Blood Type Diet, Earthing, Over-Training & More - Ep. 168

9/26/2017, 4:30:00 AM , duration(0:0:2)
Health/Fitness & Nutrition Health Health/Alternative Health
<p><a href= ""> Click here for the show notes</a></p> <p>Please leave us a review at <a href= ""></a></p> <p>Join our <a href= "">OSF Facebook Group</a></p> <p> </p> <p>This week, Devon and I took some time to answer questions submitted to us by members of our <a href= "">Open Sky Fitness Facebook Group.</a></p> <p>We discussed a huge variety of different topics from the Blood Type Diet to Earthing to discussing the great debate of what's better - free weights or machines? Plus, you'll find out how to you know when you're over-training and how to get past the all or nothing mentality around being healthy.</p> <p>If you have any health questions that you want answered, our Facebook group is an incredible resource. It's become an awesome community of people who want to share their best health advice while helping others succeed.</p>