74 shows,
Your daily roundup of the biggest TechCrunch stories and startup news.
169 shows,
Bienvenido a La Tecnología Para Todos, donde hablo de Arduino, programación electrónica, .... todo aquello relacionado con el mundo Maker. Solo para aquellos que tengan curiosidad de cómo funcionan las cosas.
91 shows, a year ago
Your daily roundup of the biggest TechCrunch stories and startup news.
30 shows, a year ago
Teaches the high level fundamentals of machine learning and artificial intelligence. I teach basic intuition, algorithms, and math. I discuss languages and frameworks, deep learning, and more. Audio may seem inferior, but it's a great supplement during exercise/commute/chores. Where your other resources provide the machine learning trees, I provide the forest. Consider me your syllabus. At the end of every episode I provide high-quality curated resources for learning each episode’s details.
176 shows, a month ago
The Fine Homebuilding Podcast embodies Fine Homebuilding magazine's commitment to the preservation of craftsmanship and the advancement of home performance in residential construction. Hosted by the magazine's editors, The FHB Podcast is an informal but vigorous show about the techniques and principles that allow listeners to master their design and building challenges.
10 shows, 9 years ago
Professor of Mathematics Marcus du Sautoy reveals the personalities behind the calculations and argues that mathematics is the driving force behind modern science
65 shows, 8 months ago
Microsoft ist weltweit führender Hersteller von Standardsoftware, Services und Lösungen. Sie helfen Menschen sowie Unternehmen aller Branchen und Größen ihr Potenzial voll zu entfalten. Sicherheit und Zuverlässigkeit, Innovation und Integration sowie Offenheit und Interoperabilität stehen bei der Entwicklung aller Microsoft-Produkte im Mittelpunkt. In unseren Podcasts geben wir Einblicke zu unseren Produkten und unserer Unternehmenskultur.
128 shows, 2 months ago
Our host, Brandon Gaille, built his blog to over 1 million monthly visitors in less than two years after publishing his first blog post. This podcast is an A to Z blueprint for creating, growing, and monetizing blogs. Brandon will teach you how to build your organic Google traffic to crazy levels, flood your email list with raving fans, and quickly push your blog’s income to new heights. Click the subscribe button right now so that you will never miss a future episode. The Blogging Millionaire podcast teaches you the secret blogging strategies that pro bloggers use to grow their traffic and monetize their blogs. He will guide you down the path to becoming a master of blogging, WordPress, SEO, search engine marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, email list building, content marketing, website engagement, conversion optimization and many many more to help you build your very own blogging empire.
119 shows, a month ago
Invest Like a Boss covers all aspects of investing in the modern age in a fun, entertaining way. The show hosts interview the world's best investors, financial Insiders, entrepreneurs and CEOs to find out what they are investing in and strategies to gain outsized returns. In this modern age of investing, new investment instruments are popping up each day, from P-2-P (peer to peer) lending, to robo-advisors, equity crowdfunding to REITS. Investors today need to combine centuries of investment wisdom with an modern outlook and approach. Entrepreneurs Sam Marks and Johnny FD both retired in their early 30’s through business successes and now focus on learning how to invest alongside the listeners in order to put their hard earned money to work.
15 shows, 3 years ago
Off the Record is a podcast produced by Digital Kickstart and hosted by CEO and Co-Founder, Mark Thompson. Mark interviews millionaire Internet Marketers & Entrepreneurs, discussing cutting edge strategies on driving traffic, generating leads and sales for your online business. Listen to real stories of business owners just like you and how they overcame struggles with digital marketing and online advertising.
300 shows, a month ago
Her gün on dakika teknoloji molası...
294 shows, a month ago
A weekly conversation about design process and culture. Hosted by Marshall Bock and Brian Lovin.
8 shows, a month ago
A special podcast investigation into a serial killing that remains unsolved after 25 years.
338 shows, a month ago
Leading science journalists provide a weekly one-minute commentary on the latest developments in the science of brain and behavior. For a full-length, weekly podcast you can subscribe to Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American . To view all our archived podcasts please visit: www.scientificamerican.com/podcast
4 shows, 3 years ago
Podcast by Danilo Aparecido dos Santos
320 shows, 4 months ago
Eu gosto de JÓgos e diversão!
100 shows, 9 months ago
A podcast helping breakdown the barrier young entrepreneurs face. Interviewing the most inspiring under 35 year old's on their journey to success.
26 shows, 2 years ago
It’s everything you love about @midnight, without the distracting visuals! Chris Hardwick brings you the best of @midnight each week, delivered right into your brain!
60 shows, 2 months ago
Raumfahrt und kosmische Angelegenheiten
75 shows, 7 months ago
Is there an existential risk from Human-level (and beyond) Artificial Intelligence? If so, what can we do about it?
122 shows, a month ago
Kubernetes, serverless, cloud, DevOps, & coding. Get the lazy WTF each week, mostly.
20 shows, 2 years ago
The SaaS (Software as a Service) Business Podcast helps entrepreneurs start and grow their SaaS businesses. By interviewing people who have accomplished what you want to do, this podcast will provide you with resources and inspiration to grab a piece of this expanding market.
7 shows, 2 months ago
Welcome to the first podcast dedicated solely to the practice of software architecture! In the episodes to come, we’ll discuss modern software architecture patterns and practices with the practitioners getting their hands dirty doing the work.
0 shows, 3 years ago
Need to know what's going on in the world of software development? Join John as he takes you through the week's programming/software development news.
17 shows, 2 years ago
Interviews with makers about how they build great software
223 shows,
The world's most innovative leaders discuss digital disruption and the impact on business and technology. Hosted by Industry Analyst, Michael Krigsman. See our free video library of digital transformation stories: https://www.cxotalk.com
11 shows, 4 years ago
The Microbiome Podcast, hosted by The American Microbiome Institute, discusses the latest news in the microbiome field. In each episode we talk with some of the leading scientists in the microbiome field to hear their thoughts and opinions on the latest science, and to discuss the cutting-edge research being conducted in their laboratories.
43 shows, 2 years ago
Car and Driver magazine brings its irreverent and no-holds-barred take on cars and the happenings in the automotive world. Hear straight talk from Car and Driver’s top editors replete with their unique brand humor and expert insight, which has made Car and Driver the leader in automotive news.
6 shows, 10 months ago
Dockercast is the official Docker Podcast which covers a wide range of topics including products, projects and contributions from active community members and partners with our host, Docker’s very own – John Willis. John Willis (@botchagalupe) is the Director of Ecosystem development for Docker, which he joined after the company he co-founded (SocketPlane, which focused on SDN for containers) was acquired by Docker in March 2015.
1308 shows, a month ago
For the latest in computer security news, hacking, and research! We sit around, drink cocktails, and talk security.
340 shows, a month ago
Covering tech news, security, movies, tv shows, and books for tech savvy adults. A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.
1507 shows, a month ago
Security news, interviews, how-to technical segments. For security professionals by security professionals. We Hack Naked.
119 shows, a month ago
Your weekly dose of privacy, digital security, and open source intelligence (OSINT) news and opinion.
17 shows, 3 years ago
Are you ready for a completely different kind of information security podcast? The Standard Deviant Security Podcast is a bi-weekly show that takes an in-depth look at the people behind the cyber security stories you hear in the news. Each episode cuts through the noise and hype to deliver compelling and entertaining interviews with people that are challenging the status quo. Hosted by Tony Martin-Vegue -- www.thestandarddeviant.com
100 shows, a month ago
Hosted by cybersecurity and privacy professionals Tom Eston and Scott Wright, Shared Security is a weekly podcast that explores the trust you put in people, apps, and technology. We bring you news, tips, advice, and interviews with cybersecurity and privacy experts to help you live more secure and private in our connected world.
364 shows, a month ago
Dave Arnold, chef and inventor, answers listener questions on the latest innovative techniques, equipment, and ingredients in the food world. Each week on Cooking Issues, Dave solves your cooking dilemmas with his mile-a-minute stream of knowledge. Got a question on ike-jime, the Japanese fish killing technique? We got you covered. Hydrocolloids, sous-vide, liquid nitrogen? No problem. Have a question about pimping your oven to make great pizza? Give us a call. Occasionally Dave will invite special guest chefs, bartenders, authors and columnists to join the show.
40 shows, a year ago
ALL Inclusive este o discutie relaxata cu oamenii care ne fac vacantele mai frumoase. Primul podcast pe teme de turism din Romania. Un show realizat de Adrian Boioglu pentru reteaua CityPodcast.
75 shows,
Podcast acerca de NAS y tecnologias de almacenamiento, visita nuestro sitio web www.naseros.com para ver nuestros tutoriales y noticias.
110 shows, a month ago
Publicación diaria sobre tecnología creada por Álex Barredo, redactor de tecnología en La Vanguardia. — Busca explicar qué ocurre en el mundo de la tecnología tanto de consumo como en su vertiente de negocios de una forma amena, clara y concisa.
29 shows,
Un micro-podcast sobre tecnología cuyo objetivo es generar debate. Déjame tu opinión en http://cf5m.com o en @cfenollosa, hashtag #cf5m
131 shows,
Cada semana un audio probablemente ácido sobre la cultura geek, los gadgets, la ciencia ficción, y la filosofía tecnológica de vanguardia. No apto para "flower-powers".
4 shows,
Podcast donde @Geekpollas nos cuenta, de manera más informal, los aspectos más personales de su día a día.
148 shows, a month ago
Dos podcasts (Unicorn ST y Ya Te Digo) donde igual hablo de tecnología, cine, series, reflexiones, motor, literatura... cosas que me gustan y quizá a ti también
20 shows,
Un repaso semanal por algunos de los posts más escuchados y comentados durante la semana en el blog de Genbeta
33 shows, a month ago
Tecnología, ciencia y cultura digital.
35 shows, a month ago
¡Repasamos toda la actualidad Android! Bienvenidos a vuestra casa, bienvenidos a Topes de Gama
20 shows,
Experiencias de un comercial que le encanta cacharrear con todos los gadgets que pilla y comentar la experiencia de usuario que obtiene.
25 shows,
TechnoBuffalo isn't just a rehash of information from other websites. It provides tech reviews, insights, news and rumors from the best and brightest editors in the technical review space!