Bigger Than Bacon

5/10/2016, 3:00:00 AM , duration(0:0:2)
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<p class="p1">Today's story is a mystery, shockingly hot, and vanishingly tiny. </p> <p class="p1">It starts with a sound, rising like a mist from the marsh, around a dock in South Carolina. But where it goes next - from submarines to superheroes (and yes, Keanu Reeves!); from the surface of the sun to the middle of the brain - is far from expected. Producer Molly Webster brings her family along for the ride. Enjoy the adventure, before it...implodes. </p> <p class="p1"><em>Produced by Molly Webster and Annie McEwen. Reported by Molly Webster. Guest sound designer, Jeremy Bloom.</em></p> <p><em>Special thanks to </em><em>Kullervo Hynynen, </em><em>James Bird, and </em><em>Lawrence Crum. </em></p> <p>After you listen to the episode (spoiler alerts):</p> <p>Wanna see the shrimp bubble in super slowmo? Check it out<a href=""> here</a> (and note, of the 1,400 views on this video, producer Molly Webster probably comprises 752).</p> <p>If you want to see cavitation bubbles form, and think you might enjoy watching it happen in French, <a href="">check this out</a> - the high frame rate makes these shots divine. </p> <p>Bigger Better Bubbles </p> <p>Before Dave Stein, soap bubbles were round, smallish, and collapsed with a pop. Now, they are anything but. </p> <p>Today we explore the story of one man, who - in an instant, changed the art of bubble blowing and what it means to be a bubble forever. </p> <p><em>Produced by Simon Adler</em></p> <em>Special thanks to Megan Colby Parker, Gary Pearlman, David Erk, Rick Findley and everyone who came out to blow giant bubbles with us in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. </em> <p><em>You can hear <a href="">Jad's bubble dance party song here</a></em></p> <p> </p> <p> </p>