Los Frikis

3/24/2015, 7:34:05 PM , duration(0:0:1)
cuba history hiv_aids punk_rock storytelling
<p>How a group of 80’s Cuban misfits found rock-and-roll and created a revolution within a revolution, going into exile without ever leaving home. In a collaboration with <a href="http://radioambulante.org/en/">Radio Ambulante</a>, reporter <a href="http://radioambulante.org/en/?s=luis+trelles&amp;lang=en">Luis Trelles</a> bring us the story of punk rock’s arrival in Cuba and a small band of outsiders who sentenced themselves to death and set themselves free.</p> Gerson Govea (Photo Credit: Josu Tueba Leiva) <p><em>Produced by Tim Howard &amp; Matt Kielty. With production help from Andy Mills. </em></p> <p><em>Special thanks to VIH, Eskoria, Metamorfosis and Alio Die &amp; Mariolina Zitta for the use of their music. </em></p>