#322: Adam Robinson — Outflanking and Outsmarting the Competition

6/21/2018, 1:54:40 PM , duration(0:0:2)
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<p>Welcome to another episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, where I share the habits, tools and patterns of world-class performers. This special short episode features insights from <strong>Adam Robinson</strong> (<a href="https://twitter.com/iamadamrobinson?lang=en" target="_blank">@IAmAdamRobinson</a>). His answers to my questions were highlighted in my most recent book, <a href="https://tribeofmentors.com/" target="_blank"><em>Tribe of Mentors</em></a>.</p><p>For those of you not familiar with Adam, he has made a lifelong study of outflanking and outsmarting the competition. He is a rated chess master who was awarded a Life Title by the United States Chess Federation. As a teenager, he was personally mentored by Bobby Fischer in the 18 months leading up to his winning the world championship.</p><p>Then, in his first career, he developed a revolutionary approach to taking standardized tests as one of the two original co-founders of The Princeton Review. His paradigm-breaking — or “category killing,” as they say in publishing — test-prep book, <a href="https://www.amazon.com/Cracking-System-SAT-Princeton-Review/dp/0394743423?tag=offsitoftimfe-20" target="_blank"><em>The SAT: Cracking the System</em></a>, is the only test-prep book ever to have become a <em>New York Times</em> bestseller. After selling his interest in The Princeton Review, Adam turned his attention in the early ’90s to the then-emerging field of artificial intelligence, developing a program that could analyze text and provide human-like commentary. He was later invited to join a well-known quant fund to develop statistical trading models, and since, he has established himself as an independent global macro advisor to the chief investment officers of a select group of the world’s most successful hedge funds and family offices.</p><p>Adam has also been one of this show's most popular guests, and you can check out his first appearance <a href="https://tim.blog/2016/12/20/becoming-the-best-version-of-you/" target="_blank">here</a>, and his second <a href="https://tim.blog/2017/02/02/lessons-from-warren-buffett-bobby-fischer-and-other-outliers/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p><p>Enjoy!</p><p><strong>This podcast is brought to you by </strong><a href="http://99designs.com/tim" target="_blank"><strong>99designs</strong></a><strong>,</strong> <strong>the world's largest marketplace of graphic designers</strong>. I have used them for years to create some amazing designs. Whether your business needs a logo, website design, business card, or anything you can imagine, check out <a href="http://99designs.com/tim" target="_blank"><strong>99designs</strong></a>.</p><p>I used them to <a href="http://99designs.com/tim" target="_blank">rapid prototype the cover</a> for <em>The Tao of Seneca</em>, and I've also had them help with display advertising and illustrations. If you want a more personalized approach, I recommend their <a href="http://99designs.com/tim" target="_blank">1-on-1 service</a>. You get original designs from designers around the world. The best part? You provide your feedback, and then you end up with a product that you're happy with or your money back. <a href="http://www.99designs.com/tim" target="_blank"><strong>Click this link</strong></a><strong> and get a free $99 upgrade.</strong></p>