17 shows, 8 years ago
Bonjour à tous and welcome to Easy French Poetry where I read some of the most Classic French Poems. I will read them twice: once slowly - so you may repeat after me - and once at a more natural reading pace. I will sometimes also talk about the life of the author, explain the vocabulary or do an analysis of the text using simple, everyday French. You will find the full text of the poems accompanied by the audio on my website FrenchToday.com as well as much more audio material such as The Easy French Poetry Readings and Analysis series, Classic French Tales, French Verb Drills, reachable audio novels...
8 shows, 5 years ago
The home of good friends, good cheer, and good news!
1 shows, 9 years ago
HANS THIES LEHMANN - The position of the spectator in theatre today   The spectator has become the central focus of reflection on performance and theatre since the theoretical/practical shift to the problem of what is the experience of an artistic (or artistically-motivated) gesture. This shift brings into focus the fundamental questions of spectating as an activity. This lecture will focus on several examples of different spectating as an activity. This lecture will focus on several examples of different spectating positions, and will in particular concentrate on a re-reading of the ancient concept of Anagnorisis, in the light of the debate around the polemics against »theatralicality«, which in a different understanding has become accepted as a positive qualification of performance art practice. HANS THIES LEHMANN is Professor of Theatre Studies at Johan Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt on Main, Germany and directs Master Program in Dramaturgy there. His numerous publications include: Theater und Mythos, Essays zu Theatertexten ... His seminal work Postdramatisches Theater has been translated into many languages, and he has also been widely publication on literary theory, contemporary theatre aestetics, and film.
1 shows, 8 years ago
Ilari Valbonesi - The Paradigm of Listening (Sound, Voice, Body, Audience, Radio Art Sound is attractive. It catches the ear, enchants, disturbs, and scares. But it is also imperative. Sound is both a means and an end. The decisive interest devoted to the "strange" reflexivity of sound became a paradoxical instance of art, music and philosophy in the twentieth century. Further, it has encouraged the emergence of a genuine "paradigm of listening" from which I take steps to trace the event of a conceptual category of plastic art so called Sound Art : Art of Sound, that reflecting on itself, defines its own historical context. Sound hits us where our disposition is already a move towards the "given" sound, for that hearing which accords and affords us whatever there really is to hear. Which means there is an "eventual" sound, which happens in-between me and the things in-between me and others: Sound originates "elsewhere" even though we are implicated. The sound of the voice is also erotic. It's like an intercourse in between own and alien. It's magnetic and it orients us in space, it defines boundaries and mixes the real and the imagined. We can experience the public nature of the audience, the spatiality of sound in its symbolic occurrences in buildings that accommodate the aesthetic experience of sound: the theatre, concert hall, the square from the gallery, and the auditorium of the woods. But this is not the proper meaning of sound in space, nor qualifies its access to a space. Sound is more of a timeless space. The body itself is an instrument that records its environment while reconfiguring existing environments. In 2004 I coined the phrase ‘Acusmatic ethics’ to describe the interspecific character of sound and its synthetic temporality. If we understand that listening to something is to record it, recording itself is also a kind of ‘answering’ behavior. Obviously, radio, tapes, samplers are able to isolate, alter and focus the processes of distribution and use of sound. But in this direction, "synthetic" claims is more of a "critique" of instruments and traditional research, including electronic, plastic art that belongs to music "educated" and that "popular" and doesn’t seem to characterize a specific field. This brought me to think of Radio as ethical space of sound and special environment of trading cultures and languages of contemporary art. written by: Ilari Valbonesi
1 shows, 10 years ago
A conversation with Karmen Sotošek Štular, M.Sc., head of the Digital Library Department of the National and University Library in Ljubljana, Slovenia A conversation about the digitalization of material and how the National and University Library resolves copyright issues when it attempts to make its material available on the Web. The second part of the conversation took place a year after the first in order to get a deeper look into the development of the project. -------------------------------------------------- SLO: Pogovor z mag. Karmen Sotošek Štular, vodjo službe za digitalno knjižnico v Narodni in univerzitetni knjižnici. Pogovor o digitalizaciji gradiva in kako rešuje avtorskopravna vprašanja, ko poskuša svoje gradivo ponuditi na spletu. Drugi del pogovora je zaradi vpogleda v razvoj projekta nastal z enoletnim razmakom.
55 shows,
Un classico "ad alta voce' sulle frequenze di Radio3: una lettura di dodici tra i più celebri romanzi della letteratura mondiale.
6 shows, 7 years ago
Chuile sheachtain bíonn Helena King i gComhrá le pearsana aitheanta éagsula ó shaol na Gaeilge. Sa sraith seo bíonn Helena ag fáil amach cé hé nó cé hí an duine taobh thiar den cheamara nó den leabhar nó den mhicreafón, nó pé rud a thug an t-agallamhaí os comhair an phobail an chéad lá riamh.
8 shows, 8 years ago
From Albuquerque, New Mexico USA: Poems and prose about New Mexico, the environment and much more
18 shows,
We are friends from a camp in northeast Ohio. We talk about current movies. Occasionally we discuss television. Sometimes a joke is made.
1 shows,
Join comedian and author Rachel Dratch as she discusses her new book “Girl Walks into a Bar . . .: Comedy Calamities, Dating Disasters, and a Midlife Miracle” her hilarious memoir about her career, her ups and downs and becoming a mother when she least expected. Filled with great behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Dratch's time on SNL, “Girl Walks into a Bar...” is a refreshing version of the "happily ever after" story that proves female comics-like bestsellers Tina Fey and Chelsea Handler-are truly having their moment.
6 shows, 7 years ago
Videos from the Institute of Contemporary Arts
22 shows, 5 years ago
Un podcast francophone consacré à l'imaginaire, sous toutes ses formes. Et d'autres choses encore. Forcément.
29 shows,
All things cultural in the Leeds and Yorkshire area - from books to plays and music and back again! http://leedsbookclub.com/
93 shows, 7 years ago
Nerdrick Thrice is a weekly podcast dedicated to all things nerd! Each week we talk video games, technology, science , literature and more. We even have special shows dedicated to individual subjects when they warrant that kind of special attention! Join JJ and Waffles each week as we delve into the nerd world and keep you up to date.
1 shows, 10 years ago
Jadranka Ljubičič, an art historian and the artistic director of the Alkatraz Gallery. Jaša Vrabec, LL.M., holds a master’s degree in intellectual property law and works in the Office of the President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia (the views of Jaša Vrabec expressed in this segment do not represent the official opinions of the institution that employs him). A conversation between a legal expert and an art curator about the authorship of a work created by copying another work. How do we handle the copy-and-paste technique? In today’s digitalized world, it takes only a fraction of a second and a click on the mouse to copy copyrighted works, so we need to be especially careful when dealing with the question of making use of other people’s copyrighted works or copying them. Here questions arise with regard both to moral rights (above all, the right to have one’s authorship acknowledged and the right to have the copyright respected) and to material rights (primarily, the right to reproduce and the right to use the work in a new way). How much freedom does the artist have in making art and how is he limited in this by the rights of other authors? In this context, does copyright function as something that encourages or as something that may even inhibit the development of art and access to knowledge? -------------------------------------------------- SLO: Jadranka Ljubičič, diplomirana umetnostna zgodovinarka in umetniška vodja galerije Alkatraz. mag. Jaša Vrabec LL.M – Master of Intellectual Property Law, zaposlen v Uradu predsednika Vrhovnega sodišča RS (stališča avtorja v tem prispevku niso uradna stališča institucije, v kateri je zaposlen). Razgovor med pravnikom in kustosinjo o avtorstvu dela, ki je nastalo s kopiranjem drugega dela. Kako ravnati s tehniko copy-paste? V digitaliziranem svetu je postalo kopiranje avtorskih del stvar delčka sekunde in enega klika, zato je treba posebno pozorno obravnavati problem prevzemanja tujih avtorskih del oziroma kopiranja. Pri tem se odpirajo vprašanja tako glede moralnih pravic (predvsem pravica priznanja avtorstva in pravica do spoštovanja avtorskega dela) kot glede materialnih pravic (predvsem pravica do reprodukcije in pravica do predelave). Kolikšna je svoboda umetnika pri ustvarjanju in kako je pri tem omejen s pravicami drugih avtorjev? Ali deluje avtorsko pravo v tem kontekstu kot spodbujevalec ali morda kot zaviralec razvoja umetnosti in dostopa do znanja?
29 shows, 2 months ago
There’s treasure everywhere! Hop into the transmogrifier and turn youself into a kid again (ok, fine…just use the time machine) as Nathan looks at Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes one glorious strip at a time. Yukon Ho!
11 shows, 4 years ago
Ez a műsor egy-egy könyvről többet szeretne megmutatni Önnek kedves Hallgató, mint ami ajánlás a fülszövegekben lenni szokott. A műsorban beszélgetéseket hallhatnak szerzőkkel, fordítókkal, szerkesztőkkel a könyv keletkezésének történetéről, saját élményükről a művel való találkozáskor. Vállalt célom, hogy érdeklődést keltsek e kötetek iránt. Igyekszem nagyon színessé tenni a kínálatot, így bekerülhetnek olyan könyvek is, amik nekem is meglepetést okoztak. De lehetséges, hogy Önnek kedves hallgató, eddig e műfaj vagy szerző elkerülte a figyelmét. Egy-egy alkalommal 3-4 könyvről esik szó, amiknek a témája, stílusa nagyon is eltérő. Mégis találtam valami közöset bennük. És ez a művek tárgya, vagy az én asszocációm. A műsorfolyam a Civil Rádió közreműködésével készült.
0 shows, 3 years ago
Die wichtigsten und spannendsten Neuerscheinungen auf dem Hörbuchmarkt, vorgestellt von der NDR Kultur Literaturredaktion.
2 shows, 6 years ago
Town barber Lymen Freeman finds himself at the nexus of a surprising crisis when a mysterious patch of slime appears... and grows... in middle of the street in front of his Barber shop. Things go from curious to bizarre as the townspeople’s theories about the nature of the goo begin manifesting in bizarre—and then horrifying—ways. What is the ick? What is it for? What should they do about it? Lymen knows it’s up to him to find out before it’s too late.
1 shows, 8 years ago
Speak the VIRUS is a podcast dedicated to spreading the GrrrlVIRUS by featuring spoken word and music created by grrrls.
65 shows, 12 years ago
AOL Black Voices' Ken Gibbs, Jr speaks with prominent Black authors about their latest and greatest releases.
12 shows, 4 years ago
Sorozatunkban a kortárs irodalom értékteremtő szerzőit, s rajtuk keresztül műveiket kívánjuk bemutatni a szélesebb közönség számára. Programunk célja, hogy megismertessük az embereket a hazai (lehetőség szerint határon túli) magyar szépirodalom kortárs gyöngyszemeivel, és minél szélesebb kört inspiráljunk a szépirodalmi művek olvasására, a magyar irodalom megismerésére. Műsorainkban a magyar irodalom képviselői – írók, költők, színházi szakemberek, szerkesztők, irodalmárok fordulnak meg – elismert alkotók, illetve sok esetben olyan fiatalok, akik még csak szárnyaikat bontogatják. A Civil Rádió kiemelt célja, hogy minél szélesebb kört csábítson vissza az olvasás élményéhez, a fiatalabb korosztályokat közelebb hozza az irodalomhoz felkeltve a szépirodalmi művek iránti érdeklődésüket, az olvasást „belecsempészve” mindennapjaikba. Műsorsorozatunkat és a kortárs irodalmi programot a Magyar Művészeti Akadémia támogatta.
3 shows,
Le nom de Sherlock Holmes est cher aux amateurs d'enquêtes policières, de suspens, d'énigmes et de mystère. Extraits de la première adaptation sonore en français de l'oeuvre intégrale de Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, par la Compagnie du Savoir.
4 shows, 8 years ago
Willingham Live is a bi-weekly English department podcast in which a small group of faculty join with students in a roundtable discussion of a short or famous piece of literature, from the Anglo-Saxon “The Dream of the Rood” to Alan Moore’s Watchmen. The informal and intimate conversations spotlight the close student-faculty relationships and lively intellectual discussions which are hallmarks of the Mercer English major.
1 shows, 12 years ago
a 12 lesson series by Rabbi Horowitz for beginners in Jewish insights, released once a month and recorded in The Jerusalem Academy of Jewish Studies by FabTV
15 shows, 12 years ago
Lectures for a Survey of British Literature from the Romantics to the Moderns. ENG 264 is an online course offered during Mercer University's summer sessions.
7 shows, 3 years ago
Interviews with authors of thought-provoking books, both fiction and non-fiction
2 shows, 11 years ago
Recordings of author talks from AyeWrite! The Bank of Scotland Book Festival. The first series features talks by Hanif Kureishi, a tribute to Achie Hind with Alasdair Gray, Iain M Banks and Ken McLeod, Tony Parsons, Judith Bowers on the Britania Panopticon and Quintin Jardine, Allan Guthrie and Stuart MacBride on crime fiction.
1 shows, 11 years ago
Recordings of author talks from AyeWrite! The Bank of Scotland Book Festival. The first series features talks by Hanif Kureishi, a tribute to Achie Hind with Alasdair Gray, Iain M Banks and Ken McLeod, Tony Parsons, Judith Bowers on the Britania Panopticon and Quintin Jardine, Allan Guthrie and Stuart MacBride on crime fiction.
28 shows, 6 years ago
Podcasts from creation

Extra Medium Sketch Comedy

humor Parody comedy Election Live 2004 Bush Count Kerry Polls short Animal Baby Cannibalism Couples Darth Vader Documentary Dog Phantom Hillbilly Politics Reality Sage Negadeth Star Wars film sketch 007 Abduction Abuse Advertising Aliens Apparel Area 51 Army Assistance Attack Bad Luck Bears Bee Bigotry Bizarre Blind Boardroom Bond Book Book Trailer Broadway Business CEO Cannes Catholic Cell Phone Chaplin Chicken Children's television Company Cookie Cookie Monster Corrunption Counseling Creativity Custard Dada Date Devil Diebold Directions Dragons Drawing Droid Drugs Drunk Dungeons Exploitation Extreme FAQ Festival Flan G.I. Joe Gags Green Hamburger Hate Hecklers Hell Horror Hunting Ignorance Immigration Improv Infant Instructions Japan Jawa Job Jokes Keaton Lashes Lite Literature Little Lunch MTV Make-Up Marines Marriage Metal Military Misunderstanding Model Monday Navy News Nude Nugent PR Park bench Pet Pie Poison Pope Prank Priest Process Qutub Racism Racist Reserves Rock Role Play Romance Roofies SFX Safety Schwarzenegger Seeing-Eye Service Sesame Street Silent Sorcerers Stage Star Can't Dead Sushi Swords Tatooine Tech Television Terrorism Theatre Therapy Travel University Vatican War Wild Wireless Wizards Writers audio clown cocaine commercial cosmetics director disguise dubbed expatriate fez funny future human resources independent Tuesdays inept interview jasmine tree kink kiss lazers music performance pickpocket podcast pornography president punk'd silly sound effects verizon Comedy News & Politics Arts/Performing Arts TV & Film Society & Culture/Philosophy
13 shows, a year ago
Portland, OR stand-up comics, filmmakers and other aspiring creative-types combined efforts to produce a monthly multimedia comedy showcase in historic Jasmine Tree tiki lounge. Though the bar is gone, the live sketches and comedy film shorts live on in this biweekly podcast.
6 shows, 2 years ago
Find out more about Marcus Sedgwick's new book with childrens radio station Fun Kids. Listen on DAB Digital Radio in London and across the UK online.
6 shows, 2 years ago
Hamish and the Worldstoppers is the hilarious children’s book from the bestselling author, Danny Wallace – out now!
42 shows, 5 years ago
Erster deutschsprachiger Roman als Podcast mit 5-minütiger wöchentlicher Fortsetzung.
23 shows, 3 years ago
A series of readings and interviews with poets, hosted by Stephen McLaughlin and brought to you by Jacket2.org.
5 shows, 2 years ago
Find out how you can be a detective just like Mariella Mystery! Mariella Mystery is a brand new series of books about a girl detective! Find out more about Mariella at FunKidsLive.com/Mystery
24 shows, 6 years ago
A track a day from the PennSound poetry archive, brought to you by PennSound Radio.
24 shows, 11 years ago
Readings of poetry by the scottish poet Robbie Burns including: Tam O shanter,The Twa Dogs,Epistle to John Rankine,The Inventory,The Ordination,To the noble Duke of Athole,To the Same ( John Lapraik),Tribute by Longfellow,Scotch Drink,Verses on the destruction of the woods near Drumlanrig,Address of Beelzebub,Halloween,Libertie - A Vision,A Dream,The Holy Fair,Tam O Shanter,The Auld Farmer's New-Year morning.
7 shows, 2 years ago
Check out our fun facts about William Shakespeare with author and Shakespeare expert, Marcia Williams! Shakespeare Week is a massive week celebrating all things Shakespare, in museums, libraries, galleries and schools across the UK!
4 shows, 2 years ago
Tom Gates is a master of excuses, expert doodler and hilarious story writer! In his latest book A Tiny Bit Lucky, Tom and his band DOGZOMBIES are hoping they'll be lucky enough to win the Rockweekly Bandbattle competition!

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Baikonur Baku Balanced City Balard Baptiste Marconnet Bar Barbara Kux Barton Willmore Basel Basse-Normandie Battery cities Bavli Towers Beams Beirut Beitun Beligum Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction Bergen Berlin Bernard Buhler Bernat Ivars Best of the year Biarritz Bicycle BillRanking Bin Lu BioRegional-Quintain Bioclimatic Biological Biomaterial Biomed Cities Biomes Biomimetics Biopole Bioremediation Biosphere Politics Biothing Bruno Juricic Birmingham Birmingham New Street Station Bits BjarkeIngels BjoernMenze Blob Block Blog series Blogs Blue Network Boarding School Bob Berkebile Bocage Boeri Studio Borja Abellan Bosco Verticale Bostjan Vuga Boston Boulogne-Billancourt Bouygues Real Estate Branches Branching Algorithms Branding Brew Bridge project Brise-soleil Brixton Broad Brooklyn Brunet-Saunier Architecture Brussels Brutalism Building Codes Building materials Building the Invisible Burkina Faso Bus Terminal Business Center Business School Building Business incubator Bustler C40 CBD CCCB CIAC CIE and SVESMI CITIC CNIT CNU CO2 Emission COBE architects COR and Partners COREDO California Call for Call for words Cambridge Ontario Cameron Booth Campbell Sports Center Campus Canada Cancer Caring Center Canovas Caofeidian Carabanchel Caracas Carbon Carbon Emissions Carbon neutral Carbon-negative Cardboard Carpal Skin Carpal Tunnel Catastrophe Cecil Balmond Cellular Center for Promotion of Science Centre for Innovation Chamfered Charles Waldheim Charlie Rose Chartier-Corbasson Chelles Cheraga Chernobyl Chian Quah Chiawei Liao Chicago Architectural Club Childcare facility Chimney of Ventilation system Chris Berthelsen Chris Burden Chris Lasch Christian Dimmer Christopher Alexander Chu Hai Circular Circular Tower Cite de l'architecture Cities planning City Garden City Museum of Arts City Reactivation City Sessions City centered City grid City of Izmir City of Opportunity City2.0 CityCenterDC CityLab CityVision Cité de l Architecture Cité de l'Architecture Civic Class A Clean Tech Expo Climate resilience Climatology Cloud City Cloud Room Cloud no9 Cloud9 Cluj Clémence Eliard Collage Collective housing Collective housings Collective towers College Colomes and Nomdedeu Colomiers Columbia Business School Columbia University Comfortable Comic Commercial Community building Community planning Compact white house Complex Computational Architecture Computational technology Concept of the day Conditions Magazine Congress and Exhibition Centre Conic void Connection Conservation Constructions Contemplative room Contemporary Art Contemporary living Contest Coque Corazon Corbelled dome Corbelled volumes Cornell Campus Cosmo Power Co. Cosmodrome Cottage House Criticality Cruise Terminal Cuba Cultural Center Cupertino Curatorial Curvilinear facade Curvilinear form Cut-out sections Cybertecture Cyrille Rochambeau DNA DNA Architects Danang Danemark Daniel Libeskind Daniel Pouzet Daniel Zielinski Danika Voorhees Dannell Malloy Dare To Design David Gissen Davis Langdon Decarbonization Denis Valode Design Talks Destruction Developed Cities Developing cities Developing countries Development Di Fiore Architects Digital crafting Digital landscape Dijon Diller Direct daylight Disaster prevention Distribution Docks Dominic McGill Domus India Dongdaemun Design Plaza and Park Dongtan Double skin Double-curved surface Dr Chau Chak Wing Dr Ellen Jorgenson Dr. Dickson D. Despommier Dr. Oliver Medvedik Dreamland Driverless car Droog Drylands Dwabor Kindergarten Dynamic Dynamic City Foundation EDF EDIT Architecture EDP Foundation EMBT ENSIBS EPFL ETFE EWWUD Eastern Design Office Eclusion Eco-Market Eco-smart land art Ecolespecialed'architecture Ecological Humans Ecological Ubranism Ecological wall Ecology and Space Ecosystem Ecosystem Regeneration Ecosystems Editorial Editorial Assistant Editorial project Edouard François Education Edwin Heathcote Egis Egypt Ehrlich Architects Einar Sneve Martinussen EindhovenUniversityofTechnology Electric City Elena Manferdini Elise Morin Elk Grove Emergent Urbanism Emrah Cetinkaya Endemic Interstices Energies Enery report Enhanced fiberglass Enric Ruiz-Geli Enthalpy Geothermal Environmental installation Environmental issues Environmental management Environmental problems Environments Erect Architecture Erhlich Architects Eric Fischer Espace public EspaiMGR Estadio Chivas Estadio Omnilife Estonian Architecture Eunjeong Seong Europan X European Climate Foundation Evelyn Grace Academy Evolute Evolutionary Planning Exclusion Zone Exhibition Center Exhibition Park Exhibitions Expansion Extel developers Exterior walls Extruded volume Exuberance Eyal Weizman FAT FOA FabLabTorino Fablabs Fabrication Farming Farshid Moussavi Feasibility study Federico Soriano Pelaez Fei and Cheng and Associates Fibonacci numbers Film Contest Film Synopsis Contest Filter envelope Financial District Financial Times Finland Fire damage Floating City Floating building Flooding events Florence Flux Foggia Fooding Forde Foreign Policy Foreign Policy Magazine Form-Finding Forum Foundation Architecture and Design Fragmented city France Telecom Franck Hammoutène Friday FuksasBuilding Fukushima Daiichi Furniture Future Towers GGN GHG emissions GOOD Energy Issue Party GSDPlatform4 Gable Gable roof Gallery Gamma Gao Residence Gareth Doherty Gateway Gaza Gene General Urban Plan GenerativeComponents Genetic City Genre de vie Gent GeoEye Geoengineering Geographies of Radio Waves Germany Ghost city Gian Maurizio Gianluca Santosuosso Glo-cal Glo-cal DNA City Global Award Global resource Goes Soft Golden ratio Good magazine Google Grand Arenas Granite City Graphic Design Gravity Green Cell Green Floor Green Preservation Green facade Green power Green terraced construction Green tower Green walls Greenhouse Greenland Greenlands National Gallery of Art Greg Lindsay Groundbreaking Guadua Tech Guangzhou Guggenheim Museum Gusic Györ HQE Habitat cities Hainan island Haj Hall Hani Rashid HansUlrichObrist Harmony Harvard Business Review Harvest Havana Harbor Havana Waterfront Charrette Height Restriction Heinz Tesar Helix Hend Almatrouk HerzoganddeMeuron Heydar Aliyev High-rise building Hillary Clinton Hint-fm Hiroshi Naito Holding Patterns Holmenkollen Home Design Home for All House Houston Hub Hubs Human Footprint Human-scaled interventions Hungary Hybrid urban fabric Hyde Hydrodynamic system Hydrologic Hydrology Hydrophile IABR IBA Basel 2020 IKEA Urbanism INHA IPRC IRTBBC ISSUU Ice City Icon Eye IfUD Ile Seguin Illinois Institute of Technology Images Immeuble-Villas In Your Agenda In-between space Inclined plans Incompleteness Indonesia Industrial Influx Studio Infrastructural Architecture Infrastructural Green Belt Injured cities Inner Mongolia Inner garden Innovative technologies Intelligent cities Interchange Interface Studio Architects Interior International Urbanism International airport International ideas Internship Intersecting circles Interviews of Architects Invisible Fields Iquique Ismailia Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4 Italian Italo calvino Ivanisin and Kabashi Arhitekti JaYoung Kim Jacobo Garcia-German Jacques Herzog Jagged façade Jakarta Jakob and MacFarlane James Law Japan Times Japanese firms Japanese universities Japenese Architecture Jardins de l'Arche Jasmax JasonUr Javier Arbora Jean Nouvel Jean Pistre Jean-Loup Baldacci Jean-Marie Massaud Jean-Philippe Pargade Jen DeNike Jens Kvorning Jeremy Rifkin Jimmy Connors Joan Clos Jobs Joe Peach Joel Bertin Joern Utzon Johanna Balhaus Jonathan Foley Jonathan Gales Joongsik Yang Jorn Knutsen Josep Lluis Mateo Joseph Grima Jubilee Gardens Julia van den Hout Julian Worrall Jussieu K-R Architects Kadri Kerge Kai Tak Kaid Benfield Kaiserslautern Karim Hassayoune Kartal District Kate Davies KatherineBaxter Kaufman and Broad Kazys Vernalis Kengo Kuma Kenneth Olwig Kenya Hara Kevin Slavin Killing Architects Kinchun Ma Kizuna Kodaly Centre Kouichi Kimura Kouvola Koz Architects Kralingen Kuangyi Tao Kuben Management Kuwait Kyle May Kyoto L'Oréal LCLAOFFICE LOG Journal LUP Lada Hrsak Lands Landscape critical Agency Landscape-making Landscaping facilities Landscaping housing Landschaft Landscraping Landscrapring Laurent Saint-Val Le Corbusier Le Monolithe Lebbeus Wood Leigh and Orange Les Confluences Levante Lewis Knight Liantang-Heung Yuen Wai Libya Light Painting Lime green Limits of military power Link Literature Livable cities Living environment Living machine Living patterns LivingMaterials Ljubljana Logon Architecture London2012 Loops Lorient LosAngeles Lost Homes Loud Paper Low Cost Low Footprint Impact Luisa Marti Lunar Calendar Lunar Cubit Luxigon LyonConfluence Léopold Lambert Lüneburg MAD Architects MAK MARS Architects MAS Studio MIT Architecture MIT CoLab MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning MORPHotel MTR Macro-scale Made In Magazine of Architecture Maggie Magritte Makkah Man Made Land Manuel Lopez MappingLondon Marc Forens Marcela Correa Maria Tramontin Maria-Paz Gutierrez Maribor Marina Marine Gateway Mario Polese Maruri Mason White Mass Urbanisation Masterplan Material Material Ecology Material properties Mathematics Maximilian Zielinski Mecanoo Mecca Mechanisms Media Library Mediator Meetup Meg Studer Megalomania Melissa Sterry Melody Rees Melun Mesh Mesopotamia Meta Metalocus Metro Tower Metropol Parasol Metropolis Magazine Metropolitan Michael Bell MichelDesvignePaysagiste Microcosm Middlehaven Middlesbrough Mies van der Rohe Miha Kajzelj Milano Milica Stankovic Mirage landscape urbanism Mirco Bianchini Misrata MoMA PS1 Mobile City Mode of production ModeLab Modular System Moebius strip Monday Monterrey Morocco Morphogenesis Morphogenetic Morphogenetic architecture Morphogenetic design Morphogenetic urbanism Morphological Morris Adjmi Architects Moshe Safdie Mosque Motile gel Movements Multi-function Multimodal Hub Murcia Musicon Muslim culture Mutation NDA NUUK NYUAD Nanjing Jianning Nantes Narrow façade Natalie Jeremijenko Nathalie de Vries Nation-state National Academy of Arts Natural elements Navy Pier Necker Children's Hospital Nectar Nei Oxman Neighborhood NeriOxman Network Reset Network design Networked Networked Building Networked City Neurosciences Neville Mars New Geographies New Holland Island New Housing New Lands Commission New Library New National Museum New Parliamentary New Scientist New Technologies New York Times New-Town News Newspaper Next Nice Nicolas Laisné Architects Nicolas Moulin Architects Nikkei Nis Noah Nodo Ciudalcampo Nogara Highway Noise Non-Bio-logical Normandie North Park Northeast Northeast cities Norvège Novembre Architecture Nuclear Plant Nuclear waste OFIS Arhitekti OODA Observatory Occupancy Occupy Wall Street Odense Office Space OfficeBuilding Olympic games OlympicVenues Onat Öktem and Ziya Imren One Block Off the Grid One Design Inc. One Lab OneLab Oosterman Open House Open Source Urbanism Open source Orange cube Ordos Oris Orproject Osaka Oval-shaped Overcrowded residential areas PLAT 1.5 PLAT 2.0 PLATMagazine PLUG-IN PQ Meshes PS1 Palestine PamphletArchitecture Parametric topography Parametricism Parc des Expositions Parliament Building Parque Passenger Terminal Passive House Patio Pattern-based Patterns Paul Maerkli Paul-Eric Schirr-Bonnans Pedro Ressano Garcia Peer-to-Peer Urbanism Pentagon Perforation Perimeter block Peripheriques Architects Peter Boronski Peter Carl Peter Eisenman Peter Zumthor Petr Phare Tower Philharmonic Centre Philippe Barré Philippe Gazeau Architects Photosynthesis Photovoltaic Panels Photovoltaic system Phytotechnology Pierre Ferret Pierre Gautier Pierscape Piet Oudolf Pixelated blocks Plaine du Var Planarization Platjournal Playboy Playful Playground Political instruments Political weapon Polyhedral cells Polyhedron Polymers Pop Up Chapel Population Growth Porte de Versailles Portugal Pospisil Post Palais Post-Katrina Practices Preliminary design Primorskiy Princeton Architecture Press Problem-solving mechanisms Programms Project Japan Project Japan. Project Spaces Promenade Promotion Prototype Protrusion Public park Pue Pueblo Puteaux Pécs Périphériques Architects Qingpu City Qinhuangdao Quake-Proof Quality of life Quarter Queen Elizabeth Quote of the day R and D RSie(n) Racing-Metro club Radiation Radioactivity Rahul Mehrotra Raimondo Guidacci Rainier de Graaf Rainwater Harvesting system Randrianarison Herizo Rapid growth Real-time Recombinant landscape Reconstruction Plan Beta Recovery Regional Assembly 2011 Rehabilitation Rehabilitation method Reissbeck RemKoolhaas Ren Renfro Research Center Residence Residential Block Residential house Resilient Resilient engineering Responsible City Restaurant Rethinking cities Reuleaux Triangle Reuse Reveal Revitalizing Cities RiceSchoolofArchitecture Richard Burdett Ricky Burdett Right to the City Rio de Janeiro Rivas Vaciamadrid Rivoli Roadmap 2050 Robert Flottemesch Robots Rock Museum RockMagneten Rondero Carpena Roofscape Roskilde Festival Roskilde city Ross Chapin Rotterdam Rotterdam Mountain Rotunda Rudy Ricciotti Rugby Rural-Urban Ryuji Fujimura Rénovation S and PBA SBA Design SC2011 SERVO SHoP Architects SLETH SPUR STL Architects SWA Group Saclay Saint-Denis Saint-Étienne Salvador Dali San Francisco Santo Domingo Sanzpont Arquitectura Sarah Whiting Saskia Sassen Edward Glaeser Saudi Arabia Saving Venice Scales of Earth Scandinavian School of Architecture Schopfer Associates LLC Science Gallery Scofidio Screen Sculptured Garden Seawater rising Second Home Seguin Island Seine-Saint-Denis Self-energy generation Self-organization Self-repair Self-repairing Sendai Sensible City Sensors September 11 Serbian Serpentine Gallery Serpentine Pavilion 2011 Service-islands Seth Ellsworth Shalom Banares Associates Shanghai (Pudong) Shanties Shantytowns Shape Shareable Sharjah Sheikh Zayed Shell Shelters ShiftBoston Shifting Shigeru Ban Shlomo Aronson Shoji Tanaka Shop Shopping centre Sichuan Province Siemens Taiwan Simultaneous City Single-curved panels Sixth Borough Ski slope Skolkovo Sky Bridge Skylight Skype Skyscrapers Slabs Slope Sloping Slovenia Small house Smart City Smart Eco-city Smart Geometry Smart-grid city Smiljan Radic Snøhetta Socially-responsive Sofia Borges SoftHouse Soils Solange Fabiao Solar Solar panels Solarflora Spaceship Spatial Spatial Perspectives Spatial dynamics Spatial qualities Spear Specialez St Petersburg St. Petersburg Stainless Steel Staircase Stamen Standardization Steano Boeri Sternberg Press Stevanovic Steve Jobs StevenPotter Stillspotting nyc Stock Exchange Stockholm Storefront for Art and Architecture Stratford Students Studio ARCVS Studio Banana Studio DMTW Studio Marco Vermeulen Studio a-i Subdivision Submission Subtractive Suburbia Subway map Sunday Roundup Sundivision Suppose Design Office Sur Surbana Urban Planning Group Susan Claris Suspended balconies Sustainable Sustainable residential areas Sustained building Sutainability Sweden Swirl Tower Sydney TAB TATA Tower TED Talks TED.COM TEDTalks TGT Architects TMG TN Plus TOTO Gallery Ma Tactical Committee Tactiques urbains Tada Studio Tadic Taichung Gateway Taiwan Tower Takeaki Matsumoto Talk back Tangram 3DS Tansel Erbil Task Architects Taï Shôgun Team 136 Team 153 TechShop Technological practices Teddy Cruz Tel Aviv Teletech Temporary housing Temporary structure Tena Tower Tennis Tensile Tereform1 Terraced green roof Terraform One Terraforming Terreform Terreform1 Tex-Fab Texas AandMUniversity The Artist Project NY The Bahamas The Corniche The Economist The Enabling City The Exumas The Fincancialize City The Gulf The Knot The Light Pavilion The Nature of Order The Opus The Other The Other City The World The city of the future TheBigCityForum TheClubHouse Theme park-islands Thermal insulation Think in Practice Tidal Timber Timo Arnall Tiny House Tirana Tohoku Planning Forum Tom Keenan Tommaso Casucci TomorrowsThoughtsToday Tongji University Topotek1 Tornado Tower of David Town Planners Trapezoidal shape Treepods Triangle Tower Triangular plot Triangular roof Troyes Trusses Twist Typological layers Typology Tôkyô U.S. Routes UAE FNC Parliament Building UIA 2011 ULHT UNStudio US Cities USC Umka Umrah Saudi Arabia Under construction United Arab Emirates United Kingdom University of Columbia University of Oxford University of Washington Unknown Fields Unsolicited Architecture Urban Act Urban Design Week Urban Lobby Urban Planners Exhibition Urban Redevelopment Urban Resilience Urban Studies Urban Villages Urban built Urban centers Urban density Urban planification Urban retrofitting Urban riots Urban spaces Urban tactics Urban transit UrbanLab UrbanLife UrbanTick Urbanisme Urbanisms of Color Urbanizing technology User Interface Vacant lots Valencia Vancouver Variable Property Design Vatnavinir Velje Veneto Venezuela Venice Bienniale Vertical slums Vertical tower Vienna Vietnam Vignette VillaCon Villepinte Virtuous Cycles Visibility Vito Acconci Voids Volcano Volume 1 Voronoi diagrams Vuk Djordjevic W2Y2L WAN WIFI WORD WPA Waalse Krook Walking pattern Walkshed life Walkway War-torn cities Warren Techetin Architecture Washington Street WasteLandscape Water Resilience Water crisis Water-energy Water-scarce Wavelike facade Waves Weaponized Architecture Weapons Werner Sobek West 8 West Afrika West Bank West Kowloon West8 Western Cities Wetlands Wetropolis Wind Wing-shaped Wireless Cities Wolf Prix Wolfgang Tschapeller Wonderland Wood siding Wood structure Wooden houses Work place Xavier Schirr-Bonnans Xiamen XieZhang Xincheng Xinyang YOUrban Yang-Kyu Han Yellow Stone Yes is More Yheu-Shen Chua Ying Chee Chui Yinggehai Yoann Mescam Yoon H. Kim Youth Jamboree Ysrael Seinuk Yuliyan Mikov ZAC ZAC Andromède ZAC Claude-Bernard ZHUBO Zago Architecture Zagreb Zbigniew Oksiuta Zero-carbon Zhang Da Qian Zhu Jiangxiang Zivkovic Zoning Zoning law Zündel and Cristea Architects aarhus aat and makoto yokomizo acceleration activeagent activists acxt adhocacy adhocracy advanced architure aerated aging society agonism airconditioning aircraft airfields airportlandscape alejandrozaerapolo alessandraponte alfredobrillembourg alison brooks allisoncarafa almereoosterworld alternative sustainability ambition anodized aluminum anticipation antidarwinism antonioyemail appliedresearch approximation architectural discourse architecturalconjecture architecturalmembrane architecture and conflict architecture fiction archizines art ashamin asla at Extremes austerity babylon balmoriassociates bannedinlondon bartlett bbcradio3 beatty behavioral architecture behavioralecology betweentheears binary music bio-diverse metropolis bio-inspiredcontrol biodesign biological habitat biological polymers biotopos blodgblog bodies bogota border bottom-up broadcast… brucesterling buidlingmaterial building typology buildingtypology builtenvironment bunkers businessdistrict c-lab callforideas callforprojects camillelacadee camilorestrepo cars central america charles leadbeater charlotte charts city600 clui co-opting coastalareas coastalhazards colombia color communist era communityplanning compact volume computationaldesign computationalsesign computer-controlled opening system concrete mushrooms conflictedlandscape consistency construction materials constructionmaterials consumption containerization containers continuoussurface control controloverspaceandbodies cooperation cooperunion critical infrastructure criticall cross-collaboration crèche curiosity curvilinear ceiling dani admiss dataarchitectes day nursery debris deepoceantechnology democracy demographics derelictinfrastructure design biennial design strategy designaspolitics designexchange designfiction designing geopolitics2 destributive destructionofspace devices dezeen dianabalmori digital digital tools digitalcomputing digitaldesign digitalpublishing disasterprevention disequilibrium disposal dmwl dnb nor bank doing with dorianbernards double-glazed window drainage drone duality dwelling dzigapress e360 eCAADe easy-to-assemble eco sustainability eco-commune ecological boundaries ecologicalborders ecologicalboundaries ecologicalresilience ecologicalshifts ecology zone ecosophy edible editor edouardfrancois eel's nest elevated house elian stefa eliasredstone emerginecologies emerging440 emergingecologies energy efficience energy infrastructure energy loop environmentalmodification equipment erosion esa estonia excavation exclusionzones exhibitionmaking existing built environment ezioblasetti facade facade insulation facebook factories factoryfifteen failure fast-foodisation fastemergingtechnologies features fibonacci fictions financing fireproof fit in flexible floodgate floodingevents floodingschool fogharvesting footprint foreclosed open house forensicarchitecture forensicoceanography forms françoisroche free-form windows freeform fronterasinvisibles frontier frontierzone fuel fulcrum functioning walls futurism fûdo gated-island geo-energy space geodesic triangulation geologicera geopoliticalborders geopolitics global climate change global infrastructure globalization glocal green wall greencities greencitycalculator greenfeatures greeninfrastructure greenroofs growth gsapp guatemala guest-blogging guest-editing guidebook guillaumeletschert guiltyarchitecture gulagcamp gyler mydyti habitat hacking hamburg hard system highlights history housing shortage human technologies humanactivities hurricane illegal occupation inConversation inForm inclusivegreengrowth incomplete skyscraper indetermination industrialplants infectiousdisease infill infinite loop bridge informal economy informal urban planning information infrastructuraldesign intelligentdesign interactivemap interface invisiblecities itinerantoffice jacobvanrijs jamaicabay jasmineduerr jean-claudebolay jeanlattre jordangeiger kate orff kellereasterling kumuartmuseum lanasator land-based urbanism landacquisition landforms landscapearchaeology landscapedarchitecture landscapedegradation landscapedestruction landscapedevices landscapeenergy landscapepasts landvalue large-scale laterite lattice dome lcla lens lgnlgn librairy lightweight structure littlemagazine. littoralization live liveable livingarchitecture livingconditions livingsystem local locally available materials logistics lovable low-cost low-iron mixture low-rise lsecities ludger hovestadt m-ammoth manifestoclub manufacturing maparchitects mapmaking marcoscruz marginalsoils martianlandscape martincoward materialcomputation materialecology materialshifts materialtraces mathematical logics mathematics and architecture medellin metacity metapolis michaelsorkin michelwieviorka micro mimizeiger mirrored walls mitchelljoachim mixed-use program mixed-used mock-up modelling modularsystem money mortifiedsoils mos myriamcesaroni nCodon nanoengineering nanotexture narco-infrastructure narrative nateberg nationalmall natural resources naturalresources nbbj negativematerials negativity neo-biological neoplasmaticdesign network networkecologies networked infrastructure networkedecologies networks neutral buoyancy new economy new generations newyorktimes nodes northcarolina northeast coasts northernpassage nouvelles technologies npoenergomash nursery objects offplanet offset oficinainformal oil old map olympicgames open city open-source organic organic waste osloschool oyster-tecture p-hex mesh page panels papermagazine parametric towers pastforward pastoralism paulnicholls perforated envelope performingarchitecture peripheralareas peripheriquesarchitects petroleum photos photosynthetic metabolism photovoltaicpanels photovoltaics pilotis pixels planetaryurbanization plant morphologies platform plurality pocket neighborhoods poorurbanplanning populationgrowth porosity posconflictolaboratory post-capitalist post-conflict post-disaster post-hipster city post-industrial cities postindustrialspaces postplanetary potentiality power of city pragmatism preserving zones princetonuniversity printing productionofspace projectiveecologies projects protocol publicrealm publishing quaidequeyries quakeresistent r&sie(n) radio radioactivesite raniaghosn re-calibration reads recession regenerativecities regional relationalities relations remapping remote-sensing repetitivepattern residential area residential areas responsivearchitecture restructuration richardhardy rights risingsealevels risk hedging riskmanagement rnsie(n) robotics robotswarms rockets roof gardens ruined sandy sanitation satellitedata scaling scape studio scenario scenarios sciencefiction scripts seabrook sealevelrise sealevelrising sebastianmunster sefrynpenrose self-organiation self-sustaining selfsustainedcities senseablecitylab sewage sharing shelter shimpeitakeda simulation sliced slumlab smart housing smart infrastructure smart mobility smartcities smartercities smudgestudio socialhousing soilclassification spatial arrangement spatial practice spatialandtemporaltrends spatialarrangements spatialcontingency spatialdestruction spatialimplications spatialpractice speculativedesign spiral squared house stephanhenrich stevepike storefrontforartandarchitecture stormsurge structural facade structure students' projects studiogang studiovisit sublime sulfate summit super-aging society superblock surrealism sustainable house sustainable materials sustainablecities swarmintelligence syntheticmaterials tactiques urbaines taskallocation technologicalacceleration technologies technology of war temporaryproject tension territorialagency testing theatlanticcities thebrief theconversation thedirt thedraftery theeditor'sread thefunambulist theguardian thematictool thematrix thenetherlands thermal threats thresholds tomsheehan topography tourism tracking transcendentcity transgression transit trauma triennale triple-glazed windows tsunamis tunnels uncertain uncertainty undergroundurbanism undoarquitectos upgrading urbanarchaeology urbanborders urbancities urbanclimate urbanecologies urbaneconomics urbanfarming urbanforest urbaninnovation urbanliterature urbanmilitary urbanpatterns urbanregeneration urbanresilience urbansoils urbantactics urbanthinktank urbex us-mexico vegetated roof versatile videocast violence violence--cities visualization vitoria-gasteiz void volume volume project warming hole wastemanagement water-based urbanism waterbasin waterbornecities watercrisis waterfront design waterissue waterproofing we work 4 her weaponizedrobots weareom weathercontrol webinar wellbeing wine wired wooden frame work rhythm woundedlandscape writing writings x-design yokohama zago zero gravity zone Épitész Studio écolespecialed'architecture Arts/Design Design/Design
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Architecture Urban planning Urban design
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A podcast covering the entire Peter David era of Hulk comics!
5 shows, 6 years ago
Tá Raidió na Life ag déanamh taifeadtaí de leabhair choitianta do pháistí agus á gcur ar fáil mar phodchraoltaí ionas go gcábhródh siad lenár n-éisteoirí óga agus iad ag léamh na scéalta is fearr atá ar fáil dóibh trí mheán na Gaeilge. Gach seachtain beidh taifeadeadh nua ar fáil leis na sonraí atá uait chun teacht ar do chóip féin de na leabhair atá á léamh againn. Éist leis an taifeadadh a fhad is atá an leabhar á léamh agat, beart a chuirfidh go mór leis an sásamh agus a chabhróidh freisin leis an bhfoghlaim. Beidh na podchraoltaí seo ar fáil do mhúinteoirí agus scoláirí i gcoitinne le cabhair agus cead ó na comhlachtaí foilsiúchaín a shaothraíonn go tréan chun leabhair do pháistí i nGaeilge a chur chun cinn.
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Fight for Comics is a world-renowned comic book podcast where each week these four totally awesome Wednesday Warriors review comic books, trade paperbacks, or graphic novels from Marvel, DC, Image, Oni, Dark Horse, and any other company that dares to print pictures and words onto paper. The free-flowing discussion can take some unexpected turns as we also talk about all things comics. Now, we're not going to come out and say that we are the most beloved comic book podcast of all time, but check our reviews, they speak for themselves.
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100 Essential Podcasts with Joseph Parisi include poets reading a poem along with a brief biography of the poet. Material is from the award-winning book, 100 Essential Modern Poems by Women, edited by Joseph Parisi and Kathleen Welton. For more information, visit: www.100essential.com
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The Latchkey Tales begin with the arrival of thirteen year old Yuki O'Malley in her hometown of San Francisco. She discovers that the grand Victorian mansion she's inherited is actually known as The Curse Castle, the most haunted house in the city. Good thing Crowley Golden, the slightly sorcerous boy-next-door is around to help smooth things over. Follow the adventures of Yuki and Crowley set against the backdrop of a quirky city where the "everyday" is anything but ordinary.
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Communication Breakdown is a combination of the podcast and the shorter elements of the popular radio DJ genre. We call it a sound-log or a Slog for short. Our team: Chubs, DJ-JazzyJham, The Chairman, and Chan-The-Man, work hard, day and night, to breakdown the various elements of communication and language you never had questions about.
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Fiabe e favole narrate, di autori famosi e non. Fairy tales and stories narrated in italian. Sul mio sito www.audiofiabe.it trovate anche i testi e altre informazioni. Le audiofiabe sono messe a disposizione gratuitamente, vi sarò grato per un vostro commento sul guestbook www.audiofiabe.it/guestbook.
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Mark Neihart talks about his new book - The Horse Angels. Mark Neihart grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and studied music and writing at University of Utah. As CEO of Premier Equestrian he is surrounded by horse culture. He is co-producer of several equestrian video series and is a published photographer of equestrian images. The Horse Angels is his debut novel, where he draws upon his equestrian knowledge to create a work of fiction that takes readers on a fantastic ride into the inner sanctum of human-horse relationship. Neihart lives with his wife and their three horses in Granite, Utah.