This Thing We All Made Up Together (aka Cryptocurrency)

6/20/2018, 4:00:00 AM , duration(0:0:3)
Society & Culture/Personal Journals Comedy
Gaby gets an existential perspective of cryptocurrency. <a href="">Angela Walch</a>, associate professor at St. Mary's University School of Law gives us a healthy dose of skepticism about cryptocurrency's potential to save the world. <a href="">Laura Shin</a>, cryptocurrency journalist and host of the podcasts <a href="">Unchained</a> and <a href="">Unconfirmed</a>, gives us a snapshot of how inclusive the industry is today. And <a href="">Tavonia Evans</a>, founder of <a href="">Guap Coin</a> has a vision for a future where cryptocurrencies could benefit communities of color.&nbsp;<br><br>Learn more about your ad choices. Visit <a href=""></a>