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Matinee Movies takes you back to the age of Saturday double features, a time when movies were a family affair. The big screen, you imagination, popcorn and just plain fun. Do you remember to scary features, the western heroes, and the dramas that kept us coming back each week.Join us at Matinee Movies to relive once again the Golden Age of Movies.
107 shows, 4 years ago
For Christians, spiritual growth depends on a healthy diet that includes both the milk and meat of God’s Word. But before we can savor large portions of sound doctrine, we need to be able to digest the basics of biblical truth. Whether you are a pastor, Sunday school teacher, or parent, helping others enjoy the “solid food” of Scripture is one of the most important components of discipleship. Used properly, this catechism can help Christians, families, and churches enjoy the rich doctrines of Scripture and pursue our chief end to glorify and enjoy God forever.
249 shows, a year ago
Build a Marriage You’ll Love Today and Treasure for a Lifetime
64 shows, a year ago
"Fifteen years of listening to Adventures in Odyssey all set loose on this hilarious review of the highs and lows of each episode."
2156 shows, 2 years ago
Offers the best of Old Time Radio, Oldies, Easy Listening and Talk. Broadcasting from the heart of Germantown, on WPNM radio, and over the Shoutcast Network, host Bob Camardella mixes his vast collection of entertainment, with news and events.
133 shows, a year ago
Johannes und Stachel - die neuesten Abenteuer der bärenstarken Bärenbande für die ganz Kleinen.
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Conversion to Orthodox Judaism with Rabbi Yaron Reuven to give a lecture at your synagogue, home or office please call 917.468.2324. Yaron Reuven is based out of Boca Raton, Florida, but travels around the country to give lectures to different groups. Please join our Facebook group "Torah Lessons To Help Our Lives". This Group is solely about publicizing HaShem's holy Torah from my lectures as well as great Rabbi's such as Rabbi Efraim Kachlon, Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, Rabbi Zamir Cohen, Rabbi Pinto, and anyone else that is teaching interesting and relevant Torah. We will also bring you some brand new lectures directly from a Kollel in Jerusalem you won't find anywhere else. Torah posts will be in Hebrew and English.
142 shows, a year ago
Host Lisa Stone discusses the various aspects of developing a tennis player from beginner through the juniors to college and beyond. Her weekly guests include experts in coaching, parenting, mental toughness, fitness & nutrition, technology & equipment, and college recruiting. Stone provides invaluable information for parents, players, and coaches. Sponsored by 10sballs.com.
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Hi, I am Francisco Bujan from vitalcoaching.com - vitalcoaching@gmail.com - In these series, I will share key tactics to tackle your unwanted jealousy, insecurities and controlling patterns - The goal is to get rid of 80% of your unwanted jealousy within 30 days. You want to be the master of these emotions, not their slave - My podcast gives you the exciting and accessible tools to do just that! - Send your questions to vitalcoaching@gmail.com
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CBeebies Radio takes you to a world of sound and music, where you can share imaginative adventures and listen to stories with your favourite CBeebies friends and characters.
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Fall in love again with love stories online!
11 shows, 2 years ago
7 shows, 4 years ago
Prison Life probes into the world of crime, punishment, and family. Join host Andrew Snyder and guests explore these complicated and sensitive issues with insightful and thought-provoking commentary. Andrew Snyder’s investigation, corrections, and family therapy background provides the basis for conversation relating to law, the legal system, correctional effectiveness and the effects on families of the incarcerated. Teamed with guests from diverse backgrounds in criminal justice, mental health, substance abuse counseling, there is something for every listener whether a true-crime enthusiast, student, lawyer, or the accused.
700 shows, a year ago
Friendly, everyday English to help the anxious language learner. Texts, grammar notes, and photos on the blog page. Another great podcast by LibSyn.com
143 shows, a year ago
We look at the latest news from the stars, planets and other heavenly bodies. Plus interviews with professional astronomers and the answers to your space science questions.
37 shows, 3 years ago
Surprise! Your kids are different from you! They’re growing up in a different world; one with more complexity and an overwhelming number of choices. Their education supports a lot of learning and information, yet limited life skills. What impact is this having on their ability to evolve as successful adults? What can you do as a parent to help? Join us and help prepare your teen to one day 'leave the nest' and confidently embrace the challenges and triumphs of adulthood.
9 shows, 2 years ago
Podcast especially for parents of teenagers. Covering topics such as sex and relationships, the digital age, self-esteem and much more.
50 shows, a year ago
This podcast will provide information, awareness, practical tools, and inspiration to parents and other adults who work with elementary, middle, and high school girls.
5 shows, 6 years ago
In the education community there are some subjects that are simply taboo. There was no place where educators could safely talk about these issues until now. Welcome to Taboo, where courageous educators discuss the education issues we often avoid.
84 shows,
Have you ever looked at another women and thought "how does she do it?" This podcast will answer that question. It's conversations with some of the busiest women we know. We'll hear the tips and strategies, from balancing children and budgets, to their career and health. For every woman who has looked at another woman and wondered "how does she manage her life?", this is your podcast.
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As one of the most popular talk show hosts in radio history, Dr. Laura Schlessinger offers no-nonsense advice infused with a strong sense of ethics, accountability, and personal responsibility; she's been doing it successfully for more than 30 years, reaching millions of listeners weekly. Now you can hear Dr. Laura's Weekly Podcast on iTunes, DrLaura.com or your favorite podcast directory. For even more hours of Dr. Laura, become a Family Premium member at DrLaura.com.
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A danish reptile radio show, with new guest that talks about their experiences and how they care for different species.
275 shows, 2 years ago
The Kira Soltanovich Show is a weekly podcast about being a professional comedian as well as a parent. Each week, Kira interviews another professional comedian and discovers how they individually raise their own children.
382 shows, a year ago
Nisse Edwall och Manne Forssberg pratar om pappalivets mirakel, katastrofer och mysterier.
135 shows, a year ago
Varje torsdag pratar vi föräldraskap och träffar experter på spännande ämnen.
2 shows,
Explore your imagination by listening to stories of all forms before you sleep everyday
100 shows, a year ago
Marriage Talk is a weekly podcast featuring faith-centered insights and advice for married couples seeking a healthier, happier life together. Hosting the program is Bill Hobson, a 35+ year broadcasting veteran and Terry Lodico, M.A., M. Div., NCC, LPC. Terry and his wife Sandy are licensed counselors/therapists, working together at Covenant Counseling in Midland, MI.
100 shows, a year ago
Great Pregnancy. Natural Birth. Healthy Baby.
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67 shows, a year ago
O Contador de Histórias é um projeto de áudio drama e storytelling em áudio criado por Danilo Battistini. A proposta desse projeto é trazer produções de qualidade e apresentar essa forma incrível de contar e ouvir histórias.
50 shows, 3 years ago
The Autism Show is an educational podcast online radio created for autism parents and educators. This is a weekly interview show allowing leading autism advocates, authors, educators, and organizations to share their inspirational stories and best resources with the global autism community. Listen to a new episode every Tuesday for support, resources, facts, entertainment and inspiration for autism parents, educators and practitioners working with children on the Autism Spectrum. Topics include behavior therapy, autism apps and other topics related to autism spectrum disorders.
48 shows, a year ago
Autism and Scouting Radio is a program of the non-profit organization, Autism Empowerment. We seek to support scouts on the autism spectrum by providing adult training, caregiver support and to share inspirational scouting stories.
223 shows, a year ago
Dr. Ross Greene, originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach (now called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions) and author of The Explosive Child, provides guidance to parents on understanding and helping kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.
8 shows,
Cuentos y narraciones para niños
235 shows,
This is not the place for "perfect parents". This is a weekly look at parenting as it truly is - confusing, exhausting, inspiring, completely full of surprises and very messy. Join Andrew Daddo, broadcaster, author of children's books and father of three, and Holly Wainwright, editor, writer and mother of two, as they unpack what parents are really talking about. From toddlers to teenagers, it's all the disasters and delights of parenting, made real.
19 shows, 2 years ago
En podcast där Moa Herngren, tillsammans med Clara Herngren och Per Naroskin, diskuterar och svarar på olika frågor, problem och utmaningar som kan dyka upp för en bonusfamilj.
138 shows, a year ago
Tipps und Impulse für finanzielle Freiheit, Selbstständigkeit, Digitalisierung, SEO, Aktien, Online Marketing, Solopreneur, Investieren. Aus der Praxis für die Praxis.
147 shows, a year ago
Om relationer, separationer och må-bra i med- och motgång. Av Magnus Abrahamsson och Marit Danielsson. Läs mer på www.maritochmagnus.se
44 shows, a year ago
Welcome to The Little Sprigs Podcast, hosted by Christina Rochelle. On this podcast, you'll find a mix of interviews and recordings focusing on early childhood education, communication, mindfulness. Follow me on social @littlesprigs to keep up with the latest and say 'Hey'
3 shows, 2 years ago
This podcast is an ever growing collection of sleep sounds - audio recordings - of ambient natural sounds that when played to your baby, can help your baby get to sleep - and stay asleep. The sounds are of real things - they are NOT computer generated. All the sleep sounds have been personally recorded by James Robinson - author of the http://helpmybabysleep.com blog.
524 shows, a year ago
Travel podcast discussing all things Walt Disney World! Theme Parks, Attractions, Resorts, Transportation, Restaurants, vacation planning and touring strategies! Disney guys talking all things Disney! Find us at ResortLoop.com!
149 shows, a year ago
Kellie Rasberry of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show teams with her husband, Allen Evans, to talk about relationships, blended family life, love and more!
38 shows, a year ago
JUST RELEASED: tickets to Dirty Mother Pukka LIVE! on Tue 23 Oct at the AllBright club W1. SEE LINK bit.ly/2yJNUCy.A panel of mothers, a panel of papas and one simple mission: to Parent the Sh!t out of Life. This is the honest, funny and occasionally grotty podcast for people who happen to be parents.Mother Pukka (Anna Whitehouse) is a journalist, editor, vlogger and family-flogger. With partner Papa Pukka (Matt Farquharson), they believe parents can laugh through the madness of keeping small humans alive.Each episode puts grown-up quandaries to a panel of brutally honest mums, followed by a panel of equally frank dads, to reveal the dirty truth of each rung of the parental ladder. Whatever the questions, Dirty Mother Pukka is the #nofilter truth about modern parenting.
93 shows, a year ago
RFSU Dokumentär är podden som inte lämnar någon oberörd. Om kamp, flykt och sexuella rättigheter. Här möter du människorna som överlevt orättvisor, hoppats, förtvivlat, kämpat, och förändrat. Sexpodden handlar om hur man egentligen får till det när sängen är full av småbarn. Om att komma för snabbt eller för sällan, om sexljuden, sexleksaker, onani och sexfantasier.
40 shows, a year ago
Episodes for Eleanor Amplified
50 shows, a year ago
En podcast om livet som far. Med Jasper Ritz og David Mandel
100 shows, a year ago
I Kära barn svarar den legitimerade psykoterapeuten och barnmorskan Louise Hallin på lyssnarnas frågor om barn och föräldraskap. Podden leds av Karolina von Heidenstam.