12 shows, a year ago
Two translators share their manga translation woes and triumphs as they continue to grow in the manga industry.
50 shows, 9 months ago
A comedy recap podcast about Lost, as told to a person who has not watched Lost, and REALLY DOESN'T WANT TO WATCH LOST. New episodes every Wednesday!
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This feed was created by mixing existing feeds from various sources.
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With innovative CGI, an all-star cast and scripts from the cream of the crop of British writers, Doctor Who is the ultimate adventure in space and time; gripping, breathtaking and action-packed. BBC Worldwide brings you inside the world of Doctor Who with interviews, behind the scenes, highlights from the Doctor Who World Tour, the latest and greatest from the current season, and more.
117 shows, 6 days ago
The Supernatural After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of CW's Supernatural. Show Summary: This haunting series follows the thrilling yet terrifying journeys of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who face an increasingly sinister landscape as they hunt monsters. After losing their mother to a supernatural force, the brothers were raised by their father as soldiers who track mysterious and demonic creatures. Violent memories and relationship-threatening secrets add additional burdens on Sam and Dean as they investigate all things that go bump in the night. As old tricks and tool
21 shows, 6 months ago
48 shows, a year ago
Ex-pro Jimmy Bullard is joined by comedians Rob Beckett and Ian Smith plus a guest from the world of football to talk about the beautiful game and their outrageous experiences on and off the field. Tweet us using #MagicSponge.
6 shows, 8 months ago
looking for unfiltered, brutally honest, hilarious movie reviews? not sure about the actors performance, or the directors track record? you're in luck! here you'll find a couple stoners, a bong, and the latest movie reviews.
46 shows, 5 months ago
A show dedicated to everything in Bachelor Nation in all it's snarky and judgmental goodness.
52 shows, 8 days ago
Alternative Commentaries For Movies That Suck
100 shows, a year ago
Digging deeper into the Sci-Fi Movies we all love!
3 shows, a year ago
Podcast by Dan and Abe
400 shows, 7 days ago
Out Now with Aaron and Abe is a weekly podcast dedicated to providing a discussion about the newest film release of the week. Join friends, Aaron and Abe, along with the possible inclusion of some special guests, as they have plenty of fun in examining and critiquing the latest in newly released flicks. If you have an hour to kill…
100 shows, 4 months ago
Remake This Movie RIGHT is a bi-weekly podcast where we take a classic film and craft our own version for a modern audience, capped with our remake in movie trailer parody form. By the end of each episode, we will Remake This Movie RIGHT!
253 shows, 11 days ago
Commentary and analysis of movies and TV shows
273 shows, 13 days ago
Dig deep into Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Runaways, Daredevil, Agent Carter, Jessica Jones, the Defenders, Inhumans, and the related comics and movies! Ben Avery, Daniel Butcher, and friends discuss each episode, review related movies, and cast more light on the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Welcome to Level Seven is an unofficial podcast and not affiliated with ABC Studios.
6 shows, 6 days ago
The show that review movies, discusses the latest movie news, and just talks about everything related to the art of cinema.
184 shows, 8 years ago
A podcast dedicated to the most reviled of horror subgenres - the slasher movie.
491 shows, a month ago
A podcast dedicated to reviewing only the Greatest Movies EVER!
14 shows, 3 years ago
Star Wars. It twice became the biggest movie of all time. It has launched a billion dollar empire of movies, toys, and merchandise. It has even started a religion. But now, under the ownership of Disney, the Star Wars universe is set to expand infinitely with a new movie each year -- starting with Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Join Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart as they travel at .5 past lightspeed, watching and reviewing all the Star Wars films from the 1977 original to The Force Awakens, and everything in between (including the Ewok movies, Holiday Special, and Clone Wars)!
210 shows, 6 days ago
Legendary film critic Leonard Maltin and his daughter Jessie are the ultimate movie fans. They love talking about movies, especially with people who share their enthusiasm—from living legends like Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, and Quincy Jones to such contemporary artists as Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, Laura Dern, and Bryan Cranston. You’ll meet all kinds of interesting people and hear their recommendations of unsung movies you ought to know.
50 shows, 3 years ago
This is a companion podcast to my movie review blog Lights....Camera....Popcorn! I love movies. I love talking about movies. I hope you all love listening to me talk about movies. Enjoy!
7 shows, 6 days ago
Where Cannon Films Are Explored
99 shows, 21 days ago
Super Heroic is a PODCAST about Comic Books that evolve into Television Shows and Movies! Do you like movies like, Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, Avengers, or Fantastic Four? Are you looking forward to movies like Batman vs Superman or Captain America: Civil War? Can you get enough of TV Shows like The Walking Dead, Flash, Gotham, or Arrow? Well, then this is the show for you! Mick Montgomery & Guests discuss the latest news, do reviews on movies and tv shows, discuss the latest Trailers, and a whole bunch more!
103 shows, 5 years ago
"An Alan Smithee Podcast" is an ongoing series of spirited and rambling discussions about movies held between two internet film critics, Andrew Wickliffe of www.thestopbutton.com and Matthew Hurwitz of cinemachine.blogspot.com.
16 shows, 7 months ago
This is a podcast where you listen to Jacob Duell and D.J. Birch talk about movies while they drive somewhere. Kind of like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Except we're not funny. And we argue a lot.
150 shows, 12 days ago
Grab a big tub of popcorn and join David and the rest of the BSX crew as they review movies of all different flavors!
95 shows, a year ago
Follow me on Instagram and twitter @KCmovietalk! Welcome to Karate Chop Movie Talk! Posted every Tuesday and Friday! Here for all your movie news needs. Check out my Facebook page! Don't forget to like and subscribe.
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Each week the WHM gang force themselves to watch bad movies that were better left forgotten to fuel off-the-wall tangents, inane impressions and unabashed comedic silliness. This is a comedy podcast for movie lovers that can't help but relish pure trash.
100 shows, 7 days ago
Exclusive audio, podcasts and interviews from WrestlingINC.com, as well as flashback audio highlights and more.
60 shows, 8 months ago
You love movies and so do we! We look at a current movie, discuss, review and compare to an older work by one of the filmmakers or something in the genre. Comparing now to then, get it? On to some movie talk! Tweet at us @NowAndThenPod
149 shows, 6 days ago
Super in-depth analysis of movies (and occasionally TV, and video games). Hosted by veteran podcasters Alex & Sharon Shaw with different guests for round-table chats every week.
147 shows, 6 days ago
Popcorn Talk Network, the online broadcast network that features movie discussion, news, interviews and commentary proudly presents “iTalk Movies.” Each show, join PTN as they talk movies with actors, directors, and filmmakers.
252 shows, 11 days ago
A Jock and a Nerd come together to share their geek-love for comic book culture! Anthony and Imran talk about what they’re reading and watching, from Marvel to DC Comics. Enjoy full spoiler, uncensored news and reviews covering comic book culture. Enough reading! Go listen already!
250 shows, 7 days ago
A weekly long form podcast that features fun long form conversations between friends and fans of all things Geek. We discuss Movies/TV, Games, and Comics! New GeekVerse Episodes Every Week!
40 shows, 5 years ago
Join Scott Johnson & Tom Merritt as they watch all the great TV pilots of all time, so you don't have to! Think of it as Film Sack for TV!
56 shows, 2 months ago
Welcome to the Cult Film Club, a monthly podcast and blog about MOVIES WE LOVE TO DEATH despite how bad, weird or obscure they are. In fact, we love them because they’re bad, weird or obscure! We discuss and analyze cult films from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond. Collectively we possess an impressive amount of useless pop culture knowledge, but we’re no movie snobs–just a couple of guys (and a girl) who really like movies.
69 shows, 6 days ago
A movie podcast that isn't just a bunch of straight white dudes. Comic Ricky Carmona is joined by critics Alonso Duralde (The Wrap) and April Wolfe (LA Weekly) for a fast, funny flight through film. Who Shot Ya? is news, reviews and in-depth insight, beamed directly into your ears every week.
138 shows, 15 days ago
A rotating cast of friends join together around the invisible table of the internet to discuss and analyze the movie of the week.
5 shows,
theOneliner.com crew get down to busting out commentaries for films. Join Craig Eastman, Scott Morris and Drew Tavendale as they turn their mighty minds on commentary tracks for movies, dispensing truth, justice and sarcastic comments from the peanut gallery. It's just like watching a movie with your friends, assuming your friends are as weird as we are. Give these movie commentaries a go. You just might like it.
172 shows, 7 days ago
Conversations you’ve always wanted to have about the cult classic horror movies you love. Includes exclusive interviews with actors, directors, super fans and anyone else we can get our hands on! We dig deep and divulge all the dirty "behind the scenes” secrets for the nerdiest of conversations. Weekly contests and trivia give listeners a chance to win free gear and even be a guest on the show. So all you Horror Freaks have to do is sit back and relax while you enjoy the games, the gossip and the giveaways.
10 shows, 5 years ago
The Number 1 Fan podcast for the BBC Hit Series SHERLOCK
23 shows, 3 years ago
Irreverent Comedy News and Views with David Newsum & Dion Mavath
10 shows, 6 days ago
Podcast dedicado ao universo de Arquivo-X, fantástica série de ficção científica dos anos 90 e que move legiões de fãs até hoje. Comentamos sobre os episódios, curiosidades, atores, tudo ligado a este universo.
162 shows, 8 days ago
Annabelle DeSisto wrote for Joan Rivers on Fashion Police and now she is the host of your new guilty pleasure. She gives her uncensored opinion on everything-Bravo,pop culture,dating,sex,candid stories,life advice & wherever else her Adderall induced rants take her.Join her & her hilarious friends for a fun & unapologetically superficial kiki!
132 shows,
With her unique style of hosting, Ilana Levine gives her listeners up close and personal access to today's biggest stars from Broadway, Film and Television. Her intimate and revealing conversations with Tony Award, Academy Award, Grammy Award and Emmy Award winners gives listeners the feeling they are part of a conversation between old friends. Guests include Julianne Moore, Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ben Platt, Uma Thurman, Aasif Mandvi, Octavia Spencer, Edie Falco, Allison Janney, Beanie Feldstein, Judith Light, Molly Ringwald, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Chenoweth, Anthony Rapp, Jason Alexander, Tony Shalhoub, Griffin Dunne, Kaskade, Laura Linney and many more. New episodes are released on Mondays.
50 shows, 2 years ago
Jovem Pan - 3 em 1 (2017-01-19T19:18:11.000Z)
4 shows, 2 years ago
Podcast by Podcast conteúdo Jovem Pan
97 shows, 10 days ago
Comedian Chris D'Elia (Incorrigible, Man on Fire) goes on tangent after tangent every week about what's going on, alone in his house.