87 shows, 3 days ago
Salud física, mental y emocional sumado a todo lo que tiene que ver con crear tu propia felicidad en conversaciones con invitados especiales que incluyen a expertos e influencers, que como tú, están en busca de alcanzar sus sueños y ser parte del cambio que queremos ver en el mundo.
20 shows, 6 days ago
This podcast offers conversations in french on a wide range of topic, and a list of useful words and expressions
25 shows, a year ago
Why I Write podcast is produced by the National Council of Teachers of English and hosted by C.C. Chapman of "Accident Hash" fame. Why I Write is a bi-weekly podcast similar to Lifehacker's "How I Work" series in which we delve into the topic of writing by talking with authors from variety genres and methods to hear their take on writing and its importance both in their lives and how it should be important in each of ours.
28 shows,
The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology is a monthly journal that considers original research, reviews, and personal views in gastroenterology and hepatology from around the world. In the monthly podcasts, editors of the journal discuss highlights of the current issue.
50 shows, 11 days ago
Get inspired to use 3D printing in your projects and find out how to design things using CAD software.
28 shows, 10 months ago
Each programme includes familiar songs, rhymes, stories and sound discrimination games.
6 shows,
CNN 10 is a 10-minute digital news show that serves a growing audience interested in compact on-demand news broadcasts ideal for explanation seekers on the go or in the classroom.
47 shows, 3 days ago
In fall of 2015, The American Association Veterinary Medical Colleges launched Diversity & Inclusion on Air: Conversations about Diversity, Inclusion & Veterinary Medicine. Although there has been in an increase in the amount of diversity programming hosted by AAVMC, its member institutions and student organizations, there is still a dearth of available programming within the veterinary profession. Diversity & Inclusion on Air will change this by delivering more diversity programming to a wider veterinary audience. The program interviews and presentations will cover a wide range of topics and feature guests from across the profession.
3 shows,
106 shows, a month ago
스펀지마인드 SpongeMind 는 영어, 그리고 한국어 배우는 분들을 위한 for the learners of Korean and English 이중언어 팟캐스트입니다 a bilingual podcast 언어를 배우는 원리와 방법을 language learning principles and tips 가르쳐 드립니다
36 shows, 8 days ago
Are you a classical homeschool parent? Are you interested in classical homeschooling? Have you ever wondered how to take the big and beautiful ideals and principles of the Christian Classical Tradition and make them a reality each day in your homeschool? Are you interested in digging deeper into those big and beautiful ideals and principles? Then this is the podcast for you! At the Classical Homeschool Podcast, our heart is to take on the work of wrestling through the, sometimes difficult and philosophical, ideas presented throughout the classical education movement and bring them down to earth, specifically and practically for the classical homeschooling mom. More specifically we will be exploring, comparing, and seeking to harmonize and embody those ideas specifically for the classical homeschooling mom by: •Looking at a particular idea or principle from a handful of popular classical education books and discussing it directly. •Discussing people and their stories from literature and history who embody these ideas. •Interviewing other homeschool moms, classical educators, and other leaders in the Christian Classical renewal who have first-hand experience with the principles and practices of the Christian classical tradition. •Asking questions like, How is this idea practiced or actualized? How do these big ideas harmonize with the reality of a modern homeschool? •Presenting real examples of how to apply a specific principle or ideal in the real everyday classical homeschool. •Presenting actionable and practical ideas for how to bring classical principles and ideals to life in the real everyday classical homeschool.
75 shows, 2 years ago
Podcast Solutions for the homeschool community.
100 shows, a month ago
Precisando de ajuda para passar nas provas da Anbima? Dicas para você ser aprovado nas principais certificações financeiras existentes no mercado. Baixe sua apostila gratuita em www.hygorduarte.com.br e estude de forma planejada. Atenção, quando a dica for aplicável a todas as certificações Anbima um número inteiro será apresentado (Ex.: # 40). Para a certificação CPA 20 teremos um ponto mais o número 1 (ex.40.1). Para a CEA teremos um ponto mais o número 2 (Ex 40.2).
100 shows, 3 days ago
Avec Français Authentique vous apprenez à parler le français en prenant du plaisir, comme si vous étiez en France. Ma mission est de vous aider à passer de l'état de compréhension (vous comprenez le français) à l'état d'expression (vous parlez le français).
120 shows,
Somos um podcast de pais para todas as pessoas, com ou sem filhos. Toda semana, trazemos informação, humor, empatia e vivências que transformam as nossas vidas através da paternidade, e que certamente farão você olhar para a vida de uma forma diferente. Venha rir e chorar (às vezes tudo no mesmo episódio) com Thiago Queiroz, Victor Ourives e Thiago Berto nesse podcast supimpa!
52 shows,
Um podcast que mete o bico na maternidade real. Desafios, diversidade, empatia e humor numa tacada só!
130 shows, 9 days ago
Você está no podcast do Davi André. Aqui, você encontrará as séries Davi & Golias, Flashes Jurídicos e Tiro Certo. O vídeo do episódio pode ser encontrado no meu canal youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/daviandrecosta69 Em alguns episódios, você encontrará os respectivos mapas mentais em meu site, na aba "Convidados": http://daviandre.com.br/ Você também pode participar de minhas promoções na fanpage do Facebook: www.facebook.com/daviandre.com.br Aproveite, o conteúdo é feito com carinho para você!
100 shows, 4 days ago
Listen to recordings of public events from the Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy research organization (think tank) in Washington, DC. Expert speakers and panelists at our events include scholars, leading policymakers, and foreign officials, and address a wide range of public policy issues that matter to the nation and the world.
6 shows, a year ago
برنامج صوتي "بودكاست" هدفه إلقاء الضوء على الأحداث و التغييرات التاريخية المهمة، بإيجاز غير مُخل، بهدف تمكين المستمعين من تقييم الحدث التاريخي و الحكم على الفاعلين الأساسيين، و التفكير بروية في مآلات اختياراتهم
2 shows, 3 years ago
Podcast by Elsever Institute
720 shows, a year ago
Die Nightlounge von bigFM und RPR1. Täglich im Radio ab 0 Uhr. Alle Folgen auch als Podcast!
129 shows, 4 months ago
Sinnessjukt med Christian Dahlström är en podcast om psykisk ohälsa. I podden pratar vi om depression, ångest, social fobi, panikångest och andra former av psykiska problem. Christian är författare och har skrivit böckerna "Kalla mig galen" och "Panikångest och depression".
84 shows, a year ago
Allt om alkohol på gott och ont.
217 shows, a month ago
När du inte trodde att det kunde bli festligare: Lillelördag med Ann och Anitha. Eller Anitha och Ann. Äsch! Lyssna på den bara! Ett kinderägg som aldrig tar slut.
61 shows, a year ago
El podcast de Fernanda Tapia, con su inquietante voz, nos lleva de la mano por viajes oníricos, provocadores y muy ciberpunk, todos, en maridaje con rolas exquisitamente seleccionadas para el caso. Sólo en Dixo.
202 shows, 9 months ago
Learn French with Coffee Break French, bringing you language-learning with your latte! Aimed at total beginners, this podcast will help you get to grips with the French language.
448 shows,
Welcome to the world’s best, certainly most practical, marketing show. Tim Reid here (you can call me Timbo) - I’m the founder and host. In its 7th year, The Small Business Big Marketing Show is laser-focussed on helping you, the motivated business owner, implement clever, effective marketing ideas that you can use to grow your business into the empire it deserves to be. Or maybe you’re a startup looking for mind-blowingly good marketing ideas that don’t cost a fortune. Well, you’re in the right place. I’ve been in the marketing game (and it is a game :) for 30 years. I also speak at business conferences globally and I know just how many business owners find marketing a dark art. So listen in as I ask successful business owners and entrepreneurs the questions we all want the answers to - How do I get more customers? What’s the best marketing to do? Where do I start with my marketing? How do I create a viral video? How do I use social media effectively? How do I scale my business? How do I make a million dollars!! So, if you're ready to take your business to the next level with some highly effective marketing, then you're in the right place. Enjoy!
348 shows, 2 days ago
Tobias Beck’s Bewohnerfrei® Podcast ist der Podcast für Querdenker, Menschen mit großen Visionen und jeden, der den Traum verfolgt sein eigenes Ding zu machen! Tobias Beck und seine Interview-Gäste motivieren, inspirieren und geben dir Denkanstöße, während du beim Sport bist, auf dem Weg zur Arbeit oder gerade entspannst. Du bist auf der Suche nach neuen Perspektiven und spannenden Geschichten aus der Welt von erfolgreichen Unternehmern, Speakern und Menschen, die den Status Quo in Frage stellen? Dann ist der Bewohnerfrei® Podcast genau richtig für Dich. Tobias Beck ist Internationaler Speaker, Berater & Dozent, hält seit über 15 Jahren Trainings und Keynotes in über 20 Ländern weltweit und hat schon über 250.000 Teilnehmer auf der Bühne begeistert.
100 shows, 17 days ago
Un modo facile e naturale per arrivare a parlare l'italiano come dei veri italiani! Ascoltate, guardate i video e soprattutto DIVERTITEVI! :-)
7 shows,
Want to have fun while learning Chinese?! Let your favorite English-speaking taxi driver help you navigate the streets of Taiwan. Take a ride with A-Fu and learn ZHONG WEN with ease! A-fu\\\\\\\'s Taxi is your number one resource for learning daily Chinese vocabulary and phrases. Updated every month, you\\\\\\\'ll be a fluent Chinese speaker in no time!
7 shows, a month ago
Podcast com temas de sociologia.
336 shows, 3 days ago
On Learn True Health, Ashley James interviews today's most successful natural healers each week. Learn True Health was created for YOU, the health enthusiast. If you are passionate about organic living or struggling with health issues and are looking to gain your health naturally, our holistic podcast is what you have been looking for! Ashley James interviews Naturopathic Doctors and expert holistic health care practitioners to bring you key holistic health information, results based advice and new natural steps you can take to achieve true health, starting NOW! If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, if you are fed up with prescription drug side effects, if you want to live in optimal health but you don't know where to start, this podcast is for you! If you are looking for ACTIONABLE advice from holistic doctors to get you on your path to healing, you will enjoy the wisdom each episode brings. Each practitioner will leave you with a challenge, something that you can do now, and each day, to measurably improve your health, energy, and vitality. Learn about new healing diet strategies, how to boost your immune system, balance your hormones, increase your energy, what supplements to take and why and how to experience your health and stamina in a new way. Ashley James from Learn True Health interviews doctors like Dr. Joel Wallach, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Oz, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Molly Niedermeyer on Naturopathic Medicine, Homeopathy, Supplements, Meditation, Holistic Health and Alternative Health Strategies for Gaining Optimal Health.
2 shows, 6 months ago
Mentor & Coach, Marcelo Teixeira é especialista em Alta Performance ( Psicologia, Fisiologia, Produtividade, Inteligência Emocional ) Inteligência Financeira e na Construção de Novos Negócios.
71 shows, 3 days ago
Der Projekt Tambaya Podcast Ein Projektmanagement Podcast, der Fragen stellt und meist auch beantwortet :-). Aus der Welt des agilen und klassischen Projekt- und Risikomanagements. Unser Podcast kennt drei Formate: Als kleines Hörspiel zwischen Abteilungsleiter König und Projektleiter Stein, als Interview mit interessanten Gesprächspartnern aus der Welt des Projektmanagements oder als „Selfie“, also Reflexion, über aktuelle Trends und auch Projekte. Der Podcast schlägt eine Brücke zwischen der vermeintlichen Theorie und der gelebten Praxis. Viel Spaß mit unseren Beiträgen aus der Welt des Projektmanagements. Möge dieser Podcast unsere Projekte ein bisschen besser machen. Denn ohne Projekte und ohne Projektmanagement geschieht kein Wandel, kein Wachstum und keine Verbesserung.
56 shows, 2 years ago
Our mission statement at the Free Cities Podcast is to produce a weekly podcast with examples of people moving towards freedom and away from force. Most of our episodes will consist of interviews with people who are actively involved in this peaceful transition, or historical examples of people who have moved towards a freer society. Decentralization is a huge component of moving people towards more freedom so, some of our episodes will look at the growing trend of decentralization in business and how flatter structures can result in better feedback and better products. Peaceful voluntary co-operation between individuals has been responsible for the enormous growth in human prosperity, and we believe that markets can and do provide services better than governments can. I hope you enjoy the podcasts and articles on this site. The purpose of the content is to demonstrate that voluntary co-operation between individuals is the best solution to problems. Please feel free to provide feedback and provide suggestions for future guests on the show.
11 shows, 2 years ago
The "REvolve" Podcast - where you discover today what tomorrow will bring at the intersection of Fintech, Startups and Gaming & Gamification. I chat with C-level executives and other interesting people with compelling personalities about what's shaking and baking in the area of your and my interests.
343 shows, 2 days ago
Need a free online life coach? Look no further than the most motivational self-help authors of the past.
7 shows,
Podcast para aprender español para diferentes niveles con actividades online de comprensión auditiva y otros ejercicios en ProfeDeELE
135 shows, 9 days ago
Ayudándote a aprender y hablar español sin estudiar gramática | Helping you to learn and speak Spanish without studying grammar.
129 shows, 6 days ago
The award-winning podcast for learners of Spanish worldwide. "Hi! My name is Karo Martínez. Español Automático is based on my own experience that learning a foreign language is NOT difficult. I speak fluently 4 languages and I want to help anyone who dreams about speaking Spanish to achieve it in a natural, fun, stress-free and automatic way. Learning a foreign language may be a very satisfying experience if you do it the right way. So if you want to switch from learning Spanish to actually speaking it, Español Automático is your answer. Because life doesn’t have subtitles! Español Automático helps you improve Spanish listening and Spanish speaking skills. I share anecdotes, real-world topics, personal and professional development materials creating Spanish immersion environment to help you speak Spanish fluently and effortlessly. This is the genuine Spanish you will never find in a textbook or classroom. This Podcast will benefit most intermediate and advanced learners, and people who needs to review their Spanish. You will benefit from language learning strategies that work, Spanish idioms and cool words frequently used in the Spanish-speaking world. Take your conversational Spanish up to the next level with our engaging authentic content! Visit EspanolAutomatico.com for "Secret podcast episodes", transcript, worksheets, freebies and more VIP content"
65 shows, 15 days ago
Filosofia como parte da cultura.
300 shows, 2 days ago
*** TO SEE** a live streaming video demonstration of your chart online YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF MY ASTRO WORLD and be @ WWW.MYASTROWORLD.COM to SEE your chart live online *** You must also have your exact birth information Month/Day/Year/Town/State/Country/Exact Time. in order to be eligible for a live streaming video demonstration of your chart. myAstroWorld is dedicated to scientifically based and spiritually founded astrology that can help our members achieve insight for their own highest levels of personal growth. Anna, The Live Astrologer, demonstrates live free astrology readings with live video streaming to give you a quick overview and analysis of your chart using Uranian Astrology. We also provide this show as a social gathering for those who are members of our astrological social network myAstroWorld. By becoming a member of myAstroWorld, you will have the ability to connect with others who find an interest in astrology. You can learn how to read charts through our online courses as well as many other great features. Registration is 100% free to you by visiting us at http://www.myastroworld.com Be part of the revolution in Astrology. You must be a member of MAW and have your exact birth information to be eligible for a free live streaming video demonstration of your chart.
52 shows, a year ago
The Christian Quotes podcast with Ryan Maher is a podcast created for you, the Christian. Whether you are a pastor, a youth group attendee, a non-church goer, a new or mature believer – this podcast is for you. It provides quick encouragement from the Bible and well-known Christian authors, each week. We all could use a little more encouragement throughout our days. Each episode features a Christian Quote, along with Scripture and commentary. Each episode ends with an awesome resource that every Christian is sure to love. Think of this podcast as an audio devotional meant to encourage you and help you make a difference for the Lord. Hear quotes from your favorite Christian authors such as C.S. Lewis, Joyce Meyer, Charles Stanley, Billy Graham, John Piper, Joel Osteen, Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Christine Caine, John Eldredge, Judah Smith, Dan Mohler, Todd White and many more!
3 shows, a year ago
The history of Greece from the Paleolithic to Diocletian