#96 5 Ways of Flow

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<p>Five Ways of Flow</p> <ol> <li>The highest truth is inexpressible.</li> <li>Spiritual cultivation cannot be cultivated.</li> <li>In the last resort nothing is gained.</li> <li>There is nothing much in the teaching.</li> <li>In throwing punches and moving, therein lies the wonderful Tao.</li> </ol> <p>1. The highest truth is inexpressible.</p> <p>The highest truth, your truth, is an experience, a knowing, it is a reverberation in the soul and heart of man.</p> <p>“When both the man and his surroundings are eliminated, neither man nor his surroundings are eliminated – Walk On!”</p> <p>“Between enlightenment and knowledge, in the latter a contrast exists between the knower and the known, whereas in the former, there is no such contrast.”</p> <p>2. Spiritual cultivation cannot be cultivated.</p> <p>After spiritual cultivation you return to the ordinariness of life but filled with the extraordinariness of life; gratitude; acceptance; allowance; flow; a return to effortlessness.</p> <p>“After the completion of cultivation, one remains amid the phenomenal yet devoid of the phenomenal.”</p> <p>“The aim is not the one-sided promotion of spirit, soul and senses, but the opening of all human capacities to the life rhythm of the world and nature."</p> <p>3. In the last resort nothing is gained.</p> <p>When we come down to the last resort of a situation, we are reaching a sort of giving up - a place where we have reconciled ourselves with losing; so don’t hang onto a last resort, rather be willing to die.</p> <p>“Are you a flowing entity capable to flow with circumstances?”</p> <p>“Do not run away; let go. Do not seek; it will come when least expected.”</p> <p>4. There is nothing much in the teaching.</p> <p>Modeling as a form of teaching. A teacher is a guide, the student has to experience things for themselves.</p> <p>“A good teacher functions as a pointer to truth but not a giver of truth. He employs a minimum of form to lead his student to the formless. Furthermore, he points out the importance of being able to enter a mold without being imprisoned by it or to follow the principles without being bound by them.”</p> <p>“There is no fixed teaching. All I can provide is an appropriate medicine for a particular ailment.”</p> <p>5. In throwing punches and moving, therein lies the wonderful Tao.</p> <p>In instinctual and direct movement, the flow of the universe is revealed. </p> <p>“Behind every motion is the music of the soul made visible.”</p> <p>“The spirit of the universe or the integrating principle of the whole – instinct with contrivance which flows with purpose.”</p> <p>“Simplicty. Directness. Freedom.”</p> <p>Please write to us at <a href= "mailto:hello@brucelee.com">hello@brucelee.com</a> or tag us on social media @BruceLee #BruceLeePodcast.</p> <p>Help support the Bruce Lee Podcast and <a href= "https://shop.brucelee.com/collections/podcast-bundle">check out our Podcast Bundle on the Bruce Lee Store!</a></p>