Best Of: Tony Shalhoub / Journalist Recalls 2.5 Years Kidnapped By Pirates

8/4/2018, 12:00:49 AM , duration(0:0:3)
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After being kidnapped in Somalia, journalist Michael Scott Moore was desperate to escape. But jumping off the deck of a boat didn't work. "They found me eventually with the search lights," he says. He tells 'Fresh Air' about how he was beaten and considered suicide before eventually being released for ransom. Moore's book is 'The Desert and the Sea.'<br/><br/>TV critic David Bianculli reviews 'Better Call Saul' season 4, which begins Monday, Aug. 6. <br/><br/>Former 'Monk' star Tony Shalhoub recently won a Tony award for his role in 'The Band's Visit' and is up for an Emmy for 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.' He talks to 'Fresh Air' about why the film 'Big Night' was a turning point in his career.