64 shows, 2 months ago
Advantage is a homebrew, actual-play, 5th Edtion Dungeons & Dragons audio drama focusing on storytelling and character development, and a member of the Darkmore Podcast Network.
265 shows, 7 months ago
MG Podcast es el podcast oficial de la revista videojuegos especializada MundoGamers.com. Noticias, juegos de actualidad, debates y nuestros desvarios habituales se dan cita en mas de dos horas repletas de informacion y critica sobre el mundo de los videojuegos.
88 shows, 2 months ago
Dumbgeons & Dragons is a weekly D&D 5e Actual Play Podcast focussed on comedy, storytelling and encouraging others to play the game of D&D. We follow the ongoing story of Thia, Flint and Nulara in their fight to stop the Rise of Tiamat.
100 shows, 2 months ago
The Epic Gardening podcast is a daily gardening tips and advice show brought to you by Kevin Espiritu, an urban gardener, hydroponics enthusiast, and all-around plant lover. Every day, a gardening question from YOU will be answered in a fun and informative way in under 10 minutes!
17 shows, 2 years ago
The Knitting-Psychology Podcast
95 shows, 3 months ago
An original, actual play D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) fantasy story following a group of 5th edition players discovering their destiny as newly arisen gods
49 shows, 2 months ago
Podcast trzech miłośniczek czytania. Omawiamy budzące emocje tytuły, analizujemy motywy i tropy, komentujemy doniesienia ze świata literatury – a wszystko to okraszamy wrażeniami z ostatnio przeczytanych książek i komiksów. Prowadzą: Magdalena Adamus (Megu), Marta Najman (Oceansoul), Katarzyna Czajka (Zwierz Popkulturalny). Jesteśmy częścią sieci podcastów Podsluchane.pl
116 shows, 2 months ago
Komiksy, komiksy i jeszcze raz komiksy. No, raz na jakiś czas również filmy na podstawie komiksów. Wszystko co musisz wiedzieć o superbohaterach ze światów Marvela i DC. Jesteśmy częścią sieci podcastów Podsluchane.pl.
100 shows, 3 months ago
Troubled Waters is the pop culture quiz show where comedians disagree to disagree. Twice a month, Dave will stoke pointless arguments between two teams of comedians and make them compete against each other in order to settle their meaningless debates once and for all. Winner takes home the right to be right.
10 shows, 2 months ago
... keeping in touch with the latest in iPhone gaming
5 shows, 3 years ago
Podcast about modified cars based in Southern California
89 shows, 2 months ago
Crack open an ice cold beer and join Mitch, Matt, and Joseph as we drink beer and talk about cars. New episodes go live every Monday! www.gearsandbeersmedia.com
200 shows,
Ноль кадров в секунду — аудиоподкаст об играх.
14 shows, 6 years ago
Подкаст про игры и борщи от блога kitchenriots.com
299 shows, 5 years ago
Podcast, Cinema, Quadrinhos, Games e muitas outras coisas NERDS
31 shows, 2 months ago
Join a zany cast of family and friends in their actual play adventures as they dive sword first into the amazing world of tabletop roleplaying games.
91 shows, 5 years ago
O PsicoDoidera sempre existiu, só não no papel, foi então que esses três malucos decidiram tornar público toda a insanidade de suas mentes!
39 shows, 3 years ago
KR czyli Koło Roweru jest podcastem w całości poświęconym ciekawym ludziom. Słuchając kolejnych odcinków poznasz mnóstwo ciekawostek, całą masę przydatnych porad rowerowych, a także poznasz niezliczoną ilość interesujących postaci ze świata rowerów i nie tylko. Ten podcast jest uzupełnieniem bloga narower.com i powstał by poszerzyć zakres wiedzy jaki chciałbym Ci przekazać.
129 shows, 3 months ago
Un podcast centrado en los video juegos; donde seleccionamos música y hablamos del software, su génesis y anécdotas, así como algunos datos técnicos. http://score.vg
93 shows, 2 months ago
Podcast di giochi e avventure
250 shows, 2 months ago
New episode every Friday at 9AM PT! Get the show 3 days early at Patreon.com/KindaFunny Watch the free video version at YouTube.com/KindaFunny Every week Greg Miller, Tim Gettys, Nick Scarpino, and Andy Cortez sit around a legendary table to discuss life.
1 shows, 2 years ago
TriunfoNews criado a partir de jovens amantes do mundo nerd, tem como objetivo criar um espaço de entretenimento e diversão para todos que se interessam em tecnologia, games, filmes, series e todo o mundo Geek e Nerd.
22 shows, 2 months ago
Get unbiased answers to all of you car questions. Buying, selling or repairing a problem I will try to help. Each program usually features a great guest and some great phone calls. The program airs live on Saturday morning from 8:30-10 EST. Join the conversation 617 770 3030
158 shows, 2 months ago
Adventure deep into Japanimation and curious cultural conundrums with Andrew, Jonstar, and the rest of the crew every other week with anime events coverage, news, and reviews.
227 shows, 2 months ago
Friends at the Table is an actual play podcast about critical worldbuilding, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends. Find us (and a listener guide) @Friends_Table on Twitter.
0 shows, 9 months ago
Promos, metapodcast, noticias y consultoría profesional de podcast
27 shows,
La reunión pan-hispánica de podcasters de cada Medio Mes. Disponible en MedioMes.com
29 shows, 5 months ago
El único programa que navega cada mes hacia rumbo desconocido para regresar cada día 15 al mismo puerto, tu reproductor favorito.
100 shows, 6 years ago
'Correr es vivir' es un programa dedicado al running en León y que se emite los martes a través del canal CyL8. Cada programa, de unos 25 minutos de duración, consta de diferentes secciones en las que los corredores, de cualquier edad y nivel, pueden encontrar las respuestas a sus diferentes necesidades. Se trata de un espacio interactivo donde el telespectador tiene la posibilidad de participar de forma activa en el mismo.
29 shows, 5 months ago
El único programa que navega cada mes hacia rumbo desconocido para regresar cada día 15 al mismo puerto, tu reproductor favorito.
0 shows,
Podcast tecnológico realizado por @davichi75 y @fercuesta.
115 shows,
El podcast donde quieren escucharse todos los demás
38 shows, 2 years ago
El Comic por Julián Clemente, José Bravo, Joan Rovira y C.J. Navas en Podstar.FM
10 shows, 8 months ago
Find Your Swedish Ancestors is a podcast for anyone looking into doing genealogy or family history research in Sweden. Tips and tricks, help and inspiration on how to find your Swedish ancestors and exploring your Swedish roots.
137 shows,
The BiFrost Bridge podcast takes a look at all things tech, geeky, and syfy related and helps bridge the gap between the geek and the gospel.
293 shows, 3 months ago
An existential and surreal journey into comics, video games, sci-tech, movies, tv, and everything in between… Every other week we take on current pop culture and the weeks in between we explore in-depth discussions, interviews, and a multiverse of nerdy weirdness.
4 shows, 2 months ago
Hi, I'm C. Hagen Radick (@SonOfOdin on most social media). I live in Kentucky, listen to heavy metal, drink beer, and watch random stuff on various streaming services. I podcast when I feel like it, and you might find it interesting -- but no promises. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sonofodin/support
206 shows, 2 months ago
Este é o Podcast "Pensando RPG", do Site Pensando Dungeons & Dragons. A ideia é trazer novas ideias sobre como jogar melhor, com muito material para a galera, tanto sobre RPG quanto sobre Fantasia.
10 shows, 2 months ago
J-Play is a look at personal and professional gaming news and insights from the perspective of Japanese game publisher Playism. Join us each week as several members of the team have a roundtable discussion of announcements, developments or even just personal anecdotes regarding gaming lifestyle, both new and old. Make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed! Come check out all our games and more information at Playism!
158 shows, 7 years ago
O foco do BauPirata.com e do Piratacast é tudo o que acharmos interessante discutir ou mostrar para nossos leitores e ouvintes. Temos cultura geral, cinema, TV, quadrinhos, notícias, promoções e muita coisa legal. Então aqui no BauPirata.com e PirataCast vocês encontrarão sempre entretenimento, informação, variedades e muito humor.
100 shows, 2 months ago
Cultura pop! Cultura nerd! Cultura alternativa! E o principal, do jeitinho que a gente curte! Com conteúdo exclusivo e único o Locomotiva 26 viaja por qualquer assunto!
77 shows, 4 years ago
Podcast sobre nostalgia Geek
18 shows, 4 months ago
Ever wanted to know more about a show or book, but didn't want to invest all that pesky time? Well, here's a podcast for you! Join Professor Johnson as he explores the histories of different fictional settings.
208 shows, 2 months ago
Podcast de Anime y Videojuegos cada Sabado a las 2:30pm por 90.5 de FM desde Monterrey, Mp3 y Stream por Radio Internet en mixlr.com/ixn/chat
15 shows, 2 months ago
El Podcast Beta con @Melee_Ninja y @dinco
3 shows, a year ago
Podcast de X-Wing jogo de Miniaturas do pessoal de Belo Horizonte e região, onde falamos de táticas, torneios e damos muitas risadas.
42 shows, 2 months ago
From gaming, electronics and entertainment, we talk about what's happening now. Just like a conversation you have with your friends, tune in and be a part of the interesting things that happened this week.
73 shows, 2 months ago
Tool Pros Brent Ridley and Billy Knoth talk all about tools and their uses including new tools on the market, tool reviews and everything going on in the tool universe.
517 shows, 2 months ago
Kompletní archiv podcastů z dílny redakce Games.cz. Natáčíme každý týden, zveme si zajímavé hosty, komentujeme aktuální herní novinky a odpovídáme na vaše dotazy, které kladete emailem nebo při živém vysílání.