49 shows, a year ago
Unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently.
49 shows, a year ago
Unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently.
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Join 13-year-old Riley Walz, as he "plogs" (podcast blogs) about his daily life and problems he finds about society.
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10 Minute CPD Podcasts from the College of Paramedics South East. Please be aware that the views of our contributors do not necessarily reflect those of the College of Paramedics. Listening to this podcast does not entitle any individual to work outside of their scope of practice.
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Daily ponderings of a gal just trying to navigate life.
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Hola y bienvenido. Soy Tina . Soy de Inglaterra, Reino Unido. Yo vivo en Antofagasta , Chile con mi marido chileno. Este sitio web, los archivos de audio y PDF van a ayudarte aprender Inglés . Aprenderás el lenguaje que no oyes o ver en una clase. Inglés , ya que se habla en Inglaterra. ¡Para aprender hoy haga clic en el enlace de abajo y empezar a descargar ! http://payhip.com/aprenderinglesconmigo http://aprenderinglesconmigo.weebly.com
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Here we examine everything, with philosophy being our catalyst. Here, you can know that your input is valued. That's what distinguishes us from the rest. Philosophy is engagement, not lecture. The other guys will have you believing differently. Podsafe music only, when used.
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ASMR mediational cooking by Chef Raad. (KOREAN)
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Tall Tales & True brings together the very best of live storytelling from across Australia. Courageous storytellers front up to the microphone to bare their soul and share their life-changing moments in front of a live audience. Captivating, jaw-dropping and thought provoking, these pure Australian stories will make you laugh, cry or gasp, or maybe all three at once.
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Hey I'm Nick Phillips. I'm a comedian and conspiracy thoerist. What do these things have in common? I get paid the same to be both. Each episode I break down a brand new conspiracy that I found whether it's funny, weird, scary, or all of the above.
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The chronicles of a lucid dreamer wannabe's search for a lucid dream.
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Each episode explains adifferent way of thinking about a socio-technical system, with the intention to problem solve by redesigning the system. Real world problem situations will be added over time.
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Cuentos de historias del Dr César Quiñones, que nos ayudan, nos enseñan o nos inspiran.
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Documenting the antics of a few Michigan natives scattered across the U.S. The GDS lets you become a fly on the wall during conversations of nonsense, laughs and stupid personal behavior while attempting to bring you pop culture, news and other dumb content .
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Феечкин подкаст
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Dedicated to social justice, the environment, community, and providing a forum for people and issues not covered in corporate and state media, Gorilla Radio airs live every Wednesday, 1pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM; online at: Gorilla-Radio.com
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Complaining about what's wrong in my world. Serious mixed with nonsense. Not for the easily offended.
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My Weekly Rant for Echo Heart Media Ltd. Thoughts and Opinions by Dean on everything and anything that makes your happy and drives you crazy! A whole lot of political incorrect opinions, questions, concerns and backlash.
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The premise of the podcast is simple. A father recording daily experiences with his first child, infant son McKeehan. While this is mainly a way to document my thoughts and feelings for my son to listen to when he is older, I invite listeners to join me on this journey.
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What's this podcast about? Its in the title! F44k If I Know! Listen to two idiots and guests blather about life, mystery and success!
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Storie di passione, coraggio, amore e talento. Una fotografia dei valori e dei sentimenti dei sognatori di oggi. Chi sono oggi i sognatori, al di là dei luoghi comuni? Cosa “sentono”? In quali valori credono? E cosa li fa andare, a volte, in direzione ostinata e contraria? Domande che “abitano” la quarta stagione di “I Have A Dream… sotto il cielo dell’ Africa”. Ogni puntata, una storia per cercare di realizzare una “fotografia” dei sognatori di oggi: ritratti di scrittori, professori, musicisti, dirigenti, missionari, volontari, amministratori, migranti… o semplici sognatori. Racconti di scelte fatte da chi ama l’Italia, l’Africa e il mondo, anche quando le cose non vanno come vorrebbe. Racconti di chi, con la voglia di non arrendersi e con la capacità di guardare avanti, fa sperare in un futuro migliore. Uno sguardo curioso e aperto, al di là di preconcetti e luoghi comuni. Un programma di Silvio Ferremi, giornalista ed educatore professionale.
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Benvenuti! In questo Podcast settimanale vi parleremo di tecnologia e delle ultime notizie dal mondo high-tech (La lingua è italiano anche se dice inglese)
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K&G WrestleChat is a pro wrestling podcast that launches new episodes several times a month, including full coverage PPV reviews after every single WWE PPV! With breaking news, special guests, brand new segments, and so much more, K&G WrestleChat is the podcast to listen to for all things pro wrestling. Co-Hosts, Kevin Griffin & Garrett Turner have a combined 30+ years absorbed in the pro wrestling business. Follow us on twitter @kgwrestlechat and hit the subscribe button in the top corner here on itunes & never miss an awesome brand new episode!
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Hablar por hablar
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Da Coconut Wireless Mixshow Serato Playlist Sunday 12.27.15: Hosted by: SISTAH T Show mixer: DJ PRYME TYME SUNDAY’S 5PM – 7PM (PST) CALL LETTERS: KSER 90.7FM Yung LB (feat) Pieter T - Home Alone Drew Deezy - You Got Me (feat. Eddy Dyno) Monstah - No Sleep Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. - R.A.I.D. Suga Free - If You Stay Ready Kurupt - We Can Freak It Zapp - More Bounce To The Ounce One Way - Cutie Pie Siaosi - Reggae Party Adele Harley Sixth Street Rafeelya - Crazy JoJo - Don't Go UB40 - Version Girl Bob Marley - Three little birds FIJI - MORNING RIDE Steel Pulse - Rollin' Skate Sammy J - Waiting Salia Mikaio ft: RasMas - Alofa Mo Oe Im So Sorry - Im So Sorry cassandra-thank-you-for-the-many-things-you-ve-done Cutthroat Mode Clic & A-Dough - I Want To Be Rich (PT CLEAN EDIT) Hennessey & Streetlights - Yung LB SOUL GLO - TJ & MOE Sanchez - Here I Am White Mice - True Love 15 16 17 - Emotion Siaosi - Feluteni Swiss - Rest of My Days Brown Sugar - Hello Stranger Tenelle - Get Some Serani - Play It Straight TrumP TighT - Kutfather (feat) Snoop Dogg JT Tha Bigga Figha Molia & Flex - Breakdown Tyler Cymone - Ride Kim Davis - Hush (f. Sizzla) Zhane - Sending My Love Rupee - Woman Errol Dunkley - Betcha By Golly Wow John Mclean If I Give My Heart To You - If I Give My Heart Rupee - Woman Tarrus Riley - Stay With You Bob Marley - Them Belly Full (But We Hungry) Da Coconut Wireless Mixshow is the only Pacific Islander radio show that plays a mixture of Polynesian, Island Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B, & Thrownback jams live on the airwaves in Western Washington on 90.7FM KSER. Drop & Jingle Script: Da Coconut Wireless Mixshow With SISTAH T & DJ PRYME TYME 90.7FM KSER Submit New Music, Drops, advertisement & Product Placement inquiries (to promote your businesses): prymetalent@gmail.com LOCATION: 2623 Wetmore Ave Everett, WA 98201 LIVE DJ/Request Line: 425-303-9076
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Fitness. Nutrition. Sports. Science.
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David Bilides & Dragi Spasovski are your hosts for discussions and samples of all 54 Macedonian folk songs in Dragi's recent 3-CD project, as well as stories about the recordings, musicians, Dragi's life, and Macedonian culture in general.
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Check out Happy Madison and the odyssey of Adam Sandler available on sound cloud just search T.V Junkie.
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Hans Spiegl (57) ist evangelischer Pfarrer in Mistelbach, Österreich email: pfarrer.evang.mistelbach(@)gmail.com
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Podcasts from my time studying abroad in Bern, Switzerland. Enjoy! Visit the blog at nateapathy.blogspot.com
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I BaraSkrika-Podden gör Linda Elliot just detta - vädrar ämnen som får henne att vilja skrika!
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Fatesjoke- The Podcast is an unscripted and improvisational podcast featuring music, interviews, thoughts (both profound and nonsensical) on current events and whatever else I feel like talking about. My interests range from politics to romance; technology to poetry.
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Ez a műsor egy-egy könyvről többet szeretne megmutatni Önnek kedves Hallgató, mint ami ajánlás a fülszövegekben lenni szokott. A műsorban beszélgetéseket hallhatnak szerzőkkel, fordítókkal, szerkesztőkkel a könyv keletkezésének történetéről, saját élményükről a művel való találkozáskor. Vállalt célom, hogy érdeklődést keltsek e kötetek iránt. Igyekszem nagyon színessé tenni a kínálatot, így bekerülhetnek olyan könyvek is, amik nekem is meglepetést okoztak. De lehetséges, hogy Önnek kedves hallgató, eddig e műfaj vagy szerző elkerülte a figyelmét. Egy-egy alkalommal 3-4 könyvről esik szó, amiknek a témája, stílusa nagyon is eltérő. Mégis találtam valami közöset bennük. És ez a művek tárgya, vagy az én asszocációm. A műsorfolyam a Civil Rádió közreműködésével készült.
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Union Road Church of Christ brings you two lessons a week discussing God's word.