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Supporting mental health within the Mormon community.
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This new podcast is short rants that I and Demon of Kolob have about Mormonism. We have many thoughts run through our heads regularly, but often don't have time to record a long podcast. This podcast will allow us to record anywhere, anytime, on the fly & get them out there quickly & we'll post our rants right here for your pleasure and enjoyment!
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Podcast do site O Segredo
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This is the daily meditations of Pastor Juan Lopez of La Bendicion Covenant Church. He has been sending his Meditations daily since 2002 in our news letter and now has decided to record these teachings for all to hear.
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Doctrine and Devotion is a weekly podcast exploring Christian faith and practice from an experiential perspective marked by the fun and humor that characterize real friendship.
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The History of Egypt, as the ancients described it. A tale of pyramids, pharaohs, gods and mysteries, told through the eyes of the ancients themselves. A member of the Agora Podcast Network
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Paula White's "Paula Today" program teaches Christian principles found in the Bible that result in real personal change spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit we, as disciples of Jesus Christ, can overcome crisis, heal our hearts and minds, and live a life of purpose and fulfillment. More info at http://www.paulawhite.org
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Cansado de astrologia new age e McEsoterismo? Nao aguenta mais ouvir sobre lua negra, quiron, e pseudo-filosofia de botiquim? A astrologia não nasceu nos anos 60. Ela tem milhares de anos, e durantes esses milênios, a enfase foi na previsão, e não na enrolação. Acompanhe nosso podcast e aprenda mais sobre esse fascinante mundo que comanda o nosso.
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Temas acerca de parapsicología, magia, tarot, horóscopos, esoterismo. Visita nuestra web www.tarotlosangeles.com
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Deviatus is a bi-weekly podcast started to better explore some of the phenomena that defy explanation with our current knowledge and understanding of the world. Having had unexplainable experiences throughout my own life, and often finding it difficult to discuss, it also serves to open new dialogue and to give experiencers a safe place to be heard.
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Barnabas Piper, Ted Kluck, and Ronnie Martin cheerfully - if sarcastically - rant about all the things that don't matter all that much (and some that do).
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JB Glossinger is one of the top new motivational thought leaders in personal development and performance. His best selling process the Sacred 6 has helped thousands find more happiness, joy, and peace. His site MorningCoach has helped people come together to help each other make positive changed in the world. Subscribe to hear JB's raw thoughts on life as he returns to iTunes.
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Llevando el mensaje del evangelio de la gracia de Dios y continuando el ministerio que Jesus comenzo. Recordando que gracias a Jesucristo, la bendicion y la misercordia de Dios estan con nosotros todos los dias de nuestras vidas. Predicaciones Cristianas en Español | Sermones Cristianos de la Biblia | Mensajes Cristianos | Predicas
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The Becoming Wise podcast offers depth and discovery in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. Each episode is curated from hundreds of big conversations with wise and graceful lives. Reset your day. Replenish your sense of yourself and the world. On Being Studios is the producer of On Being, This Movie Changed Me, and more to come. Krista Tippett is the author of the New York Times bestselling Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living. President Obama honored her with the National Humanities Medal for “thoughtfully delving into the mysteries of human existence.”
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To Inspire Gods People to Pray!
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Interviews with intellectuals from across the globe. Exploring philosophy, politics, religion, and rationalism. Steve Patterson is an independent philosopher currently traveling the world to interview people in the pursuit of truth. Topics include logic and epistemology, skepticism, metaphysics, ethics, science and religion, truth, Christianity, Buddhism, atheism, culture, economics, the philosophy of mathematics, and every other topic that's important to humans.
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The latest podcast feed searching 'Atheism' on SermonAudio.
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Life changing messages preached at the Lighthouse Chapel International (Minneapolis Branch) pastored by Rev. Mark Dwomoh
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Welcome to Mustard Seed Chapel International - Sydney Audio Podcast. Here you can listen to all messages preached in church. These valuable teachings will change your life and ministry forever.
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Pastor Jimmy Macharia is the Senior Pastor at Harvest Family Church. He is passionate about the work of God.
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Author and Speaker, Heidi St. John brings encouraging, relevant, Biblical truth to women.
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Living Water Church exists to make known the beauty of Jesus in all of life.
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The latest feed from Children's Bible Audios on SermonAudio.com.
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Mensagens e Sermões da Igreja Presbiteriana de Leme
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نخستین نسخۀ ترجمه تفسیری صوتی قرآن حکیم گروه رسانه ای حکمت مفتخر است ترجمه تفسیری و صوتی قرآن کریم را به زبان فارسی و با ویژگیهای منحصر به فرد در اختیار فارسی‌زبانان جهان اسلام قرار دهد: • بهره‌گیری از معتبرترین تفاسیر قرآن؛ • استفاده از آراء تفسیری بیش از سی تَن از علمای جهان اسلام؛ • متن ساده و روان؛ • ارائه توضیحات تفسیری در متن آیه برای فهم بهتر کلام وحی؛ • نرم افزار صوتی قرآن کریم برای اندروید و آیفون؛ • امکان استفاده از نرم افزار بر روی تمام تلویزیون‌های هوشمند؛ • ضبط‌شده با استفاده از فناوریهای نوین صوتی؛ • مجموعه تصویری قرآن کریم با قرائت قاریان بنام جهان اسلام به همراه ترجمه صوتی همزمان؛ • نمایش آیات قرآن برای دستگاههای دیجیتال؛ • ارائه فیلمهای مرتبط با مضمون آیات.
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The latest feed from Crossroads Baptist Church on SermonAudio.com.
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Politics, national politics, and Christian world view.
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This show is dedicated to Brain Tumor Survivors, Wounded Warriors and those who like to take studying God's Word nice and slow.
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I denne ukentlige hørespillpodcasten følger vi Bendik og Guds eventyr sammen, mens de prøver å etablere en ny verdensreligion. Humor, altså!
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2015 Kenneth Copeland Ministries' Events Audio Podcast
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I have just defeated Mas Sajady in court and once again have my Constitutional rights to speak about him. Mas Sajady works with the Anti-Christ, he says so himself: "I have dark sources that help me, that keep me safe." God is not a dark source -- but demons, Lucifer, Satan, the Anti-Christ are. Mas Sajady is in league with the Anti-Christ. We are forming a class action lawsuit, contact us at the class action website. This podcast is brought to you by the First and Fourteenth Amendments: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble..." Any use of copyrighted material is done in accordance with Title 17 Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law, which allows citizens to reproduce copyrighted materials for purposes of education, comment, criticism, or parody (the “Fair Use Doctrine”).
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Acreditamos no evangelho puro e simples, fundamentado no Amor. Venha conhecer uma de nossas unidades!
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Theology Cast is a podcast with Ryan M. Reeves (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) and Kevin Taylor (Pfeiffer University). We discuss everything from theology, church history, pop culture, music, and...well anything that comes up along the way. The views do no necessarily express those of either Gordon-Conwell or Pfeiffer. Especially their view of Star Wars.
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Excellent Leadership is a Religious show that uses the principles of The Holy Bible to raise role models in the society and empower them to discover,develop, release, and maximize the GOD given Positive Potentials in them.
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The latest podcast feed searching 'Preaching' on SermonAudio.
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Talks given by Thay and Senior Dharma Teachers from around the world.
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The Leadership Momentum Podcast, hosted by Chris Brown, brings the world's top church leaders into the room to candidly share their inspirational wisdom and bold advice. Each episode digs deep into the issues related to church leadership, the personal lives of pastors, and the importance of stewardship. For more information, visit https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast
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Undersökande dokumentärer från en ljusskygg verklighet.En Mörk Historia tar dig med in i rättsfallen som chockerar, förbryllar och förfärar Sverige. Vi hör om unika levnadsöden och brinnande ämnen från personerna som själva var inblandade.Med hjälp av deras berättelser försöker vi förstå. Hur kan man beröva en annan människa livet, för blott några tusenlappar? Varför sätter inte det svenska samhället stopp för ett mord som bara väntar på att ske?Producerat av Carl Fridsjö och Joel Silberstein Hont för JUST STORIES AB.
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#UmLugarParaTodos UNIDADE 1 QUA 20H • SÁB 20H UNIDADE 2 DOM 10H & 19H
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The Next Step Podcast is a weekly podcast focusing on the joys of recovery and sobriety. We focus our discussions to weekly news and each week focus on one of the 12 steps to recovery found on arp.lds.org.
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insights, teachings, ramblings of Christianity.
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A spoken word website exploring open faith ideas through story and metaphor with writer Margaret Dulaney
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Calling the People to the Quran and the Sunnah upon the understanding of the Sahaba.
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Join Only Believe Ministries Christian Center as Pastor Peter Doseck delivers a message that is sure to impact your relationship with God.