#272: Sir Richard Branson — The Billionaire Maverick of the Virgin Empire

10/9/2017, 11:16:19 AM , duration(0:0:4)
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<p>Sir Richard Branson (<a href="https://twitter.com/richardbranson" target="_blank">@richardbranson</a>), founder and chairman of <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgin_Group" target="_blank">The Virgin Group</a>, is a world-famous entrepreneur, adventurer, activist, and business icon. He has launched a dozen billion-dollar businesses and hundreds of other companies.</p><p>His new autobiography, <a href="https://www.amazon.com/Finding-My-Virginity-New-Autobiography/dp/0735219427/offsitoftimfe-20" target="_blank">Finding My Virginity</a>, shares the candid details of a lifetime of triumphs and failures and provides an intimate look at his never-ending quest to push boundaries, break rules, and seek new frontiers.</p><p>I loved our conversation, and we covered a lot, including:</p><ul><li>Richard's thoughts on "clean meat," block chain, and cryptocurrency</li><li>How he's coped with dyslexia, and how his parents helped make him resilient</li><li>Behind-the-scenes stories of deal-making, PR stunts, big wins, and big losses</li><li>The habits (and life decisions) he's used to maintain high energy levels for decades</li><li>How Richard masterfully caps/limits downside risk, even though he's perceived as a risk taker</li><li>How and why he takes regular 1-2-month (sometimes longer) breaks from alcohol</li><li>Favorite books</li><li>Lessons learned from Nelson Mandela and other mentors</li><li>And much more...</li></ul><p>Enjoy!</p><p><strong>This podcast is brought to you by&nbsp;</strong><a href="https://www.ascentprotein.com/tim" target="_blank"><strong>Ascent Protein</strong></a>, the best protein I've ever tried. Ascent is the only US-based company that offers native proteins -- both whey and micellar casein -- directly to the consumer for improved muscle health and performance. Because the product is sourced from Ascent's parent company, Leprino Foods -- the largest producer of mozzarella cheese in the world -- it's entirely free of artificial ingredients and completely bypasses the bleaching process common to most other whey products on the market.</p><p>If you want cleaner, less processed protein, which I certainly do,&nbsp;<a href="https://www.ascentprotein.com/tim" target="_blank"><strong>go to ascentprotein.com/tim for 20 percent off your entire order.</strong></a></p><p><strong>This podcast is also brought to you by&nbsp;</strong><a href="https://wordpress.com/Tim" target="_blank"><strong>WordPress.com</strong></a>, my go-to platform for 24/7-supported, zero downtime blogging, writing online, creating websites -- everything! I love it to bits, and the lead developer, Matt Mullenweg, has appeared on this podcast many times.</p><p>Whether for personal use or business, you're in good company with&nbsp;<a href="https://wordpress.com/Tim" target="_blank">WordPress.com</a>&nbsp;— used by The New Yorker, Jay Z, Beyonce, FiveThirtyEight, TechCrunch, TED, CNN, and Time, just to name a few. A source at Google told me that&nbsp;<a href="https://wordpress.com/Tim" target="_blank">WordPress</a>&nbsp;offers "the best out-of-the-box SEO imaginable," which is probably why it runs nearly 30% of the Internet.&nbsp;<strong>Go to&nbsp;</strong><a href="https://wordpress.com/Tim" target="_blank"><strong>WordPress.com/Tim</strong></a><strong>&nbsp;to get 15% off your website today!</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p>