Edward St. Aubyn: The Complete Patrick Melrose Novels

9/27/2018, 9:00:00 PM , duration(0:0:1)
<p><span><span><i>Never Mind</i>, <i>Bad News</i>, <i>Some Hope</i>, <i>Mother’s Milk</i>, and <i>At Last</i>:<i> The Complete Patrick Melrose Novels</i>, recently adapted into a five-episode limited series on Showtime. Edward St. Aubyn speaks about its successful adaptation, and discusses the story of <i>Patrick Melrose</i>. This is a portrayal of a character assembled by the horrors of his life, with his terrors unstitched when things he didn’t believe in, such as rehabilitation and consolation, become true, bit by bit.<br /><br /></span></span></p> <p style="text-align: center;"><img src="https://www.kcrw.com/culture/shows/bookworm/edward-st-aubyn-the-complete-patrick-melrose-novels/EdwardSt.Aubyn4.jpg/@@images/97e717df-71a0-4369-a0fb-728bbf303143.jpeg" alt="" class="image-inline" title="" /><br /><em>Photos by Christopher Ho.<br /></em></p> <div><span> </span></div>