour didn't have a tag BUT IT DOES NOW articles attunement audience participation away you go awesome bag collecting bah humbug bananas banhammer battling 101 be careful now be nice to each other be safe bear wth me beauty beer behaviour being a good writer being awake being better at gaming being girly being good being healthy being honest with you being positive benefits of hard work best builds EU best feature EVAH best in slot bet is settled beta review biography blacksmithing blood elves blue items bobbins boggle bonus books boosts bosses braincells breaking the fourth wall bring it on bring on the fistbump broadcasting gubbins buffs buffsticks build more Pylons dammit building choice really does matter builds bullet point update bury me in Azeroth business is scary busy here bye bye Ratshag you cheeky bugger calculator camels are cool can you fix it? candy buckets carrots everywhere casual utility has arrived in the tag labels casual v pro cataclysm cinematic cataclysm information celebrations challenge challenges change change is coming hold onto your butts people change is good change of outfit changes to Hunter gubbins changes to Stormwind chaos theory character audit character models cheating cheats checking up on people chests chopper christmas christmas message class changes classic music cleaning up clear stuff away co-ordination collecting collections come on people gimme a break and take part :D comedy coming back communication communications issues community project. travel with me confession time confidence confidence issues confusion considering the philosophical consoles contact contact details controversy ahoy cool coping with change corporate identity cosmetic items cosplay costume design crafting? crates crating creative gubbins creativity critical thinking criticism crowd control crystal ball damage is not everything damage to our environment deadlines death declutter defeating the RNG definitely #221 despite what the Armoury says degrees of difficulty demographics demon hunter design diablo digging dingage discovery disenchanting do it now before it's gone do the AH shuffle do you want to know don't ask me what's going on here I don't know don't do it don't expect this to make any sense I've had about 3 hours sleep don't let the door hit you on the way out Haters don't stand in the fire done it please be gentle doom double standards dramatic opportunities. Warcraft as Art dressing up just got easier drinking dual boxing dual spec dynamic content gets its own tag easter egg edited highlights education eggs election elitism sucks elixir of water walking emotes emotive argument enchanting materials enjoyment v experience epiphany time ere I am JH esports is probably a Thing now expansion discussion expansions expertise exposition faceroll faction capitals faction leaders faction politics farming oddities fast favourites female game issues fiction news fighting filling in the gaps film scores finalists finally embracing Facebook oh yes finally she makes a decision finances finding a place for everything first principles fixing shizzle flasks and food flavour text flying is an option fooled me twice Blizzard football post force for good not evil foreshadowing forms forum free stuff free swag free to play don't be daft from the iPad frustration funneh funny futures game aminations game changes. Wildstar game mechanics game play options games people play gaming as life gaming confessions gaming news gaming observations gaming on my terms ganking garing gathering developments gathering people in bars gating gear is utterly a status symbol so nick off geronimo! get organised NOW getting behind getting the job dun getting there eventually getting to know you give me cake give us a release date today please giving back to the Community giving for Christmas gkick go on Blizzard going away good stuff goodbye great big list of everything greenery grey items grinding stuff group quests grouping grow up grow up kids growing stuff grumpy bastards gubbins guild chats guild stuff gumpy old women gushing on the Internet hacks half term hamsters have a great Christmas having a bigger picture healers health heart of Fear helping Noobs :D helping each other here we go folks here's some plot for 6.1 hiding in plain sight hit cap ho ho ho hollibobs honor horribly organised and loving it hotfixes how do you fix a problem like the UI how do you say that how this game has changed in a decade how to be better how to survive a subscription apocalypse hunter BiS husband iPhone apps idiots idle rumours if you read the tags you'll then look at the date ilevel stuff in game transactions in which I break from tradition and get a bit personal incentives incentivise everything inclusion individual expectations information inscription insert tag here instant L80's interactivity now has a tag interface introductions is it 2016 yet? is it a joke? is it here yet? is that all there is it is ONLY A GAME it is quiet it takes two to start a fight it's a job it's all about something else it's broken it's not my DK it's the Grind from HELL it's the wrong toon Gromit its a MULTIVERSE dammit its called a MULTIVERSE dammit its not bad I take it back I quite enjoyed it jewelcrafting finally brings all the boys to the yard jumping is my nemesis jumping the shark just get over this and move on karma isn't always a bitch keep calm and enjoy Warcraft killing ALL THE THINGS knowing you have a problem landscapes last alt to be leveled launch date launch issues lazy leadership learn to be a better Human Being learn to play properly learning legacy lego universe less nerfs pls less norks please less of this sort of thing :D lesser charms of good fortune lessons to be grasped let me save everybody let's get grinding let's go people this is not changing any time soon level 80 leveling levelling quests? life choices life goals like them or hate them live blogging lock long form blogpost look I am giving more shizzle away WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? look at the title and work out the relevance look beyond yourself looking FINE looking GOOD looking ahead loopholes loot drama loot rewards lore actually matters lots of new tags here love letters to old expansions loyalty luck lumber mill macro made of WIN mail make a backup nubcaek make a change make it your job to be better make the most of it making a bet making a game making decisions making it yours making money below L100 making my playtime fun again making people work making pets making progress making relevant content making the most of your time in game making things making you think on a Thursday making you think on a Wednesday man raiding managing expectations many mobs handle it! marketing marketing is a mug's game marks spec rocks maths is difficult maxxed skillz maybe you are the problem me time meh bah doh melee meme time memes win prizes memories are made of this memories of green mentoring meta achievements miserable buggers mistake mistwalker mixing metaphors moar infos! icons mobile armoury mobile gaming mobile gaming is the future monetary speculation money money for gold moneymaking monks more Token discussion more information more of the same more people need to mog shizzle more stories more stuff like this in game please movies moving forward moving on multi boxing music post my ISP can nick off my bank is a problem my body is ready my game is broken my new UI my take on Warcraft nabs name and shame names narrative blog post need an eye test needs less caps needs less metal music needs more information needs motivation nemesis new Alpha new abilities new addition new build I have no idea what number so don't ask me new class new content new factions new features new games new guy new instances new mechanics new site new things news tomorrow news. bankalts next generation gaming nexus night elf no I am NOT prepared no I can't be arsed with tags tonight no I'm not an Expert no I'm not being paid for this no actual news no appropriate labels no content no excuses no fly zone no label describes this AWESOME no loot again what a surprise no more melee no more speculation in this department no more surprises no more tags are needed no more wank please no mount and no heirlooms is hard work no news day no questing if at all possible no thanks Blizzard no you are not leet no you don't need to know nodesploitation nope that's far enough normalise everything NOW dammit not a Fangirl today not a good day not about the numbers not cool not enough anymore not expected at all not faffing not going far enuff not going out not good enough not got a clue here frankly not great stuffs not happening not in game not just the current Expansion this game is not just you not much fun right now not much going on but lots still to do not news not paying attention too busy thinking about pudding not paying attention too busy thinking about the SPECTRE trailer not pets not ready yet not simply end game nothing else tolouse nothing here I have nothing for you nothing to see here nothing to see here move along. sit changes nothings going to get me down except perhaps the RNG noting's wrong with crafting now what nublets nubs numbers observations offering my services official magazine okay now I'm pissed and I doubt anyone but me cares but that doesn't stop anyone else from having a moan does it? old game mechanics old git old posts never die they just get better old-fashioned levelling omg NUBS ominous possibilities get their own tag one day like this one week in online gambling online presence only here once only one story today open space opinion optimisation options organising other Blizzard games are available other news other notable stuff outfit outfits pandaria cinematic panicking paradoxes party on dudes patch 1.7 patch 5.4.8 gets its own tag patch nore patches patterns pay to quest nein danke paying your way paytesters penalising bad play people come and go people make mistakes perhaps not as awesome as first advertised personal perspective reassessment pet cage pet news pet sounds picking your buildings piles pilgrims bounty pirates say ARRRR play style player housing playing the RTS game please read carefully please stop moaning plot spoilers plots and farming policing things poo quests pools positive change possible changes posted without labels posting from Macca D's posts potion of treasure finding pre-prepared post for the event when FINALLY Blizzard give us what we've been after for months preconceptions are bad predictions preferences preparations preparing for change presales profession professor programming fail progress ICC public transport rocks pulling no punches purple put your prejudice away puzzle solving quest design questing is not chargeable queue times are up mini golf scores are way down quiet racial bonuses raid nerfs rampant commercialism random thoughts rant mode on ranty pants are on rare is actually rare again rare mobs reactions reader suggestions real family real life reporting real life stuff real money store really too complicate for words red red is the new black rediscovering the Joy of Azeroth reforging regional hubs relationships relaxation release schedule report bad people repost resources respect retribution retrospective reward vs risk rolls rude people rugged leather rumination sad days indeed sad face sad panda same as it ever was sandstorms are pants sarcasm post saronite savage leather scamming scared now scary stuff scary things scenarios aren't bad just this one is schedules scheduling screenies got 1000% more awesome in legion screenies. Azeroth is Beautiful scumbags scummy botters seasons come and go secrets see I can make a blog post out of nothing at all too major news sites see what i did there sekrit stuffs self help blog posts self improvement selfies selling selling stuff series serious post is serious seven days to go shameless commercialism shameless self indulgence shards shared experiences. the quiet bit ships still not cutting it shit or bust gets a tag because YOU KNOW shonky news provider short and to the point for once short but sweet short simple and to the point shortest post ever shoulders shuffling silence simplify stuff please site gubbins sitting in the big chair slideshow smart smells sneaky buggers snobbery so much else to do social social media policy still needs work Blizzard social progression some days some of you people quite frankly are genuinely scary someone explain how this is easier someone get me a cuppa please song sort your life out sort yourselves out developers sparkly horses spec change ahoy specs spells spirit beats spoiler free squee stacking XP is possibly no longer a Thing stand back love I'm in charge starting a Hunter starting a fight is not the answer stat changes state of Warcraft stating the obvious stats stats confuse me stealth nerf stereotypes still loves me some hot pet action still no content still plenty of time to take part still waiting for the plot to arrive still writing stoopid game stop complaining and GET FARMING stop fecking with the patch release times Blizzard stress stuff stuff is not ready stuff is ready stuff that doesn't work stuff that makes me emotional stuff update stuffs in beta success sunday support support network survey results sweetening the deal tablet is the future of Warcraft tactical advantage tactics tagging mobs tags are for the weak and the easily led tags yet again have gone the way of the Dodo because I'm seeing people just kneejerk anger taking five taking the day talking bollocks talking to myself taming pets tash tastes teams test post that joke isn't funny anymore that's just STUPID Blizzard that's quite enough of that the BEST community ever the Blame Game the Internet isn't listening the basics the end of the L1 bankalt the end of the gravy train is coming and you need to be making money NOW the facts the first 10 days of cataclysm the first idea the future of ALT: ernative the game is in its final phase the game needs an instruction manual STAT the game remains the same the games begin the great adventure the lights go out the most stupid blog post I ever wrote in my life OR IS IT the new Garrisons have arrived the notion of responsibility the old republic the past matters please begin to treat it with the respect it deserves the past wasn't that great you know the post that had to be written the premise the setup the signs are there the snark is strong this morning the time for XP has passed the timeline is a mess SORT IT OUT the topic du jour the ugly truth about why I get grumpy with Warcraft is finally revealed the uncertainty is glorious the way we used to live the weekend the world looks wonderful in Legion the year in chat the year in faff their loss there I admitted it and said it and so NOW WE WILL MOVE ON THANK YOU there you go you got what you wanted there's a reason for everything they look the same things are broken things are not right here things can only get better things never change things of beauty things that need to get better things to do in Draenor think of other people thinking ahead this Expansion is a lie this change may well be great this could be a really bad idea this game needs a to do list this is about my needs too this is boring this is getting depressing this is gonna get me into a whole heap of trouble but I should have written this a year ago this is me rambling you've been warned this is my sad face tag this is not a Class problem this is not a post this is not a questline this is not the femist rant you are looking for this is of absolutely no relevant to any of my interests this is your emotive rambling about Warcraft post time to leave now this one's gonna cause a fight and no mistake this patch is broken get me a new one please this post is a metaphor this post is about leaving the past where it belongs so why don't you do just that? this post is about why I'm still here annoying the Hell out of people because being critical remains acceptable in this community this stuff pisses me off this tag is deliberately non-confrontational for your reading pleasure this tag tells you I know stuff has happened but I'm in no position to comment three wishes tier tilting at windmills time and motion studies time for an audit time for some updates Blizzard time for someupdates Blizzard time has always been a gating mechanic time is a flat circle time to grind time to spend stuff time travel time will tell tipoff tag is in full effect to do list to-do list today I'm really sorry but I really can't be arsed tolerance too many actuallys in your tags means there's a lot getting done too many festivals too much popular culture too much to do toons torture training transmedia gets a tag and about time too transmedia projects transmutes transparency has a tag now trash trends triage trinkets now have a tag trivialising end game content trolls are not intelligent trophies trying to get excited about an event several thousand miles away is HARD tumbleweed two games in my life two weeks updating all the gubbins use an authenticator useless rubbish Mr Alt tells me utility vanity guild vanity items victory video gaming virtual realms visual stuffs waffling on and on wagers walking away warlords warlords beta water effects are awesome we are not all the same we have lift off we loves us some Civilization we rely too much on stuff we're only human webstats are revealing weekend events well there had to be a downfall somewhere west wing wft what I did on my Weekend what I love about Garrisons what I think what a mess what a shower what are you doing here? what do YOU like to do in game what happens in 2016 what happens now Blizzard? what happens now? what my game looks like what needs to change what next what the fuck am I supposed to do until Blizzcon? what we can expect what we could have back what we'd like what will change what would we like in an Expansion what you can do what's coming up what's next what's next for Draenor when do we get new shizzle Blizzard? where loot comes from who is right who is right and who is wrong who knew how many tags I had with waiting in them? who knows what is going on I sure as Hell have NO CLUE can you tell? why I play why am I doing this why am I here why is this person working for Blizzard? why things happen why we fight wibbly wobbly timey wimey win shizzle winning stuff winterspring with one bound I was free wooing people back words of wisdom work work as a team work needed Blizzard definitely work needed working by candlelight workload worldwide play wot no Beta actually I can see why writing angry yeah finally yeah this does the job yes I am cheating yes I am live yes I can be a grownup yes I can play other games and it's okay yes feel free to label me yes lego had a tag be amazed yes this is still relevant to Warcraft you are in the 75% you can play this game in many ways you cannot cheat Time so let's not even go there you have been disconnected from the server you have blame to shoulder too you may not like it but it works you may not like this your answer here your game your rules your own fault your reading experience may vary zombies and undead ARE THE SAME zone advantage zul'aman Games & Hobbies/Video Games Video Games/Video Games
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15 minutes, give or take each week, of one woman's particular view of the MMO Monster that is 'World of Warcraft'

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Nuclear blog and podcast about nuclear power and radiation. University of Manchester students discuss all aspects from Fukushima to decommissioning, waste, uranium, reprocessing, MOX.

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When you finally decide to live the rest of your life as a free man, you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible.

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