Asian-Americans Talk About Racism, and We Listen - Part 1

6/28/2018, 8:00:00 AM , duration(0:0:2)
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<p>This week and next, we’re doing something different. After witnessing an awful instance of anti-Asian racism at a movie theater, we couldn’t stop thinking about how this type of racism is rampant in American culture, both on&nbsp;the&nbsp;screen and off. At first, we wanted to talk about it. But then, we realized that we needed to listen.</p><p>For the next two episodes, we hand the microphones over to our Asian-American colleagues, friends&nbsp;and listeners to hear about their experiences with racism. From Pablo Torre (of ESPN) to Emily Yoshida (of Vulture) to Parul Sehgal (of&nbsp;The Times) and more, we hear about childhood traumas, politicization, pop culture&nbsp;and hierarchies of oppression as they relate to Asian-American identity. The ideas are varied and complicated, conflicting and nuanced&nbsp;—&nbsp;which makes sense for a hugely diverse community that makes up almost&nbsp;6&nbsp;percent of the American population. We’ll bring you the second part of this two-part series next week.</p>