Frank Reich (Indianapolis Colts) and David Carr (NFL Network)

2/21/2018, 8:03:00 AM , duration(0:0:4)
<p>Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich on the process of putting a game plan together (which he did for Eagles coach Doug Pederson the past two years), on the research that goes into finding new plays and keeping what you call fresh, and on the future of offensive football—where it is headed, and what kind of imagination it will take to stay ahead of the defense.</p><p><br></p><p>NFL Network analyst David Carr—the first overall pick in the 2002 draft, and the older brother of Oakland quarterback Derek Carr—on how he thinks Derek will mesh with new coach Jon Gruden, on whether he ever looks back at his career and wonders what if he didn’t get picked by an expansion team and thrown into the fire immediately with the Houston Texans, and the secrets to doing TV analysis of such a complicated game.</p>