#301: Joe Gebbia – Co-Founder of Airbnb

3/8/2018, 7:48:24 PM , duration(0:0:9)
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<p>Joe Gebbia (<a href="https://twitter.com/jgebbia" target="_blank">@jgebbia</a>) is a designer, entrepreneur, and global explorer. He is the co-founder and CPO of <a href="https://www.airbnb.com" target="_blank">Airbnb</a>, which has changed the way the world travels and how people connect in more than 190 countries.</p><p>In this wide-ranging and hilarious interview, Joe delivers the details on his path to Airbnb, and he shares the decisions, hardship, failures, and successes that prepared him for Airbnb.</p><p>Enjoy!</p><p><strong>This episode is brought to you by&nbsp;</strong><a href="https://www.athleticgreens.com/tim" target="_blank"><strong>Athletic Greens</strong></a><strong>.</strong>&nbsp;I get asked all the time, “If you could only use one supplement, what would it be?” My answer is, inevitably,&nbsp;<a href="https://www.athleticgreens.com/tim" target="_blank">Athletic Greens</a>.&nbsp;It is my all-in-one nutritional insurance. I recommended it in&nbsp;<em>The 4-Hour Body&nbsp;</em>and did not get paid to do so.<strong>&nbsp;As a listener of The Tim Ferriss Show, you’ll get 30 percent off your first order at&nbsp;</strong><a href="https://www.athleticgreens.com/tim" target="_blank"><strong>AthleticGreens.com/Tim</strong></a><strong>.</strong></p><p><strong>This episode is also brought to you by&nbsp;</strong><a href="https://www.legalzoom.com/" target="_blank"><strong>LegalZoom</strong></a><strong>.</strong>&nbsp;I’ve used this service for many of my businesses, as have quite a few of the icons on this podcast — such as Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg of WordPress fame.</p><p><a href="https://www.legalzoom.com/" target="_blank"><strong>LegalZoom</strong></a>&nbsp;is a reliable resource that more than a million people have already trusted for everything from setting up wills, proper trademark searches, forming LLCs, setting up non-profits, or finding simple cease-and-desist letter templates.</p><p><a href="https://www.legalzoom.com/" target="_blank"><strong>LegalZoom</strong></a>&nbsp;is not a law firm, but it does have a network of independent attorneys available in most states who can give you advice on the best way to get started, provide contract reviews, and otherwise help you run your business with complete transparency and up-front pricing.&nbsp;<a href="https://www.legalzoom.com/" target="_blank"><strong>Check out LegalZoom.com and enter promo code TIM at checkout today</strong></a><strong>&nbsp;for special savings</strong>&nbsp;and see how the fine folks there can make life easier for you and your business.</p>