8 shows,
This podcast is produced by MAXIMUS to promote and discuss government health and human services topics by bringing together our own knowledge base of industry experts with community leaders and other specialists in these fields. Hosted by Blake Travis.
12 shows, 12 days ago
Jede Woche werden in deutschen Gerichtssälen wichtige und interessante Urteile gesprochen. MDR AKTUELL präsentiert Ihnen die bedeutendsten Urteile der vergangenen Woche in Kurzform.
1 shows,
Bill Hall rounds up the day’s events, providing informed commentary on the markets and the forces that move them.
16 shows, 14 days ago
Talkers magazine’s renowned publisher and some of today’s top contemporary thinkers from the arts, science, business, politics, philosophy and pop culture deliver provocative insights into the effects of society’s rapid changes on the human condition. Join the weekly discussion with one of the most influential media analysts and skilled interviewers in America.
30 shows, 3 years ago
Tiếng nói cho Công Bằng, Công Lý và Công Tâm
33 shows, 5 months ago
Topics and interviews for grassroots conservatives and local Republican politics
10 shows, 2 years ago
Perspectives on Yemen from the Yemen Peace Project
81 shows, 7 years ago
Un rol importante del militante pasivo es el de predicar. Taladrar la piedra del discurso hegemónico allí donde actúa, es decir en las personas. Generar vibraciones capaces de abrir una grieta por donde las gotas de agua terminen de resquebrajar la roca. Romper el espiral del silencio que nos hace sentir en minoría, casi en falta.
20 shows, 2 years ago
Everyday former CourtTV and HLN anchor takes a look at what's right and what's WRONG with our system of justice and takes you beneath the robe. Vinnie will expose the truth about what is happening... and tell you what the judges and lawyers are afraid to say but he ISN'T!
5 shows, 3 months ago
Eğlenelim, eğlendirelim ! Biraz müzik, biraz şamata ve bolca makara ! Her hafta yeni bir bölüm !
93 shows, 9 years ago
The G-Infinity Media Project is a project of the Pittsburgh Independent Media center which aims to bring together grassroots voices to cover issues related to the policies of the G-20 from a people's perspective.
11 shows, 4 years ago
Over four days in June 2012, our speakers – philosophers and theologians, historians and writers, believers and non-believers – will consider what it can mean to be religious, and what role the voice of faith may legitimately have in the conversations of citizens in a multicultural, democratic state and in the community of nations.
20 shows, 2 years ago
Der Podcast über Veränderung und Paradigmenwechsel
19 shows, 3 years ago
Daily Political News from a frustrated American!!!
16 shows, 3 years ago
13 shows, 2 years ago
San Diego Decides is Voice of San Diego’s elections podcast. Hosts Sara Libby and Ry Rivard break down individual races and ballot measures San Diegans will weigh in on this year, as well bigger issues like the mechanics of voting, state-level drama and more.
52 shows,
I podcast. I build. I program. I design. I blog. I post. Ideas.
38 shows, 2 months ago
The mission of Veteranology is to help young veterans make informed and fulfilling transitions into the civilian world. I interview veterans who have chosen many different paths towards success and individuals with vital information for new veterans.
63 shows, 2 years ago
Attorney Anthony Parent explains the disaster that is the U.S. tax code.
9 shows, 3 years ago
With all the world losing their minds, these three men thought the best way they could enjoy the show is by sitting back, and talking about it. They cover everything and anything with no holds bar. For free funny, these men cover all forms of conversation, ranging from government to sports, film to world events. Nothing is ever certain especially these goofs. It is important to know that this show is explicit in language!
315 shows,
Join us as we take a fun and informative look at the history of Presidential elections in the United States of America as well as all sorts of topics directly related to how our government and elections work! We also delve into the reasons and policies (Constitutional or otherwise) behind exactly what makes the highest offices in the land tick.
12 shows, 3 years ago
We are a new church coming to the London Borough of Camden in 2016. At C3 Camden, we live to see potential, blessing and futures unlocked by connecting people with the living, loving and powerful God. You've been created for a bigger purpose - come discover why.
3 shows, 6 years ago
Dahlonega Baptist Church continues to shine as a lighthouse for the good news of God's love in Jesus Christ. We want to offer a small town welcome to our new neighbors, but we wish to invite all who will join us in fulfilling our God-sized mission.
30 shows, 3 years ago
Okolona Christian Church is an independent non-denominational congregation, in Louisville, KY, founded on the leadership of Jesus Christ and His directions as given in the Bible. These are our sermons.
30 shows, 3 years ago
Please enjoy these sermons from Pastor Corey Kope at Venue Church. Check out Youtube for our video podcast.
10 shows, 5 years ago
• power up democracy 2.0 •
8 shows, 3 years ago
Vil du få med deg hva som skjer i Rendalen. Arrangementer og sladder. Alt pakket inn i en ukentlig podcast fra kassimaja
9 shows, 3 years ago
Ballotpedia is the encyclopedia of American politics. BP provides neutral and comprehensive information about local, state and federal government on ballotpedia.org. This weekly podcast highlights notable events in American politics and interviews with Ballotpedia staff breaking down a variety of political subjects from an unbiased perspective.
10 shows, 4 months ago
Daniel and Jordan as they look at the creative side of political campaigns. From logos to taglines, you'll enjoy this unique, non-partisan look at American politics.
9 shows,
Interviews of members of the Democratic Advancement Party of Canada (DAPC) by the media. The DAPC is a new Canadian federal party that became eligible on November 14, 2014. We are new, clean, clear, with no present or past of corruption, and no strings attached to special interests. We are connected to the people and work for the people. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store
0 shows, 3 months ago
Yumi's news from the Harmonics Life Hawaii, USA and Kamogawa, Japan. If the title of any blog entry contains this ♪ mark then it includes a podcast. Click on the title to listen to the podcast. To add this blog and podcast to your RSS reader please use the following feed URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/YumiKikuchi
112 shows, 5 months ago
Radio COTA is a weekly podcast hosted by Andy Neil for COTA (Council on the Ageing) Queensland. Each week we explore topical and relevant information for older Queenslanders with in-depth Interviews, News and Event Updates. We're also out and about in the community speaking with Queenslanders of all ages to gather YOUR opinions on a wide range of topics too.
7 shows, 10 days ago
Das Abenteuer Menschenrechte mit Dr. Michael Schaller Hören wird von Menschenrechtsverletzungen, dann wird uns bewusst, dass Menschenrechte nicht selbstverständlich ist. Was verstehen wir darunter, weswegen engagieren sich Menschen für deren Einhaltung, wo stehen wir fast 60 Jahre nach der UNO Menschenrechtserklärung? Diesen Fragen geht das Abenteuer Menschenrechte nach.
25 shows,
The “fire hose” of all podcasts produced by The Heartland Institute, a national free-market think tank.
30 shows, 3 years ago
The podcast from Jihadology.net, hosted by Aaron Zelin.
53 shows, 13 days ago
Podcast der Steuerberaterkammer Rheinland-Pfalz
54 shows, a year ago
Current events podcast in Russian for upper intermediate to advanced Russian speakers. Nuanced cultural conventions and sociopolitical developments in the post-Soviet countries delivered weekly. Authentic Russian, high-frequency idioms, cultural references, and much more.
12 shows,
Talking Justice is a podcast focusing on stories from around the world about law, justice, and human rights. Brought to you by the Open Society Foundations, working to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens.
123 shows, 14 days ago
"Patt Morrison Asks," once a column by LA Times columnist Patt Morrison, is now a podcast!
4 shows, 3 years ago
Airing Tuesdays at 9:30am on CFMU 93.3 in Hamilton, Canada
2 shows, 9 years ago
Today's News, Bill's views... Who is Caesar? And how often do we give to Caesar what really belongs to God? Join Bill Marion as he takes a look at important news and media events of the day, and helps to understand the importance and implications of what it means when we render "Unto Caesar."
145 shows, 12 days ago
Whether its terrorists, anarchists, cyber criminals or nation states, America has a target on its back. WTOP National Security Correspondent J.J. Green investigates the threats facing the U.S., the people behind them, the agencies fighting them and their impact on Americans.