98 shows, 5 days ago
Professors Elizabeth Matsui and Roger Peng talk about life in the academic trenches, telling it like it is.
173 shows, 12 days ago
Der Podcast rund um die Öffnung des Wissenschaftsprozesses
462 shows, 17 hours ago
P1:s hälsojournalistiska program. Ansvarig utgivare: Nina Glans
26 shows, 9 months ago
Podcast by impakták
105 shows, 23 days ago
Solarpod - Hírek és érdekességek a Naprendszerből podcast Támogatás: http://paypal.me/lisovszki
30 shows, 2 years ago
The Para-Comedy Duo Todd Bates & Phil Roell are back! Brand New Show & Fresh Beginning. Haunted Voices Radio A live paranormal talk radio show, discussing topics such as Ghosts, UFO's, Cryptozoology, Conspiracy theories and more with our schedule guests! We invite you to listen and chat from our website site LIVE Tuesday Nights 9e/8c/6pGhost's, UFO's, Conspiracies, and more Listen live Tuesday nights 9e/8c/6p!
41 shows, a month ago
Postbetjenten forsøker å bli hakket mindre dum, ved å snakke litt for lenge om utvalgte tema. Den siste mandagen i måneden på Postkontoret. Tøyen. Oslo.
51 shows,
Sleep Talk is the place to get quality, evidence-based information on sleep and sleep disorders from experts in the field. Each month Dr Moira Junge (Health Psychologist) and Dr David Cunnington (Sleep Physician) discuss a sleep topic and interview experts in the field as well as highlighting what has caught their eye in the world of sleep.
234 shows, a day ago
The T1D news show you've been waiting for! Long-time broadcaster, blogger and diabetes mom Stacey Simms interviews prominent advocates, authors and speakers. Stacey asks hard questions of healthcare companies and tech developers and brings on "everyday' people living with type 1. Great for parents of T1D kids, adults with type 1 and anyone who loves a person with diabetes.
98 shows,
The official podcast of the NASA Johnson Space Center, the home of human spaceflight, stationed in Houston, Texas. We bring space right to you!
10 shows,
See conversations with astronauts, scientists and others who made NASA history, as we celebrate the agency's 50th anniversary.
13 shows, 5 days ago
America's Top Paranormal Podcaster interviews the best known names in the paranormal about UFOs, Ghosts, Bigfoot, and everything paranormal! Guests have included Chip Coffey, George Noory and the biggest names in paranormal studies. This feed reflects the last 90 days of content. The Paranormal Podcast has been in production since 2005 with over 560 episodes. Hosted by Jim Harold. Also, check out Jim's other free podcasts Jim Harold's Campfire, and Jim Harold's Crime Scene.
10 shows, 2 years ago
A new show like nothing you have ever experienced!! Listen to some fascinating discussions on all aspects of the paranormal, conspiracy theories, UFO's, cryptozoology, mysterious places, the unexplained, the occult, ancient history, true crime and more with the foremost experts, survivors & experiencers in the world. New release every Sunday night. Want to hear more shows? Visit mysteriousradio.com to access archives and exclusives editions . This podcast is part of the Bombpod Media Network
57 shows, 5 months ago
Deep in the back of your mind, you’ve always had a strange feeling that reality isn’t what it seems to be. You are right. There are invisible forces at play every day in our lives. These invisible forces control human behavior, manipulating what we see, feel, think and achieve. Through the art of cutting-edge interviews with experts from the field of science, medical advancements, conspiracies, and paranormal culture, Mysterious Matters will enhance your mental and spiritual capabilities of understanding, while achieving its ultimate goal of breaking down the barriers of perceived reality. You will see reality and your own life differently.
3 shows,
The Show About Science is an awesome adventure into the wondrous world of scientific discovery! Each episode is filled with fascinating information from scientists and educators around the globe. Together with his guests, Nate explores everything from chemistry to aliens and from human brains to bat biology. Learn more at pinna.fm.
9 shows, 6 months ago
This way of life is a war against our bodies. The air polluting our lungs, our breast milk filled with toxins, and our mental angst driving us to suicide. Proposed health cuts increase our general precarity in relation to a failing health system, a health system that fundamentally furthers our objectification and dependency on capital. Therefore the steps we make to gain and share skills and develop subterranean practices of care can return some of the agency we’ve lost to the professionalization of medicine and the profitable mystery that is our bodies. As we think about expanding our capacity, we don’t want to just “fill in the gaps” of public health infrastructure. We need to slowly break our dependence on these institutions in all the ways that we can and also look for ways to use them to our advantage. We think this happens through sharing knowledge and skills, an emphasis on preventative care, and finding ways to manipulate existing structures to allow us to move forward on this path of autonomy. We believe in the utter necessity of revolution, of the development of material lines of power. Questions of care and health autonomy are pivotal to that progression. From the Greek solidarity clinics to the Zapatistas “healthcare from below” to Black Panther Clinics and GynPunks, there is inspiration for this path all around us. We begin by finding each other. This podcast will be a step in that journey.
554 shows, 5 days ago
A weekly tour of the periodic table, from Chemistry World, the magazine of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
6 shows, a day ago
The latest news about food, farming and the countryside
17 shows, 4 months ago
South African science writer Leonie Joubert trips into the strange new world of psychedelic psychiatry, ahead of hallucinogenic mushrooms going on trial in South Africa in 2018.
100 shows, 3 months ago
A critical look at the first world, inspired by the reverse culture shock your hosts, Sheila Dee & Evo Terra, experience every day as American citizens returning to Western civilization after three and a half years living and working in developing nations. Expert guests from the fields of science, skepticism, and critical though are frequent guests.
10 shows,
NASACast combines the content of all the NASACast subject area podcasts into a single omnibus podcast. Here you'll find the latest news and features on NASA's missions as well as the popular "This Week @NASA" newsreel.
126 shows,
"Yenilen" hükmü geldi! Kur'ân-ı Kerîm'e farklı bir pencereden yepyeni bir anlayışla bakma ve değerlendirmeye çalışma süreci başladı! Kur'ân-ı Kerîm'de sürekli dikkat çekilen "Atalarınızın, babalarınızın izi üzerindeyseniz, ya onlar yanlış izdeler ise!" uyarısı bu Mucize BİLGİ kitabını en baştan ele almamı zorunlu kıldı! İşte böylece de; "B" harfinin işaret ettiği anlam ışığında âyetler ele alınırsa, Kur'ân-ı Kerîm'i nasıl anlayabilirim; çalışması meydana geldi. Kur'ân-ı Kerîm, her devir insanına Hakikate/hakikatine giden yolu göstermek için hitap ettiğine göre; bildirilen gerçeği, çağımız realiteleri ışığında ve eşliğinde nasıl anlamalıyım, çalışmasıdır bu! Binlerle sene öncesinde oluşmuş ve detayları asla bilinmeyen olayların bu çağın ya da gelecek çağların insanına nakledilmesindeki amacı açıklama çalışmasıdır bu, diğer yandan. Ayrıca en önemlisi, birbirinden kopuk olaylar, hükümler, fermanlar ve tanrının buyrukları olarak anlayışımıza sunulan bu mucize BİLGİ'deki bütünlük noktası nedir ve "İnsan"ı neden ilgilendirmektedir, çalışmasıdır. AH
286 shows, a month ago
Subscribe for the latest free tech advice & tech news broadcasts by Fevzi Turkalp on the BBC & elsewhere
165 shows,
Each week, the Kraken team discusses a Thing, such as a news story, film, gadget, book, past-time, band, abstract concept, or glass of disgusting tech-slop, and then we dive into a related Question that rises naturally or tenuously out of that Thing. Whether you like strong opinions or stupid stories, join us among the tentacles and tangents.
55 shows, 5 months ago
Weekly interview show with people at the forefront of transformational technologies. Exploring emerging technologies, futurist ideas and the sociological, moral and philosophical impact of these exponential changes. MIND & MACHINE is focused on technologies and cultural forces that will transform our world: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Space Exploration, Life Extension, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Virtual Reality, IoT Connected Devices, Genomics, Gene Editing, Transhumanism and more.
247 shows, 6 years ago
NOVA brings you short video stories from the world of science, including excerpts from our television programs, video dispatches from producers and correspondents in the field, animations, and much more. For more science programming online and on air, visit NOVA's Web site at http://www.pbs.org/nova and watch NOVA broadcasts Wednesday nights on PBS. Please note that this feed requires QuickTime 7. Free upgrade available at apple.com/itunes.
5 shows, 3 days ago
Science news and highlights of the week
12 shows, 5 years ago
From robot surgery to nation-wide hunts for stripy snails via Michael Faraday, The Open University's new podcast series caters to all tastes. Take-Away Science is about anything and everything interesting in science. Featuring interviews with practising scientists at the cutting edge of research, television science presenters and students starting out on their degrees, the OU Science Faculty bring their unique perspective on science today to you with each episode. Each interview is recorded by OU staff and the podcast is hosted by Rough Science's Dr Mike Bullivant. These podcasts are brought to you by The Open University's BLAST! project: http://blast.open.ac.uk
31 shows, 12 days ago
paranormal UFO's government coverups secret history illuminati MKUltra mind control aliens dimensions occult parapolitics weird entities cryptozoology mass control
300 shows, 6 days ago
Join me as we speak with experts on evolution, pioneers who change lives like: Dannion Brinkley, Jean Houston, Joan Borysenko, Oriah House, Barbara Marx Hubbard, O Magazine Insiders, Anthony Lawlor, and many others who create positive changes in our world.
100 shows, a day ago
The Alzheimer’s Podcast with Christy Turner of Dementia Sherpa is your number one resource for practical tips and insights; empowering you and your family to live well with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia.
96 shows, 7 days ago
'Will my bacon sandwich kill me?', 'Is vaping better than smoking?', 'How do you become an astronaut?' - just some of the Big Questions we ask some of the brightest minds behind Oxford science. Join us in each podcast as we explore a different area of science.
19 shows, 8 months ago
A deep dive into the world's greatest mysteries that were solved by science. Brought to you by Motherboard and staff writer Kaleigh Rogers.
37 shows, 8 days ago
Point of Discovery takes you on a journey behind the front lines of science, where you'll meet the brilliant, quirky scientists who make the magic happen. Our stories are driven by curiosity. How much of our DNA do we share with yeast? How do our brains block out noise at a party so that we can focus on just one person speaking? How do you study a terrible disease-causing bacteria that turns mild-mannered in the lab? Come discover the answers with us. Music by: Poddington Bear. Learn more at: http://pointofdiscovery.org
350 shows,
Whether we wear a lab coat or haven't seen a test tube since grade school, science is shaping all of our lives. And that means we all have science stories to tell. Every year, we host dozens of live shows all over the country, featuring all kinds of storytellers - researchers, doctors, and engineers of course, but also patients, poets, comedians, cops, and more. Some of our stories are heartbreaking, others are hilarious, but they're all true and all very personal. Welcome to The Story Collider!
15 shows, 2 years ago
NEW show every Monday. Listen to some fascinating discussions on all aspects of the paranormal, conspiracy theories, UFO's, cryptozoology, mysterious places, the unexplained, the occult, ancient history, true crime and more with the foremost experts, survivors & experiencers in the world. WANNA HEAR MORE SHOWS? Get access to our archives, exclusive editions & behind-the-scenes content on our Patreon page. The best part is YOU get rewarded with Mysterious Radio Merchandise such as T-shirts, sticker packs, water bottles, decals, pins, key-chains and more!! http://www.patreon.com/mysteriousradio This podcast is part of the Bombpod Media Network
500 shows, 16 hours ago
Vi är där historien är. Ansvarig utgivare: Nina Glans
6 shows, 3 years ago
A podcast about the sisterhood of science. A healthy mix of issues facing women in STEM, good solid chit chat, and belly laughs.
11 shows, 16 hours ago
Was sich hinter den Stoffen verbirgt, die wir auf Verpackungen finden. Und ob wir das alles eigentlich noch essen wollen, wenn wir wissen, was drin ist.
70 shows,
Paranormal Punchers is a light-hearted podcast discussing anything paranormal. From Bigfoot to haunted locations, the hosts breakdown a paranormal story and give you their uneducated, but honest and spirited opinions.
180 shows,
A podcast about mysteries from anywhere and everywhere - the unusual, the strange, the perplexing and the down-right odd. Scientific, historical mysteries, unusual stories and events as well as the paranormal will be featured on this podcast.
1069 shows,
Deep in the back of your mind, you’ve always had the feeling that there’s something strange about reality. There is. Join Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick as they examine neurological quandaries, cosmic mysteries, evolutionary marvels and our transhuman future.
46 shows, 21 days ago
Populärvetenskapligt om forskning inom medicin och hälsa från Lunds universitet, Malmö universitet och Region Skåne.
7 shows, a month ago
We only recommend that you listen via Apple Podcasts or Pocket Casts for the best listening experience. New shows are released bi-weekly. Join host K-Town as she shares true stories of terrifying experiences to satisfy even the most jaded of appetites. LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Wanna hear more podcasts? Join our exclusive Patreon Community to access the archives! Subscribe to my other podcast Mysterious Radio!
9 shows, a year ago
Your big questions about the future answered. How science will influence and change our lives.
20 shows, a month ago
Das tägliche Stück vom Himmel: Seit 25 Jahren nimmt die Sternzeit ihre Hörerinnen und Hörer mit auf einen Streifzug durch den Kosmos. Die Themen reichen von aktueller Forschung, über das nächtliche Himmelsgeschehen und bedeutende Personen der Astronomiegeschichte bis hin zu Jahrestagen aus der Raumfahrt.
5 shows, a year ago
Helsepodden er en podcast for deg som ønsker å forstå hva helse-Norge er i dag, men også hva helse-Norge kan være i fremtiden. Episodene er for deg som arbeider for at en god helse- og omsorgstjeneste skal bli enda bedre. Podcasten ble startet for å spre og akselerere ideer og forslag om forbedringer til det beste for pasienter, pårørende, ansatte og ledere, men også gi nye perspektiver på det vi tar som en selvfølge og som alltid har vært slik (men kanskje ikke burde være slik). I episodene snakker Andreas Segrov og Johnny Advocaat-Vedvik med en gjest som kan og vil forbedre helse-Norge. Les mer og få tilgang til alle episodene på Spotify, Podkaster, Podtail, facebook eller helsepodden.com.
10 shows, 2 years ago
En inte så vetenskaplig podd om de härliga kroppar vi tillbringar våra liv inuti.
163 shows,
Scientificast e’ stato il primo podcast indipendente a tema scientifico in Italia. Fondato nel 2007, Scientificast si propone di portare alle orecchie di un pubblico appassionato, informazioni, news e concetti di carattere scientifico con un taglio divulgativo, semplice ma rigoroso. Da Marzo 2012 Scientificast diventa Associazione Culturale per la divulgazione scientifica utilizzando il blogging e il podcasting come principali strumenti di comunicazione avvalendosi di validi collaboratori provenienti dal mondo della ricerca e della divulgazione scientifica.
22 shows, 9 years ago
Occupational Therapy - College of Health Related Professions