Case 79: Rayna Rison

3/24/2018, 3:47:59 PM , duration(0:0:4)
Society & Culture Society & Culture/History
<p>In 1993, breaking news in the small Northern Indiana city of LaPorte always seemed to be from Chicago or South Bend. Nothing shocking ever happened in LaPorte...</p> <p>_ _ _ </p> <p><strong>The Rayna Rison Memorial Scholarship</strong></p> <p>c/o Director of Music</p> <p>602 F Street</p> <p>La Porte, IN 46350</p> <p>_ _ _ </p> <p>Researched and written by <a href="">Anna Priestland</a></p> <p>This episode&#39;s sponsors:</p> <p><a href="">Undisclosed</a> – podcast investigating the U.S. criminal justice system</p> <p><a href="">ShipStation</a> – try ShipStation FREE for 30 days plus get a special bonus when you use promo code CASEFILE</p> <p><a href="">SimpliSafe</a> – Protect your home and your family today</p> <p>For all credits and sources please visit <a href=""></a></p>