7 shows, 6 years ago
Old Tech News is the audiobook edition of my tech writings from The Chicago Sun-Times and elsewhere. The show features news and reviews as fresh as last week as well as older writings that still contain plenty of relevance. It's all good, useful stuff, but the FDA says I can't sell this material as "fresh" so: "Old Tech News" it is. Hosted by Andy Ihnatko.

1: Amazon Kindle Readers
10/22/2012, 5:15:00 PM

2: iPhone 5 Review
10/28/2012, 9:45:00 PM

3: Wreck-It Sandy
11/14/2012, 11:45:00 PM

4: Only An iPad Is An iPad
1/3/2013, 4:45:00 PM

5: The Law Is Hysterically Funny
1/21/2013, 4:15:00 PM

6: The Android Switch
4/11/2013, 4:00:00 PM

7: The Android Switch, Continued
7/2/2013, 6:00:00 PM