Episode 330: Katherine Knight Part II - Bangaroo

8/31/2018, 6:18:50 PM , duration(0:0:5)
<p>On the conclusion to our series on Australia's most vicious murderer, we cover the relationship between Katherine Knight and her ultimate victim, John Price, and of course, we cover the murder itself and what happened afterwards that made Katherine Knight a household name in Australia. </p> <p>Robinhood is giving listeners a stock to help build their portfolio. Sign up at lastpod.robinhood.com </p> <p>Ozark S2, now streaming, only on Netflix.</p> <p>Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (incompetech dot com)</p> Go Kart Kevin MacLeod (incompetech dot com) If you have a second, please do us a solid by filling out this confidential survey: <a href= "https://bit.ly/2L1A1Uv">https://bit.ly/2L1A1Uv</a>