Episode 295: Black Widows Part I - The Polish Prognosticator

11/18/2017, 1:13:25 AM , duration(0:0:3)
<p>On part one of our two part series, we cover the enigmatic serial killer known as the Black Widow. Join us as we cover psychic Tillie Klimek who "predicted" her husbands' deaths, Mary Elizabeth Wilson who had a joke to go along with every murder, and Betty Lou Beets, a.k.a. Trailer Park Betty. </p> <p></p> <p>Four Beers' Polka Kevin MacLeod (<a href= "http://incompetech.com/" target= "_blank">incompetech.com</a>)</p> <p>Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License</p> <p><a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/" target= "_blank">http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/</a></p> <p></p>