147: Droopy Dog's Fancy New Vagina

1/13/2017, 1:00:00 AM , duration(0:0:5)
Society & Culture Technology
<p>This awkward week we're talking about the 10-minute man, shitting the bed, and droopy transgender vaginas. Questions/comments/stories/whatevers? Call/text 509-AWKWARD or visit awkward.email for more options!</p> <p>Guest: Tommy Honton</p> <p>Links for this episode:</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.glaad.org/transgender/resources" class="link" target="_blank">GLAAD Transgender Resources</a><br />The most comprehensive list of good resources we know about. The others on our list of links were some that might have good information, but we're not familiar with them. This contains plenty of helpful stuff, including the wonderful Trevor Project. </li><li><a href="https://www.susans.org/forums/index.php?action=tags;tagid=462" class="link" target="_blank">Susan&#x27;s Place: Transgender Resources</a><br />A forum for transgender people to connect and help each other. </li><li><a href="http://www.hrc.org/resources/finding-insurance-for-transgender-related-healthcare" class="link" target="_blank">Finding Insurance for Transgender-Related Healthcare</a><br />From the Human Right's Campaign. </li><li><a href="http://thetransgendercenter.com/" class="link" target="_blank">The Transgender Center</a><br />If you’re considering Male-To-Female (M2F) gender reassignment surgery (GRS), no doubt you have many questions and concerns. Welcome to the most complete and comprehensive surgical facility for the transgender community. At our Center, you can find help in every area of transitioning from therapy to surgery to aesthetics. </li></ul><p><a href="http://awkward.wtf/ahsg-amazon">Buy our book</a>, <a href="http://awkward.wtf/bukkake-amazon">Bukkake</a>, or <a href="http://awkward.wtf/pixellove">Pixel Love Playing Cards</a>!</p>