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종교의 역할과 의미 그리고 가치 등을 소개하고 한국사회의 다양한 종교활동과개인의 신앙생활을 방송함으로써 북한동포 및 재외동포에게 종교의 필요성을 알리고 아울러 그들의 삶에 위로와 희망을 전달함.
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El programa semanal de television de Ministerios En Contacto con el Dr. Charles Stanley, pastor de la Primera Iglesia Bautista de Atlanta
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Sunday morning messages from New Springs City Church, Loughborough, England
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Metropolitan Community Church of New York (MCCNY) is a church of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered community. Open to All. MCCNY welcomes you to join us in-person on Sundays at: 9:00am (Traditional Liturgy), 11:00am (The Celebration Service) and 7:00pm (Praise & Worship Service). MCCNY is located in midtown Manhattan: 446 West 36th Street (between 9th & 10th Avenues), New York, NY 10018 | www.mccny.org | (212) 629-7440 | The Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Pastor. Subscribe to this VIDEO edition of MCCNY's Celebration Service Message using iTunes (www.itunes.com/podcast?id=341292843). Subscribe to MCCNY's weekly AUDIO podcast using iTunes (www.itunes.com/podcast?id=342877807) or subscribe with a method of your choice at feeds.feedburner.com/mccnyaudio.
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Sub30 is the Young Adult and College ministry of The Crossing Church with Lead Pastor Greg Dumas. Find more info on the web at: sub30tampa.com
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Audio Podcast for Door Of Hope, A Church in S.E Portland
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Yeshiva Tiferet Description
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Yeshiva Tiferet Description