9 shows, 2 years ago
Something True brings you incredible and bizarre true stories from the footnotes of history. A dog in the United States Cabinet? A leading rocket scientist who quit his job to make a moonchild? Virginia Woolf donning blackface to prank a navy? They're all true. They're all Something True.
197 shows, 2 months ago
Twice-monthly community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, where every conspiracy theory is true. Turn on your radio and hide. Never listened before? It's an ongoing radio show. Start with the current episode, and you'll catch on in no time. Or, go right to Episode 1 if you wanna binge-listen.
15 shows, 6 months ago
The Bunker is a breakfast radio show for the post-apocalypse generation! One hundred years after a vague cataclysmic event, Tom, Dave and David decide to host a one hour radio programme from their underground bunker, complete with guests, interviews, short stories and music. They also have to deal with the possibility of starvation, madness, monsters- both metaphorical and literal- and, worst of all, each other. The Bunker has a beginning and an end, so be sure to listen to episode one first! You can support The Bunker and Definitely Human by becoming a patron of the show. Your donations will go towards the production of a Christmas special as well as other extra content for this show and MarsCorp. Support The Bunker at www.patreon.com/definitelyhuman
201 shows,
Kill Me Now is a weekly podcast hosted by award winning comedian and writer, Judy Gold. Since Judy always seems to be pissed-off about something, she thought why not interview celebrities about what makes them angry - from the extraordinary to the mundane. Whether it's your cheap friend who always gets up from the table when the check comes, to injustices such as inequality & equal pay, Judy and her guests vent with wit, humor and passion while you laugh your ass off.
33 shows, a year ago
In Cityville, USA, the staff of a dilapidated cineplex struggle to find their place in a world where idiocy and shenanigans are the norm, while learning how to deal with each other, themselves, and the situations that seem to occur on a daily basis. There will be comedy. There will be drama. Welcome to Zoolaplex.
1 shows,
A surreal audio adventure into the wavelengths. Come join us... or you will be sterilized.
77 shows, 2 months ago
At the Penumbra, you might follow Juno Steel, a brooding, sharp-witted private eye on Mars, as he tangles with an elusive homme fatale, tracks dangerous artifacts of an ancient alien civilization, and faces his three greatest fears: heights, blood, and relationships. Or you might enter the world of the Second Citadel, where the merciless Sir Caroline must corral a team of emotionally distraught all-male knights to defend their city against mind-manipulating monsters...even the ones they’ve fallen in love with. These audio dramas and more await you in the Penumbra, dear traveler. We hope you enjoy your stay. (Start with "UPDATED 1.01: Juno Steel and the Case of the Murderous Mask" or "1.09: Second Citadel - The Head of the Janus Beast.") The Penumbra is created and produced by Sophie Kaner and Kevin Vibert. Follow us on Twitter (@thepenumbrapod), Tumblr (@thepenumbrapodcast), or Facebook (The Penumbra Podcast).
11 shows, 2 years ago
ALTERNATIVE COMEDY. EXPERIMENTAL DRAMA. ORIGINAL MUSIC "Monty Python cuts himself on a Black Mirror *****" - Itunes review Each month hear Mirth Defect smash out another array of unusual, dark, funny sketches. * Free knives for female joggers. * The man with the scroll in his anus. * The death of the Hipster. * The man who keeps jumping off a building. * Rich Parents: Poor Kids * QWOP Street Surgery Also featuring music from Alabastar De Plume, Thoughts out of Season & I Can't Wait Until You Fall Asleep. Expect the weird, the untoward and the unnerving. A comedy drama described as "Welcome to the night vale meets trainspotting" 25 minutes long. Released monthly.
8 shows, 4 years ago
Podcast by Marina and Nicco
13 shows, a year ago
Entrevistas y noticias de la farándula falopa. Con Diego Papic y Mili Nikitchuk. Bristol es una serie original de Posta.
16 shows, 2 months ago
A show about politics with No Agenda, by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak
100 shows, 2 months ago
Jason Manford, one of the UK's most loved comedians, is on Absolute Radio every Sunday from 8am. If that sounds a bit early on a Sunday for you, then catch the best bits of Jason's show on this handy podcast.
300 shows, 2 months ago
comedy, entertainment, pop culture, and topics we want to talk about
72 shows, 2 months ago
Tune in to the Mulder Was Right: Conspiracy and Alternative Facts Podcast. Unveiling the mysteries of the occult and trying to bring you a good laugh. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mulderwasright/support
5 shows, 2 months ago
The Conspiracy Otter’s belief in the unbelievable, that what many have taken as myth are real and that many truths are fables created by some covert but influential organization.
100 shows,
Did you miss the Roula and Ryan Show today? Check out what you missed on the podcasts!
68 shows, 2 months ago
Somewhere on the border of sleep there's a little mountain cabin you dream about, but can never quite reach. From there, authors Brennan Storr & Ian Gibbs explore the dark corners of the world. Join them.
26 shows, 2 years ago
The weekly update on Chicago sports and sports radio discussion as well as national stories, current events, TV & Movies, and the various weird stories of the week as seen through the weird hosts of the week. Talk focuses on the Bears, Bulls, White Sox, Cubs, and Illinois college sports (we might even talk Blackhawks hockey) as well as the happenings at 670 The Score, WSCR, and ESPN Radio Chicago, WMVP. Read more at http://chicagofanatics.libsyn.com/#bXJccQ5vGwpmt4ck.99
14 shows,
297 shows,
An explicit comedy/video games podcast with guest interviews, conversation games, and more! New episodes air every Monday on all podcast platforms!
100 shows, 4 months ago
We take a shallow dive into deep topics.
20 shows, 2 months ago
Podcast no ar desde 2009, que aborda de forma despojada e descontraída assuntos da cultura pop: Histórias em Quadrinhos, Games, RPG, TV, Música, Literatura, Cinema, Animações, etc. Podcast criado em 2009, de periodicidade quinzenal
38 shows,
Have you ever found a note on the ground, maybe meant for someone else? Help Davy Rothbart solve these mysteries on the FOUND Podcast, where we explore personal stories of love, loss, hope, transformation and aspiration through the lens of lost and found notes --with the power of humor and music. You can see these notes, and more, on the FOUND App on iOS, and help us solve the mysteries behind them as part of a global community art project. New full episodes every other Wednesday, with updates in between. Produced by Found The Musical / Killer Films Media / Wondery.
204 shows,
A podcast for the schemers and dreamers. Identical twins Dave and Jeff Rosenberg, along with host Mike Karnell come up with true hustles and make billions so you don't have to.
17 shows, 2 months ago
Los Angeles comedian, David Smalley, discusses religion and politics with preachers, pastors, comedians, and people of different world views.
389 shows, 3 years ago
128 shows, 2 months ago
Every week comedian TK Kirkland gives callers his insight on love, life and everything in-between. TK might hurt your feelings but sometimes you need to let your pain turn into champagne.
150 shows, 2 months ago
Affonso Solano, Beto Estrada e Didi Braguinha pilotam o podcast mais maluco da internet! Cinema, Games, HQ e cultura geek!
40 shows, a year ago
Brent, Nate, & Kate do a podcast together
53 shows,
When Heather isn't headlining theaters across the country as a top stand up comedian, or being the perfect wife and mother of 3, she is diving into juicy pop culture. From all things Hollywood, celebrity romances, Bravo TV to her real life drama, Heather tackles the juiciest and most controversial topics.  Heather will not hold back on her opinion on anything or anyone. While talking to guests ranging anywhere from actors, to comics to reality stars, Heather asks the juiciest questions you always want answered. You can find the entire Juicy Scoop archive, ad-free, only on Stitcher Premium. For a free month of Stitcher Premium, go to stitcherpremium.com/juicyscoop and use promo code 'JUICY'.
39 shows,
Comedian Iliza Shlesinger has a unique outlook on life. From the best way to eat Sour Patch Kids to the least offensive way to break up with a friend, Iliza has cultivated a hilarious take on society's problems, ranging from thought-provoking to rage-fueled. She enjoys nothing more than giving life advice to total strangers, sometimes with a celebrity guest in tow. She's here for you to ask about life and ask about yourself, so ask Iliza anything.
146 shows, 2 months ago
Comedians Kevin Tienken & Evan Cassidy celebrate friendship, freedom, bits & silliness with interviews, sketch, music, improv & impressions. A fun weekly show with organized conversational bits turned into long form interviews and sketches. With original music throughout and hilarious improvised character interviews as people like Marc Maron, Paul McCartney, Mel (owner of Mel's Diner), President Obama, Donald Trump, Barry Sanders, Neurotic Barry & the Jambalaya Therapist you're sure to enjoy some Rip'n & Skip'n with Evan & Kevin. Follow us on Twitter: Evan Cassidy @thecassman Kevin Tienken @KevinTienken Please rate/review and let us know what you think. All Rip'n & Skip'n Song Submission, Interview Requests, Contributions & Advertising Inquiries should be sent to ripskippod@gmail.com Thanks for listening and enjoy! :)
20 shows,
Monos de la nación: de lunes a viernes entre 9 y 11 de la mañana, nos dirigimos a ustedes junto a Natalia Valdebenito y su especial mirada sobre lo que pasa, suena y se escucha en nuestro país. Risas, noticias y canciones son acompañadas de agudos panelistas que estás siempre listos para analizar la realidad. Los Lunes: Junto a Fernanda Toledo (A.K.A Pan Con Sueño, Curro Guerrero y Mauricio Garrido, “El Moroch”, hacemos un particular Panel de Amigos. Martes por medio recibimos a nuestro gurú espiritual, Coke Hassemo, para escuchar un Joróscopo y una receta especial de canciones para cada signo. Los Miércoles hacemos el Panel Feminista para hablar de los temas del momento desde una perspectiva de género. Acá nos cuestionamos, nos escuchamos y nos enfrentamos a nuestras contradicciones. Junto a Alejandra Matus y Beatriz Sánchez. El Jueves es el día de la Terapia Grupal junto a la psicóloga y sexóloga Raffaella di Girólamo. Los Viernes, ¡nos desordenamos! Y desordenamos también a nuestros invitados sorpresa.
139 shows,
Kyle Kinane and Dave Stone talk about ghosts and barbeque and maybe interview people and maybe have had a few drinks before they started recording.
9 shows, 2 months ago
You know him. You love him. You hate him. You want to be him.
29 shows, 3 years ago
Podcast released by the Impractical Ladies, 3 English ladies who love The Impractical Jokers/The Tenderloins
19 shows, a year ago
Hosts Maria and Elyse cover various conspiracy theories, mysteries and alternative history! Follow this fun, light-hearted yet educational podcast!
58 shows, 2 months ago
Tyler watches the films of Adam Sandler in chronological order. From Going Overboard to Ridiculous Six, he’s tackling them all.
84 shows, 2 months ago
Imagina só a seguinte situação: Quatro amigos e colegas de profissão se encontram uma vez por semana pra botarem o assunto em dia e comentarem os fatos recentes mais bizarros da internet. Em meio a brincadeiras, algumas provocações e muita opinião sem nenhum embasamento, surgem personagens inusitados para completar a insanidade. O papo é sempre caótico e passa de 1 hora (com alguns acréscimos, né...). Agora imagina se gravassem tudo? Pois é... O Podcast Pod-C é justamente isso! Então, que tal se juntar a esse bando de desmiolados (e seus personagens) para um bate-papo sem-noção toda semana? E aí, Pod-C?
13 shows,
A podcast of Rooster Teeth fans for Rooster Teeth fans. Chris, Mary Pat, Marco, and Molly come together each week to share our thoughts on various RT news, projects, and the community in general. We also throw in the occasional dick joke just for good measure. Enjoy!
19 shows, 2 months ago
It's another day closer to the grave, so pull up a stool and grab yourself a half-empty pint of bitter audio drama with a disappointing finish. Actually, there's no real point. Everyone always dies at the end. Go and listen to something else instead. One of those "entrepreneur" shows or something...
139 shows, 2 months ago
Lesbian romance stories brought to you as an immersive podcast. Created to make you smile, blush or keep you on the edge of your seat. Listen with headphones to immerse yourself fully! New chapter every Tuesday.
1 shows, 3 years ago
Welcome to the Equestrian wastes my dear little filly and colts. This story follow Little Pip and her team of what could be called misfits as they travel the wastes in hopes of a better life for her and her party. The story is told by DJ Vixen our lovable yet annoying at times Dj, with his assistant Silverwing by his side they will broadcast this to you Saturdays in two week intervals.
167 shows, 2 months ago
Subscribe now! Providing you entertainment on the drive in to work! Flash fiction and short stories written by Carrie Zylka and Alice Nelson as well as a host of other authors. Horror, Thriller, Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy in more. The show is similar to Night Vale, Serial, Scarecast, Lightspeed, Nightmare Magazine and Unusually Short Stories.
120 shows, 2 months ago
Téléchargez tous les jours l'actualité du rire en deux minutes chrono.
93 shows, 4 months ago
Pull up a chair and enjoy a BBQ feast with Jerry "The King" Lawler and Glenn Moore, as they bring you Dinner With The King each and every week. From old classic wrestling stories to pop culture to comedy, Jerry and Glenn entertain as you imagine yourself inside one of Jerry's BBQ restaurants.
74 shows, 2 months ago
2019 Finalist Best Independent True Crime & 2019 Finalist Popular Vote - Aust. Podcast Awards. Barney Black and Tara Sariban discuss the dark details of lesser know true crime stories from Australia and around the world. As avid listeners of true crime podcasts they aim to add to the conversation by talking about murders that haven't been done to death on other shows. Their humour comes from some rather unusual places but never at the expense of the victims or their families.
7 shows,
Geoff and real-life wife Griffon talk about modern relationships and what love is in 2017. Relationship Goals is relationship real-talk (with a pinch of sass).
63 shows, 2 months ago
Welcome to Goosebuds! A podcast where your hosts Paul, Dom, and Chad dig into the Young Adult Literature worlds of R.L. Stine and give them the deep critique and respect they deserve. Come join us and re-discover the stories you grew up with or jump in for the first time.