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The Creative Superheroes podcast is a place to gather inspiration and learn from a wide range of authors, artists, coaches and teachers. What they all have in common is the ability to teach us how to be more brave, feel more alive and treat ourselves (and others) with more compassion. Andrea Scher - best known for her award-winning blog Superhero Journal - is passionate about the sweet spot where creativity and personal growth intersect. Let's cultivate our superpowers together! and ultimately create more joyful lives.
4 shows, 7 months ago
This is the My Midlife Crisis Podcast by Matt Bock.
152 shows, 13 days ago
Style Matters is all about the substance behind developing a personal style in your home and surrounding yourself with beauty in a way that is meaningful. We interview top stylists, designers, artisans and tastemakers both nationally and internationally about why style matters to them. The guests we interview each week inspire us creatively, and give us insight into why the art of home making is so powerful. To continue the conversation on why style matters, sign up for our monthly newsletter, packed with photos, stories, tips and resources, at www.littleyellowcouch.com.
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A podcast with a focus on fashion history
8 shows,
Seattle's own 'action figure librarian' and best-selling author Nancy Pearl sits down each month with top writers from around the country for conversations about books and the process and art of writing. There's no one better qualified than Nancy to discuss books and writing, bringing an informed reader's perspective to lively conversation and in-depth dialogs about all things literary.
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Modular Synth Talk
20 shows,
Podcast de la Sociedad Tolkien Española, donde podréis encontrar todo lo relacionado con Tolkien y la Tierra Media, desde las novelas hasta videojuegos, juegos de mesa, lecturas de cuentos, entrevistas, canciones y ¡mucho más! Se permiten todos los comentarios en los programas, pero se moderaran aquellos que contengan insultos o términos ofensivos.
19 shows,
Primera y segunda temporada del podcast oficial de La Luna de Endor: Refugio del Jedi Espacio en el que os informaremos de temas que nos dejemos por su contenido más extenso, libros cómics, videojuegos, otras noticias y rumores, y debates 100% en Español.
50 shows, 20 days ago
Kunst auf die Ohren
20 shows,
Letras y Notas, es un programa cultural de radio, dirigido y presentado por Eva Santamaría. ¡¡No te pierdas este programa que profundiza en la cultura y la lengua a través de los libros y la música!! 90 minutos entre palabras, versos y canciones con distintos personajes de todos los ámbitos a quienes conocemos más a fondo a través de la literatura y la música de su vida.
95 shows, 9 days ago
Augustin Trapenard propose un rendez-vous culturel, pop et piquant, qui puise dans l'actualité comme dans l'air du temps.
250 shows, 11 days ago
The go to Podcast for a huge variety of macabre, and uniquely different stories! With the goal to support authors and convert listeners into writers; this is truly a Storytelling Podcast. With Old Time Radio shows, Creepypasta and Nosleep, myth and legend, listener stories both true and fiction, and horror stories with a twist. This daily show also covers crpytids, science fiction, and conducts research on topics from around the world both strange and bizarre. Over 280+ episodes and growing, join to experience something different every single day. Turn the lights off, the sound up, and get ready for something different!
88 shows, 11 days ago
Channeling both beauty and bitchiness, Mic and Morgan take their dear listeners on a journey through all things Pop Culture, under the microscope Our specialties lie in judging all things Fantasy, but we will explore our opinions on TV, Film, Books + More!
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The audio companion to our GardenFork.TV video show, we talk about an eclectic mix of DIY, Food, Gardening, Cooking, Home Improvement and Beekeeping.
51 shows, a year ago
The purpose of this podcast is to share the stories and food recipes of the people who uncover our shared past-the field archaeologist. The field archaeologists is a unique individual. Their work is to excavate, recover, and survey our human past. In some sense they are modern-day nomads following the seasonal cycle of available work across the globe. Like all nomads they have few personal possessions and only live at one location for a short period of time. This non-traditional life is challenging in terms of having a “normal life” but with it comes unique experiences that few people get to enjoy. For the field archaeologist one of the most important experiences of their day is the shared evening meal. The evening meal is probably the most important part of the day. This is when everyone comes together and shares food. Like traditional family meals this is when the day is discussed, stories are shared, and food is enjoyed. Food is culture. It defines who we are and it is one of the cultural artifacts that brings people together. For the field archaeologist there are memories involved in the making and eating food that we the editors of this blog believe that are important to share with the world. What better way to learn and experience archaeology then from the women and men doing the hard work- the field archaeologist!
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fine art, critical culture
9 shows, a year ago
This is a very small podcast. It is teeny. On it - here - this - you will find small things, read simply. I hope these things entertain you and/or make you think. This podcast is an exercise in simplicity.
28 shows, a year ago
Mark Scarbrough hosts Lyric Life and devotes each podcast to one lyric poem--reading it, exploring it, softly searching for its meaning, all before putting it back together for one last read. You may have read some of these poems in college. Or you may know nothing about poetry. No matter, come share a passion for lyric poetry.
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The weekly podcast features Too $hort and his co-host Bobby Loco, and a wide range of guests including Too Short's celebrity friends, social media influencers, taste makers, moguls, athletes, and many more. It wouldn't be a Too Short show without beautiful women, each episode includes the "BoomBox Girls" Leli Hernandez and Evelyn Gonzalez who liven up the party and ask the questions that the ladies want to hear.
38 shows, 12 days ago
A London-based podcast about book clubs and the books that get you talking. Listen in as Kate & Laura chat about the book read most recently by one of their book clubs (What did we make of it? Did it spark debate?), interview other book clubs (from the Muriel Spark Challenge to the Radical Reading Group), or dive into their own reading lists.
36 shows, a month ago
New Year, New Format! For Season 3 we here at Book.Record.Beer have decided to return to form and combine book, record, and beer into one show again while also doing our best to cover a song from the record. Now, join us THE LAST FRIDAY of the month for our usual cast focused on a book, album, and beer, along with our cover of one of the songs from the record will hit the airwaves. Please don't hesitate to send feedback and suggestions to our social media accounts on both Twitter and Instagram. And as always, Book.Record.Beer is hosted by Philadelphian teachers, writers and musicians, Nick Mehalick, Daniel DiFranco, and Nick Gregorio and we thank you for listening.
10 shows, 3 months ago
Are you ready for your dose of motivation? Well you're in the right place. The motivation movement is a community of people just like you who want to crush it in their daily lives. Tune in daily as Michael Russo shares quotes, stories, interviews, and advice to help you find your path and breakthrough on all of your goals.
50 shows, 13 years ago
The Common Man Progrum (weekdays, noon-3:00 p.m.) is hip and now, with it and wow.
43 shows, 12 years ago
Sunday Sermons
4 shows, 3 years ago
Rob Laing talks to the chefs creating the best plant-based food. Whether you call that “vegetable-forward”, “plant-based cuisine” or just good food, the trend is undeniable and goes beyond being vegan or vegetarian. Plant Gourmet talks to these chefs in detail on topics like running plant-based restaurants, recipes and menu development, food issues, health and diet, the environment, animal rights, ingredients, suppliers, the food scene, new technology, culinary and hospitality trends and more.
61 shows, 2 months ago
A new weekly Podcast Co-Hosted by 4 friends living in LA who happen to be... "30 Something, Black, and Gay." Witty, sometimes petty, insightful, and always opinionated; these 4 take no prisoners when it comes to commentating on current events, celebrity gossip, the entertainment industry, love, and relationships.
50 shows,
The Free Library Podcast is an easy way to participate in the author events and lectures that take place at the Parkway Central Library. Visit Author Events to find upcoming events.
20 shows, a year ago
The True Crimie / Comedy podcast YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE! We recap your favorite true crime documentaries with humor, sass, and a well timed garbage bell. So many garbage People, so Little time.
158 shows, 12 days ago
The Podcast for Art Teachers
3 shows, 2 years ago
A storytelling podcast dedicated to the stories behind the great books of the past. On the show, I explore the inner conflicts and adverse circumstances that have shaped authors' lives, from antiquity to the twentieth century, one author at a time. Together, we'll uncover the long-forgotten mysteries and dramas behind the greatest literary works, the heartache and anger and joy behind all those books that still speak to us today. Visit my website, www.inviolablevoices.com, for more information.
44 shows, 9 days ago
Transom.org is an experiment in channeling new work and voices to public radio through the internet, and for discussing that work, and encouraging more. Our podcast offers some tasty little audio morsels to go.
99 shows, 13 days ago
Come take a trip down Boomer Boulevard: it's Memory Lane for Baby Boomers -- but everyone is welcome! Listen to stories, nostalgia and old time radio programs we actually remember -- shows like Gunsmoke, Our Miss Brooks, Have Gun-Will Travel, Ozzie & Harriet and many more! Your host Bob Bro is a story-teller and nostalgia buff whose shows have been featured on numerous venues since 2008. Join Bob as he shares his favorite memories about growing up in the 1950s & '60s. Come along and cruise with us down Boomer Boulevard!
43 shows, 2 years ago
Welcome, to a podcast filled to the brim with ancient stories from far away lands. Looking for older episodes? Visit our website.
9 shows, 3 years ago
Podcast do canal Livro dos Contos no YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/LivroDosContos
62 shows, 10 days ago
»Lesung« ist ein Podcast in dem Klassikerausschnitte, philosophische Werke und Gedichte u.a. von Goethe, Trakl, Heine, Kant, Nietzsche und Lessing von Elisa Demonkí gelesen werden. »Das Wort sei die Macht in deinem Ohr, dein Gefühl zu akzeptieren und neu zu erleben.«
38 shows, 10 days ago
Rachel Corbett interviews well-known media personalities and celebrities to find out exactly what it takes to make it in show business.
21 shows, 7 months ago
Book Club Appetizer is the snackable podcast to help you kick off your book club meetings or enhance your solo reading adventures. Every month, hosts Abbe and Emma—two book addicts from Read It Forward—select a tantalizing book that’s ripe for discussion, then recap the plot and characters, and invite the author into the studio for an interview and a brief reading.
53 shows,
36 shows, 24 days ago
Interviews mit Musikern, Schriftstellern, Künstlern und Philosophen finden viel zu oft in sterilen Hotellobbys oder öden Büros statt. Man sitzt sich den Hintern platt und knabbert trockene Kekse. Also sagt sich der Kölner Radiojournalist Christian Möller: Rausgehen! Rumlaufen! Reden! An Orten, die mit den Interviewpartnern zu tun haben: Wohnviertel, Geburtsstadt, Lieblingsplatz. Denn die guten Gedanken kommen im Gehen. | Eine Produktion von Viertausendhertz.
56 shows, 6 years ago
Selected Doctor Who related news stories delivered sonically! Selected Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, and other related news. Hosted by Louis Trapani (of Doctor Who: Podshock). A production of Art Trap Productions. See other podcasts at arttrap.com.
214 shows, 3 years ago
This is Vox Tablet, the weekly podcast of Tablet Magazine, the online Jewish arts and culture magazine that used to be known as Nextbook.org. Our archive of podcasts is available on our site, tablet2015.wpengine.com. Vox Tablet, hosted by Sara Ivry, varies widely in subject matter and sound -- one week it's a conversation with novelist Michael Chabon, theater critic Alisa Solomon, or anthropologist Ruth Behar. Another week brings the listener to "the etrog man" hocking his wares at a fruit-juice stand in a Jersualem market. Or into the hotel room with poet and rock musician David Berman an hour before he and his band, Silver Jews, head over to their next gig. Recent guests include Alex Ross, Shalom Auslander, Aline K. Crumb, Howard Jacobson, and the late Norman Mailer.
12 shows, 5 years ago
Listen on-the-go. Audio files of books, magazine articles, on a variety of topics. Visit us at iTunes.
76 shows, 10 months ago
We're Jimi (@asinhendrix) and Tommy (@MusicalMash) and we're obsessed with musical theatre. Like, really, we won't shut up about it. And now YOU get to listen, too! If you're looking for two diehard musical theatre nerds babbling on about Sondheim, then this is the podcast for you!
468 shows, a year ago
Every Friday Night on Ras Radio
113 shows, 7 months ago
Welcome to the Road to Full-Time Photography Podcast. This updated podcast is dedicated to those who are wanting to start and run a successful photography business as well as those who just have a general interest in photography. We will cover all kinds of business tips specifically for photographers and share all my experiences while still running a photography business myself!
26 shows, 9 months ago
ORIGINS is a bi-weekly podcast that shares the story behind legend and lore, written and produced by award-winning author Jaimie Engle. You can learn more about her books, read show notes, and research through provided links by visiting podcastORIGINS.com, where as a show sponsor your products and services will reach thousands of new customers.
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Vi oppsummerer kulturuka hver fredag, med faste, friske og freidige paneldeltakere Programledere er Birger Kolsrud Jåsund og Ugo Fermariello.
2619 shows,
Kulturnytt er et nyhetsprogram som dekker kulturlivet: Kunst, litteratur, film, musikk, underholdning, medier og kulturpolitikk. Vi anmelder kunst, litteratur, film, scenekunst og musikk. Vi sender i P2 Nyhetsmorgen mellom 08.03 og 09.00 mandag til fredag.