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Podcast by BespokenPodcasting.com
3 shows, 2 years ago
The Vault of Lovecraft on Soundcloud is now closing. But you can still get free access the stories. Just search online or with your app for The Vault of Lovecraft and you should find the other - and complete - collection.
17 shows, 10 years ago
The Jesus Christ Show airs every Sunday morning from 8-11 a.m. on KFI AM 640. Tune in to find out why the young and old from all over the world listen for answers to life's toughest questions. Hosted by Jesus Christ and produced by Neil Saavedra.
44 shows, 5 months ago
Laura Tremaine is not the smartest person in the room, but she knows who is.
22 shows,
Radio-ficción, relatos y verdades incómodas... La distancia más corta entre nosotros y la verdad es un cuento.
352 shows, a month ago
Your Creative Push is the podcast that pushes YOU to pursue your creative passion, even though you have a busy, full-time life. Twice a week, Youngman Brown interviews artists, musicians, writers, photographers, graphic designers, and other inspirational creative individuals in an attempt to get them to inspire you to put aside your excuses and START DOING WORK. Each artist opens up to YOU, revealing the things that hold THEM back on a daily basis, and how they FIGHT THROUGH IT. They then give you one final push, in an attempt to motivate you to start doing work as soon as the episode is over. If you have a full-time job or full-time responsibilities and WISH that you had the COURAGE and MOTIVATION to FINALLY do that thing that has been on your mind, this podcast is for you!
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Una breve descrizione del tuo podcast.
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Der Podcast Literatur - SWR2 lesenswert bietet Orientierungshilfe in der Flut der Neuerscheinungen. Besprochen werden aus den Bereichen Literatur und Sachbuch die wichtigen aktuellen Bücher, aber auch weniger bekannte Werke, die SWR2 für Sie entdeckt. Außerdem finden Sie im Podcast Gespräche und Lesungen mit Autorinnen und Autoren, die Diskussionen der SWR Bestenliste, Features zu Literaturthemen und die Erzählung, die exklusiv für SWR2 geschrieben wird.
211 shows,
Ask questions, vote and discover answers about Chicago, the region and its people. From WBEZ.
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Lamplighter is a paranormal centered podcast that interviews interesting people about compelling topics. My name is Josh, and while I like concentrating on the paranormal (Bigfoot, UFOs, Ghosts, etc.) I also like going deep on interesting theories and topics (Conspiracies, Psychedelics, Bitcoin, etc.).
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The Backstory to Great Radio Storytelling
25 shows,
A wry take on real life in Hollywood.
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歴史や創作物、近現代まで個性的な生き方の人物エピソードを取り上げて紹介する番組です。終了番組「ベアアタック怪奇ラジオ」「ベアアタック奇談ラジオ」の後継番組で配信者は竹姫。固定のパーソナリティに、えい。サポートでしげもり。過去音源は怪奇・奇談ともにnoteのhttps://note.mu/bearattackart にて全てDL販売を開始いたしました。twitter:@kidanradio mail:bearattackart@gmail.com
28 shows, 2 years ago
The Poetry Gods are here to show you how to not be wack in 2016 & beyond. Interviews and stories about the people behind the poems. You don't have to love poetry to love the show. Hosted by Aziza Barnes, Jon Sands, and José Olivarez. Artwork by Jess X. Chen. If you dig the show, share the link.
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British Council Tea Time
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Davi Giordano é artista, coach, escritor e professor. Em sua trajetória profissional desenvolve trabalhos no campo do teatro, da performance, do audiovisual, da internet e dos meios de comunicação. Com base em seus projetos autorais na empresa Produções Criativas Giordano entrelaça Arte, Criatividade e Desenvolvimento Pessoal. Mestre em Performance Art e doutorando em Artes Cênicas. Já trabalhou para importantes empresas, produtoras culturais, artistas e instituições educacionais. Autor de livros, roteiros e conteúdos diversos direcionados para programas culturais, rádios, cursos web, palestras etc. Seus trabalhos artísticos já foram apresentados no Brasil, na Argentina, nos Estados Unidos e na França.
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Hysteria 51 is a weekly “odd-cast” that takes an every-man approach to conspiracy theories, mysteries, the unusual, and the unexplained. Hosts John Goforth, Brent Hand, and Conspiracy Bot (a cranky robot bent on world domination who also happens to be the show’s head researcher) examine a different topic each week and generally come to one conclusion…the truth is out there, but you won’t find it here.
304 shows, a month ago
Your Paranormal News source. All Odd, Strange, Weird, Unexplained and Fun Stories!
153 shows, 3 years ago
Official Podcast of the Cum Boys. Hosted by Nick Mullen (@nickmullen) and Stavros Halkias (@stavcomedy), two PROFESSIONAL comedians, folks. Also featuring Adam Friedland (the girl of the show).
100 shows, 3 years ago
¡Un podcast de historietas para la imaginacion! Cuentos, fabulas, e historias para toda la familia!
104 shows,
Programa dedicado a interpretar relatos de Misterio, Terror y Suspense que han escrito autores diversos y que en su época marcaron un hito.
37 shows,
Peter Sagal of Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me joins Greta Johnsen and Tricia Bobeda of Nerdette weekly to scrutinize the latest Game of Thrones episode.
0 shows, a year ago
Hosts Brian Verderosa, Nick Scalia and Chris Oliphant try to see more and learn more about film in this in-depth movie discussion podcast, a continuation of their long-running show, Talking Movies.
30 shows, a month ago
Reviews for the hottest movies of the year from IGN. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at www.spokenedition.com
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Reportasjer fra steder med betydelige kunstverk.
100 shows, 4 months ago
The official podcast of Milwaukee Record. Music, culture, gentle sarcasm.
28 shows, 3 years ago
In this podcast, Samantha Meeker, the owner of Artevaggio.com, is focused on delivering artist interviews and marketing & selling your artwork online. Samantha will deliver weekly interviews and tips on how to sell your artwork online, market to galleries & other venues, tips on art competitions, tips on creating the best online website, how to sell art in social media and much more.
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Every week Alice Fraser, chronic thinker, comedian, ex lawyer and cambridge graduate drinks tea and solves the world. With a rotating cast of bright and brilliant guests.
303 shows, 25 days ago
Der Podcast SWR2 Interviews bündelt das SWR2 Tagesgespräch und das SWR2 Interview der Woche.Von Montag bis Samstag werden Persönlichkeiten aus Politik, Wissenschaft, Kultur, Wirtschaft, Kirche und Gesellschaft zu aktuellen Themen befragt. Sendezeiten: SWR2 Tagesgespräch - Mo bis Fr, 7.31 bis 7.36 Uhr; SWR2 Interview der Woche Sa, 18.30 bis 18.40 Uhr.
5 shows, 25 days ago
Íslensk ástandsbörn þurftu mörg hver að þola mikla fordóma og erfið uppvaxtarár vegna uppruna síns. Viktoría Hermannsdóttir ræðir við ástandsbörn, börn íslenskra kvenna og erlendra hermanna, og skoðar hið svokallaða Ástand á hernámsárunum, með þeirra augum.
213 shows, a year ago
Collider is the ultimate entertainment platform for the true fan, providing access to the most engaging movie, television, and gaming content from a host of trusted social influencers. Every week Collider will be providing new episodes of content from all their shows on this Factory feed. Subscribe here to get our latest movie reviews, takes on the breaking news from the industry, film commentaries, editorials, and our weekly film podcast hosted by Collider.com Senior Film Editor Matt Goldberg.
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En Fin
391 shows, 25 days ago
Host Ray Harkins dives deep with creators of independent culture from musicians, artists and other interesting people to find out what inspires them, how they came to be and many other unexpected places.
20 shows,
20 shows,
Podcast de audioficción donde dramatizamos en ficción sonora, audiolibro o audio-relato historias de horror, suspense, fantástico o ciencia ficción de maestros clásicos y contemporáneos, así como de autores emergentes. ¿Escuchas terror? Somos un proyecto sin ánimo de lucro que persigue el tributo y difusión de las obras y autores adaptados. No pretendemos infracción alguna de los derechos de autor y recomendamos la compra de la obra original. Por otro lado, buscamos realizar junto a esta labor cultural, una labor social, facilitando el acceso a las grandes obras de la literatura universal del terror y la ciencia ficción a personas que ya sea por razones económicas o por razones físicas (personas invidentes), tienen dificultades para acceder a ellas. Si quieres apoyar, libremente, este proyecto cultural y social, puedes hacerte mecenas de Terror y Nada Más y disfrutar de audioficciones exclusivas. Pulsa Apoyar y súmate así a nuestra Suscripción para Fans. Síguenos en Twitter, Facebook e Instagram para conocer las mejores efemérides y noticias del cine, las series y la literatura que te gustan.
20 shows,
www.fenixoscuro.com El Vuelo del Fénix es un programa de radio que se emite en Montcada Radio los lunes de las 21:00 a las 22:00 horas y que puedes encontrar todos los programas emitidos y descargarlos des de este mismo blog o desde la plataforma ivoox. Se le puede llamar subcultura, cultura alternativa, friki o dispersa... o simplemente todo aquello que nos hace vibrar y soñar: la literatura, el cine, el rol, los juegos, el comic,... Donde los géneros de ciencia ficción y la fantasía cogen protagonismo. Autor: El vuelo del Fénix/
39 shows, 2 years ago
La Colina de Avalon es el programa semanal de juegos de tablero, cartas, dados, fichas, rol y otros vicios, por Paco Gurney y C.J. Navas en Podstar.FM. Cada semana te traemos las últimas noticias del mundo de los tableros, entrevistas, diferentes secciones y nuestras recomendaciones.
163 shows,
73 shows, a year ago
Official podcast of the Ephemeral Rift YouTube Channel where I share my thoughts, observations, perspective and personal experiences on a variety of topics ranging from the everyday mundane to politics, and as of November 2017 featuring music from various genres. YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/EphemeralRift Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/EphemRadio/
964 shows,
Til deg som ikke vil være alene med alle de der store og små tankene. To programledere og en gjest lager en lang samtale om livet. Med Torkil Risan, Christine Lossius Thorin, Ragnhild Laukholm Sandvik og Jørgen Strickert.
17 shows,
Wiretap is two guys’ journey to discover their actual beliefs. Full of friendly arguing, fervent narcissism, and abounding faggotry, each episode begins with one of us asking the other a question. A question about politics, culture, or whatever is on our mind. A question unbeknownst until the time of its asking.
7 shows, 10 months ago
Podcast by CultureVoice: The Marketing of Arts and Culture
25 shows,
Scheer Intelligence features thoughtful and provocative conversations with "American Originals" -- people who, through a lifetime of engagement with political issues, offer unique and often surprising perspectives on the day's most important issues.
64 shows, 10 months ago
Join us on an enlightening ride of conversation, from comedy to family, current events, music, politics, social issues and more. While topics will cover any and everything you can think of, the show will always feature the unique perspectives of celebrities, politicians and everyday folk. Celebrity guests include Julia Louis Dreyfus, Jordan Peele, Rashida Jones, RuPaul, Katy Segal, Judd Apatow, Brian Grazer, Amy Poehler, Charles Barkley, Lilly Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, and more. At ninety-five years old, World War II veteran, writer, producer, director, and creator of such legendary sitcoms as All In The Family, Good Times, One Day at a Time, The Jeffersons, Maude, and many others that defined and revolutionized American television, Lear brings his progressive and boundary-moving voice to the microphone with this rare and intimate weekly conversation.
20 shows,
Lectura de El Hobbit, de J.R.R. Tolkien. Versión de Ed. Minotauro, traducida por Manuel Figueroa. Narrada por Daniel Miguel.
30 shows, a year ago
Your daily arts & culture update, brought to you by Slate. Hear more Slate articles at Slate.com/Voice. Want to hear a daily selection of the magazine’s best stories? Learn more at slate.com/voice A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at www.spokenedition.com
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Author, Mary Lee Peck, provides readings of romance stories for her listeners. Stories read are appropriate for audiences in their teens to senior citizens. Entire books are read, but each podcast includes only one chapter to enable quick download. Romance Stories Online is sponsored by the Reading Research Institute, a non-profit organization that promotes literacy. Books read are available for purchase in print, audio, and digital formats from various booksellers.
8 shows, 3 years ago
HedgeRadio brings you sparkling podcasts and narrative stories to keep your ears on edge.
62 shows, 2 months ago
Direct from Italy! Follow the adventures of two Americans living and running a villa in Puglia, Italy, and learn all about Italian the culture, people, food and fun. Every week, we’ll share our lives with you and what life in Italy is really like especially for two Americans. From Italian recipes to travel in Italy to interviews with others who share the same Italian spirit, we’ll cover it all. So come along for the ride and discover that life is better when you put a little Italian into it.
49 shows,
Du bist ein echter Bücherwurm und kannst dich kaum vom geschriebenen Wort trennen? Dann ist diese Sendung genau das richtige für dich. Literatur pur. Diese Show ist mehr als nur ein Blick auf ein Buch, wir schauen auf jede Seite. Egal ob Klassiker oder neue Büche. Wir entdecken mit euch die Bestseller von morgen.