Best Of: Filmmaker Boots Riley / Flint Pediatrician Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha

7/7/2018, 12:00:00 AM , duration(0:0:2)
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Riley's new film 'Sorry To Bother You' is a social and political satire inspired by his time as a telemarketer. Riley is the son of grassroots activists and the frontman for the hip-hop band The Coup, a self-described "revolutionary music collective." Also, TV critic David Bianculli reviews​ the HBO limited series 'Sharp Objects​,​​'​ starring Amy Adams.​ ​ ​After warning of elevated lead levels in her patients' blood in Flint, Mich., Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha faced a backlash. Her new book, 'What the Eyes Don't See,' is about exposing the crisis, the activist movement, and her personal story as the daughter of Iraqi immigrants.