300 shows, a year ago
The economy explained. Imagine you could call up a friend and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me what's going on with the economy." Now imagine that's actually a fun evening.
300 shows, a year ago
The economy explained. Imagine you could call up a friend and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me what's going on with the economy." Now imagine that's actually a fun evening.
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Mostly-daily updates on Drupal releases, community events, and other interesting things that Drupal community members should know about.
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La chronique d'Emmanuel Lechypre.
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Advertising Age's daily "3 Minute Ad Age" and other original video reports provide an ongoing look at news events, issues, personalities and trends in the rapidly changing national and international advertising, marketing and media industries. Produced by Hoag Levins.
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Bill Hall rounds up the day’s events, providing informed commentary on the markets and the forces that move them.
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Scotland's biggest names in business join our expert reporters and analysts in the studio to discuss the latest news north of the border
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Travel deal expert Jason Cochran shares tips and insight on the hottest destinations.
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This series of video podcasts is based upon a system for success developed by psychologist, Dr. Bill Crawford, (Ph.D.). The basic premise of this philosophy is that the reason we are less than effective is that the problems in our life trigger the release of certain stress-related chemicals that engage the lower 20% of our brain which is incapable of creative thinking. This results in feelings of stress, frustration, and the desire to either lash out or escape. What makes Dr. Crawford's "Top of the Mind" system unique and powerful is that it shows us how to change the chemical make-up of our body and shift to the upper 80% of our brain where we can access the clarity, confidence, and creativity necessary to bring our best to all aspects of life.
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Your Home Matters focuses on the most important purchase of your life: your home. Buying, selling, fixing it up or making those special changes to make it your own, you'll get the latest information you need from Rob, Mike and their expert guests.
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The Bank of England is the central bank of the United Kingdom. Sometimes known as the 'Old Lady' of Threadneedle Street, the Bank was founded in 1694, nationalised on 1 March 1946, and gained independence in 1997. Standing at the centre of the UK's financial system, the Bank is committed to promoting and maintaining monetary and financial stability as its contribution to a healthy economy.
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We are a leading, innovative provider of plastics solutions. We are "one company" with a strong customer orientation. We are aligned, high-performing and true to our values.
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Imagine a global financial firm with the heart and soul of a two-person organization. A world-leading wealth management company that sits down with you to understand your needs and goals. An award winning global investment bank and premier global asset management business dedicated to giving you the most personal attention at every level. You and us. Think of it as the most powerful two-person financial firm in the world.
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"This Week in the Boardroom" is a weekly video program designed to educate board members and C-suite executives on topics/issues that impact their operational and strategic decisions. The program is hosted by Corporate Board Member, in conjunction with NYSE Euronext, knowledge partners The Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) and Grant Thornton LLP, and contributing partners NIRI and the Society of Corporate Secretaries & Governance Professionals. In a world where political and regulatory changes are rapidly affecting directors' responsibilities, each program provides the ability for directors to receive succinct weekly briefings and advice necessary to make critical decisions benefitting company performance and shareholder value.
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OUT-LAW Radio, a weekly broadcast covering news and developments in technology law
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Le nuove tecnologie impiegate nel mondo dello show business presentate da All Areas TV, uno strumento indispensabile per l'aggiornamento professionale e per soddisfare una sana... curiosità...
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High-quality, dependable, real-time media processing is finally here. But the question remains: what will you do with it? And what impact will it have on the industry at large? We will set out together to answer these questions in an on-going program created for and by engineers called GIPS Real-Time. Hosted by Craig Syverson, Real-Time is an insider�??s view into the minds of today�??s most innovative engineers, entrepreneurs and industry heavyweights in the VoIP space.
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Venture capitalist David Hornik, author of the popular VentureBlog, and Howard Hartenbaum, a partner with David at August Capital, take a random talk down Sand Hill Road with conversations, interviews and conference reports around the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial scene.
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Utah is in a perfect position to come through the economic storm with strength and stability. The state boasts one of the strongest economies in the nation, thanks to a dynamic workforce, a favorable business environment, vast resources and a high capacity to create innovative ideas. Highlighted by Governor Jon Huntsman's address, the summit covers topics ranging from the strength of the Utah marketplace to driving a business in the digital revolution. These tools assist Utah companies navigate obstacles, survive now and prepare for when a recovery begins.
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POWER-GEN exhibitions and conferences are the industry leaders in providing comprehensive coverage of trends, technologies and issues facing the generation sector. As the need to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively becomes increasingly important, no other events bridge challenges with solutions like the POWER-GEN series of exhibitions and conferences.
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A series of speakers at public meetings of the Innovation Resource Network - topics include invention, innovation, patents, trademarks, designs, startups and more.
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This podcast discusses how drones, or small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) can help you on the farm and in many other types of agricultural purposes. Drones can be as large as a 747 or as small as a bumble bee. The kind we discuss on this channel are the small type, which tend to be around 50lbs. or less with either fixed wing or rotor-type. These little systems can be programmed to take pictures of crops and reveal problems and opportunities. Some farmers have also found that the picture quality is so good that they know exactly where to spray pesticides to kill rodents and other pests. The bottom line is that drones can help decrease costs and increase crop yields.
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The Advanced Profit Management and Best Practices for the Distribution Executive is a series of trainings, interviews, strategies and tactics presented by Randy MacLean and Bruce Merrifield of WayPoint Analytics. WayPoint Analytics is the leading business-costing and profitability analysis software, and the only cloud-based system available. WayPoint Analytics shows businesses where they are making (and losing) substantially more profit than they are ever aware of. Waypoint's experts work closely with management teams to develop action plans that capture these massive but hidden profit gains already existing in the business. Using WayPoint Analytics Systems commonly results in 100% to 150% in profit gains for their typical client. Visit www.WayPointAnalytics.com or call (480) 426-9955 for more information.
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Hosts Nicole Jansen and Nick Pereira explore ways to help you reach your full potential.
28 shows,
Host Joel Metzger talks with business owners, CEOS, and community leaders in the Los Angeles area.
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TotalPicture interviews with keynote speakers, best-selling authors, HR and talent acquisition practitioners, and vendors in HR technology, Talent Acquisition, Staffing, Leadership and Innovation to provide cutting-edge content and actionable information to our listeners. We cover many of the leading industry conferences including, SHRM, HCI, Recruiting Trends, and HR Tech.
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This is a list of available podcasts for Canadian Companies hosted and distributed by CNW Group.
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This is a list of available podcasts for Imperial Oil Limited hosted and distributed by CNW Group.
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Watch MSNBC's "Your Business" video podcast. Host JJ Ramberg focuses on the world of America's small business entrepreneurs, featuring profiles, news, advice and tips. Updated Mondays by MSNBC.com, the podcast brings you a highlighted segment from the show. For more from "Your Business" visit http://yourbusiness.msnbc.com
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Fortune magazine polls the CEOs, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in the world of business and entertainment about the piece of advice that most impacted their lives.
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The Business of Green series focuses on the intersection of business and sustainability. Fortune's editors and host Olivia Zaleski look at the people and companies driving change and solutions for today's business leaders.
6 shows, 11 years ago
Fortune Magazine editors talk with company executives about new trends in business.
6 shows, 11 years ago
Fortune Senior Writer Michael Copeland discovers startups with the potential to overturn existing industries or open up entirely new markets.
6 shows, 11 years ago
Fortune Magazine writers discuss the newest trends in technology and online in this weekly video podcast.
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Too busy today to read all the news on MiningConnection.com? Download the podcast and listen to the latest headlines while you are on the go.
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GenXpense.com, an interactive web site offering important tools a young person needs to skillfully manage their finances, now and into the future. If the recent state of the economy hasnt taught todays younger generations a valuable lesson in money management, GenXpense.com does. It educates users about the latest financial issues that may be affecting them through on-demand, video streaming technology. A series of videos, with network-quality content, appears the moment one accesses the site. Featuring people ages 16-34 in dialogue with leaders from the insurance and banking industries, each video tackles important topics such as saving, investing, student loans, tax preparation, living, insurance and retirement planning.
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AdvisorToday.com's podcast provides practical information, sales ideas, resources and business strategies to help insurance and financial advisors succeed.
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Official podcast of the 2013 Audi Annual Report.
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Talking Investment and stock market News.
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Federated Electrical Contractor Podcast. A resource for more information about FEC.
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Get Federated's latest thinking about top-of-mind economic topics, recent market developments and investing trends. Our experienced investment professionals offer their insights in straightforward, approachable audio or video podcasts. Federated Investors, Inc. (NYSE: FII) is one of the largest investment managers in the United States. Federated provides comprehensive investment management to thousands of institutions and intermediaries including corporations, government entities, insurance companies, foundations and endowments, banks and broker/dealers. For more information, visit us at FederatedInvestors.com. Copyright © 2014, Federated Investors, Inc.
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FISCOeTASSE.com presenta una serie di consigli utili per il cittadino che vuole sempre tenersi informato sulle ultime novità in ambito fiscale. Dai suggerimenti per la dichiarazione dei redditi alle novità della Finanziaria, tutti gli argomenti vengono presentati con un linguaggio semplice e diretto, grazie anche ai consigli di un esperto commercialista.
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Call To Windows Users is a podcast that dedicates it's content specifically to the Windows community. Daniel J. Sellers from Imaginate Productions will be your host. Daniel covers Windows related topics such as operating systems, system and network security, and Windows media which includes consumer electronics. Also, we will be interviewing experts in the Microsoft Windows community along with answering your questions.
1 shows, 13 years ago
Call To Windows Users is a podcast that dedicates it's content specifically to the Windows community. Daniel J. Sellers from Imaginate Productions will be your host. Daniel covers Windows related topics such as operating systems, system and network security, and Windows media which includes consumer electronics. Also, we will be interviewing experts in the Microsoft Windows community along with answering your questions.
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“Freedom and Prosperity Commentary with Charles Goyette” is a political and financial podcast that reveals the real story on the U.S.’s political scene and economic climate, as well as actionable advice to protect wealth and restore prosperity.
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Former Congressman and America’s leading advocate for freedom, Ron Paul is one of the most popular public figures of our day. The popular former presidential candidate shares his thoughts and opinions on the issues of the day in his weekly 10-minute podcast.
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The economy explained. Imagine you could call up a friend and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me what's going on with the economy." Now imagine that's actually a fun evening.
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Exploring the remarkable benefits of an ethical workplace and classroom. Also, how creating an ethical environment can help us address the three major crises of our time, namely, the crisis of pervasive cheating; the crisis of corruption; and the crisis of those who look away as those around them cheat and act corruptly. We can only address these crises by effective and inspirational leadership and by creating ethical workplaces and classrooms. Quite apart from the absolute necessity of addressing these crises, creating these ethical environments is also simply just good business. Michael Friedlander is an international business attorney, corporate executive, author and speaker. Originally from South Africa, he has lived and worked in Johannesburg, London, Zurich, Paris, Montreal prior to moving to Los Angeles in 1979. As an attorney and business executive, he has conducted business in almost every major commercial center in the world. Both through his legal and executive experience, he has seen how ethics can add remarkable value to any business. In the mid-1990s, he served as CEO of an international music company. Its radio programming was syndicated in 30 countries. Michael negotiated a global sponsorship agreement with Nescafe. In 2005, he was invited to serve as the CEO of an international architectural design company. The firm had offices in Venice, California, Amsterdam, 
Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Seoul. In 2008, Michael left the architectural firm to complete his now critically acclaimed book, “Detecting the Scam: Nelson Mandela’s Gift.” In the book, he explores Nelson Mandela’s remarkable leadership and negotiating skills. He shows how, had we used his approach to negotiation and leadership, we would have been in a better position to detect and avoid the high-profile scams.