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The Bucci Radio Podcast was created with the purpose of diving deeper into health, fitness, mindset, and entrepreneurship in order to provide MORE to those who are hungry for it, and create a community of goal and growth oriented people, who want to consume incredibly valuable insight and information. Our goal is to #IGNITEYOURFIRE to take massive action in your own life by learning from experts on health, fitness, entrepreneurship, and the mindset necessary to succeed and be happy.
86 shows, a year ago
Thanks for listening to the Postal Affairs podcast! BCC Software recently acquired Satori Software from Quadient, and as a result, this podcast will no longer be updated. However, we’d like to encourage you to instead subscribe to the BCC Software podcast – Industry Corner – where we break down postal industry topics, explain the current state of the industry, and what it means for your business. You can listen today on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts Stitcher, or on Soundcloud. For more information, please visit bccsoftware.com/podcast, and we look forward to keeping you informed on all things related to the postal industry.
74 shows, 9 months ago
Global business news, with live guests and contributions from Asia and the USA.
110 shows, 4 years ago
Inovações Radicais em Gestão por um Futuro Melhor para Todos
26 shows, 2 years ago
Why Service Design Thinking is the podcast that helps business do things better and do better things. Service design is one of the next big competitive advantages in business and it is being used with great success by corporations and other large organizations around the world. But how can a smaller business, a startup, or a nonprofit adopt these innovative techniques? We talk with experts in the field and share lots of case studies on how you can engage your customers, create delightful experiences, and build a lasting legacy. Don’t forget to listen until the very end, for this week’s design challenge. Hosted by: Marina Terteryan Want to keep in touch? Sign up for the mailing list at www.whyservicedesignthinking.com for access to useful freebies and bonus resources that won’t be available anywhere else. Like what you hear? Please subscribe, rate, and review us!
23 shows, 9 months ago
Podcast by Agile Alliance
6 shows, 5 years ago
Malin Lundskog på Hälsa mera pratar om hälsa och ohälsa i arbets- och privatlivet.
41 shows, a year ago
InvestHuman: The Human Capital Shift. Educate yourself, your team and your leadership! Revive the heart of your organization by reigniting appreciation for the human element of work. The InvestHuman Podcast focusses on helping your organization thrive by discussing the most important part of your business: Your People. This podcast is hosted by Dr. Charlene Rousseau, President of Envisionary Development Consulting; Karen Millsap, Founder & CEO of The Grief Consultant; and Melissa Powell, Founder & CEO of Pocmi, Inc. All three ladies are advocates for people empowerment.
184 shows,
Yollarda.tv her bölümde Girişimcilik, Teknoloji veya Yatırım üzerine sohbetler gerçekleştirerek dinleyici ve izleyicileri bilgilendirir
56 shows, 10 months ago
Beyond Busy is a podcast by Graham Allcott of Think Productive, author of How to be a Productivity Ninja. In this show, he interviews people from all walks of life about productivity, work/life balance, happiness and success.
46 shows, 9 months ago
NLP Training Excellence
52 shows, 2 years ago
The Leadership Momentum Podcast, hosted by Chris Brown, brings the world's top church leaders into the room to candidly share their inspirational wisdom and bold advice. Each episode digs deep into the issues related to church leadership, the personal lives of pastors, and the importance of stewardship. For more information, visit https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/podcast
281 shows, 9 months ago
Interviews by MyelinMedia.com of uncommonly high achievers and their innovation, leadership and mastery habits. Including Olympic Athletes, CEOs, New York Times Bestselling Authors, Tech Start-Up Billionaires, World Class Musicians, Special Ops, Hollywood Filmmakers, Pro Athletes, SWAT Team Commanders, Non-Profit Executive Directors, Inventors and many more.
221 shows, a year ago
Jim Rohn said "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." Who are your 5? Are they already living the life you want to be living? If not, WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT YOU? After Geoff Woods heard this quote, he surrounded himself with an army of heavy-hitting mentors. As a result, he was able to quit a $200K+ corporate job and go full time as an entrepreneur in less than 10 months. Join him on the journey to taking control of your life and your income, and listen in on the private conversations with the mentors who have been guiding him every step of the way.
74 shows, 9 months ago
This show is about the amazing stories of world-class multi-millionaire and billionaire founders , how they started and how they succeeded. Founder Stories include the founders of Facebook(Mark), Linked-in(Reid), WhatsApp(Jan), Ben and Jerry Ice creams(the name says it), Instagram(Kevin), Amazon(Jeff), Pandora(Tim), Hershey Chocolates(Milton) and more. You will hear their struggles and seemingly insurmountable problems and how they emerged victoriously, so you too can succeed as a founder.
64 shows, 3 years ago
Branding Like A Boss - Do you want to create a disruptive social brand and differentiate your business online? Are you trying to become an authority in your space and build a massive audience? Then this podcast is for you... In this series of episodes I'm (Aaron Pierson) going to go deep in Digital Branding Essentials and much more. This podcast is designed to give you tactical information to apply to your online brand right now!!!
43 shows, 5 years ago
Free Teacher PD selects the best webinars from SimpleK12's teacher professional development learning community and provides audio snippets to let you listen to audio webinars on the go. We cover every topic of interest to teachers, administrators and schools, and include topics that range from iPads and mobile learning to bullying, classroom management, and everything in between.
24 shows, 9 months ago
Une enquête sur les dessous de la guerre économique et de l’hyper concurrence. Le dimanche à 23h15.
14 shows, 3 years ago
The Entrepreneur Drinks Podcast is a show produced by Entrepreneurs on Friday afternoon, after a work week we get together to discuss problems facing entrepreneurs over a few adult beverages.
27 shows, 2 years ago
Do you have the next big idea, but not sure how to launch it? Or do you have a small business and want to take it to the next level? Welcome to the Surf Goggles Chronicles - a bipolar business roller coaster. From concept to market, through horror and success learn how Kurtis and Jon launched Kurtis Eyewear from their garage to 65 countries worldwide. From a prototype of tin foil and rubber bands, learn how these 2 guys navigated, patents, trademarks, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, e-commerce and worldwide sales. Plus learn from their interviews with entrepreneurs, business owners, best selling authors and brand creators so you can avoid the horror and achieve success by learning from their adventures.
2 shows, 3 years ago
Here on The Agile Path we create audio documentaries on the issues facing organisations as they move towards more agile ways of working. Our series are meticulously researched as we attempt to capture the full gamut of views and experiences, from our contributors who are a mix of both world renowned experts and individuals working on teams that are experimenting with new ways of working. We combine extensive research with imaginative storytelling and innovative sound design to bring you an experience that might just change the way you look at the world.
20 shows, 9 months ago
Learn what's really going on in the stock market! No gimmicks. Just facts. Every day we chart the SP500 and NASDAQ 100, 20-year Bonds and Gold. In just a few short minutes, you can update yourself on what is actually taking place in the market. At the end of every week, we give you an overview of what happened over the last five days and what's on the calendar for the next trading week.
100 shows, 9 months ago
Podcast do Administradores.com apresentado por Leandro Vieira, CEO do portal.
3 shows, 3 years ago
O bom conteúdo Administrativo
89 shows, 9 months ago
68 shows, 9 months ago
The Inbound Logistics Podcast presents the most relevant and topical information from the world of third-party logistics and supply chain management as presented by the industry's most influential thought leaders.
2 shows, 3 years ago
XPO is the second largest LTL shipping provider in North America, with world-class capabilities for reliable, time-definite service. We control our own assets to ensure capacity for customers: approximately 8,500 tractors and 25,000 trailers covering 99% of all U.S. postal codes. Throughout 30 years in LTL transportation, we’ve become a trusted carrier for shippers of all sizes and commodity types. Our LTL service extends to every U.S. state, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico as well as Mexico and Canada. Whether you need regional, national or cross border LTL shipping, we have trucks on the road near you in North America – and we’re an LTL leader in key European countries as well.
0 shows, a year ago
Learn how to start, grow and monitize your online art business.
136 shows, 2 years ago
Olá esse é o canal do GuiaInvest, criado com o objetivo de ajudar pessoas comuns a gerar um futuro de abundância e riqueza, através de conteúdo educacional, ensinando conceitos técnicos e comportamentais sobre investimentos. O que você vai aprender aqui: - Hábitos financeiros das pessoas de sucesso - Evitar erros mais comuns que as pessoas pobres cometem (mesmo ganhando muito) - As atitudes que impedem você de se tornar um milionário - Como fazer um controle de gastos - Como administrar as finanças pessoais - Como investir em ações com pouco dinheiro - Como gerar renda extra com dividendos - Como não perder dinheiro no tesouro direto - Como ganhar dinheiro na bolsa de valores Quem é André Fogaça? formado em Administração de Empresas, Pós-graduado em Economia pela UFRGS, Investidor e co-fundador do site GuiaInvest, Criador do Método Árvore da Riqueza, que já ensinou mais de 1000 pessoas a investir na bolsa de valores de forma segura e rentável.
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¡La radio de la bicicleta! ️🚲 Cultura, Actualidad, Cicloturismo y la mejor Música en la Radio Digital con Movilidad Sostenible 💚 ¡Emitiendo 24/7!
100 shows, 9 months ago
Spirit of 608: Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability + Tech
0 shows, 2 years ago
Este podcast está 100% dedicado a empujarte a hacer algo para alcanzar tus sueños. ¡¡No será fácil, será una joda y muchas veces querrás tirar la toalla pero no olvides que lo que fácil comienza, fácil termina.!! No existen razones suficientes para abandonar tus sueños. #UnoPorCientoMejor
30 shows, 10 months ago
O ponto de vista das empresas, com questões sobre inovação, longevidade do negócio, entre outras.
30 shows, 9 months ago
Entrevistas esclarecedoras com especialistas sobre marketing, negócios, empreendedorismo e mercado de trabalho.
27 shows, 4 years ago
This podcast is all about educating pool techs, promoting professionalism, and improving customer communication. We want to provide the pool service industry with a set of ideas, principles, and techniques to help you run a more successful business, take care of your pools more quickly, and make more money – in other words, we’ve developed a new approach to your pools, your customers, and your work. We were not satisfied with the way our businesses were going, so we used our life and business experiences to analyze our residential pool service business. As a result of this we believe that we’ve developed a better way to service pools, take care of your customers, and make more money. We’ve tried these ideas and principles and they have worked for us so we know they will work for you. Come along with us to listen, learn, and laugh your way to more success in your pool service business with the 15 Minute Pools Podcast.
41 shows, 2 years ago
Learn How To Build A Million Dollar Business Online... Passively!!!
19 shows, a year ago
Highspeed für die Medizintechnik!
5 shows, 2 years ago
Podcast da Associação Brasileira de Pilotos da Aviação Civil
164 shows, 9 months ago
These educational podcasts offer an in-depth exploration of a range of subjects relevant to the ACCA Qualification. Areas covered include risk, governance, ethics, audit, human resource management, strategy, environmental accounting and many more.
115 shows, 10 months ago
The shipping industry is the backbone of international trade, contributing to the globalisation and development of the world, but it's the shipping people who make the world go around. Listen to the maritime professionals sharing their passion for shipping and how they see the future.
100 shows, 3 years ago
Franck Scipion, autor del blog LifestyleAlCuadrado.com , entrevista a los emprendedores digitales de habla hispana de mayor éxito. Estos “espíritus libres” te contarán el qué, el por qué y el cómo han logrado posicionarse como auténticos expertos en cada uno de sus nichos. Unas historias inspiradoras e instructivas ya que los entrevistados se desnudan en el Podcast para revelar sus secretos más íntimos sobre blogging, estrategias de venta que funcionan, cómo diseñar un negocio online al servicio de tu Lifestyle, con un especial foco en la automatización del negocio con la venta de infoproductos y productos digitales mediante sistemas 24*7*365 escalables. No dudes en tomar nota en cada episodio. Sabrás cómo transformar tu blog en un verdadero negocio y por fin vivir la vida que quieres.
40 shows, 3 years ago
Un programa en el que conocerás auténticas historias de emprendedores reales, de como han llegado a donde están actualmente, las dificultades a lo largo del camino y mucho más. Mi objetivo es impulsar a emprendedores inconformistas a diseñar el estilo de vida de sus sueños, el camino del emprendimiento suele ser bastante solitario pero ya no estás solo, cada día somos más los que trabajamos por cuenta propia. Conocer la historia detrás de grandes y pequeñas empresas te ayudará a tener una visión mucho más clara sobre como desarrollar tu modelo de negocio, así como las claves que necesita un emprendedor de hoy en día para construir una estrategia diferenciada que genere resultados y te permita brillar entre la multitud, logrando sacar a la luz al verdadero líder desconocido que llevas dentro, ¿alguna vez te has preguntado hasta donde eres capaz de llegar? Si quieres contactar conmigo o saber más sobre como puedo ayudarte, entra en www.agenciamiller.com, y si te gusta el programa no olvides dejarme una valoración de 5 estrellas y un comentario, ¡muchas gracias por estar al otro lado :) !
6 shows, 2 years ago
Emprendedor, en este programa vas a encontrar claves prácticas para hablar en público, mejorando tu oratoria y herramientas para superar tus miedos y controlar tus nervios. Soy Juan Carlos Jiménez Aznar, abogado, emprendedor y experto en oratoria. Ayudo a hablar en público a emprendedores dotándolos de técnicas para sacar el máximo partido a sus presentaciones y eliminar sus miedos. Para comenzar, accede a la web www.oratoriaparaemprendedores.com y descarga el ebook “Método Caletera” Si lo aplicas podrás afrontar con total garantía cualquier presentación en público; saberlo y no aplicarlo es la peor de las ignorancias. No puedo hacer milagros. Tengo un método que funciona pero requiere preparación. Si no practicas, no puedes hablar en público eficazmente, al menos no con este método. Solo te exigiré preparación, el resto te lo ofrezco.
4 shows, 4 years ago
Podcast by Vicent Martí
261 shows, 9 months ago
Resist Average Academy is a show for those who are ready to level up their lives and become their best selves. Using inspiring stories of both challenge, success, growth and learning from top visionaries, entrepreneurs and thought leaders, the academy's mission is to give you the knowledge to take inspired action with your life!
108 shows, 10 months ago
The Global Medical Device Podcast, powered by Greenlight Guru, is where today's brightest minds in the medical device industry go to get their most useful and actionable insider knowledge, direct from some of the world's leading medical device experts and companies.
5 shows, 4 years ago
Helping International Professionals to develop great English communication skills so they can achieve amazing career success. AHuffington Post Blogger who believes that language should never be a barrier to success.
100 shows, 9 months ago
Work From Your Happy Place is the podcast that equips you with the tools, know-how, and motivation to live your dreams and find your happy place. Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Podcaster, Belinda Ellsworth brings you conversations with others who have found their happy place in work and in life.
100 shows, 10 months ago
Project Management Insights delve below the surface of Project Management. We explore those areas that aren't covered in standard project management training. The aim is to up-skill you as a PM to be more effective as a leader and project manager. If you like to learn and be challenged, we're here to do that.
43 shows, 2 years ago
The Project Management Debate Podcast is a weekly podcast that explores different topics related to project management, transformation, strategy, and leadership. The format of this 20-25 minute podcast includes a key question that is debated by Philip and Mary Elizabeth Diab. The structure includes a brief introduction, opening statements, questions and answers, and closing statements. The podcast is hosted on SoundCloud and in the process of being published on the iTunes store. Listen and take part in the debate online.