093 - Developing a Wise Mind Approach to Life

5/28/2016, 9:14:56 PM , duration(0:0:0)
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<p>Support The Podcast:</p> <p><a href= "http://greggclunis.com/support">greggclunis.com/support</a></p> <p>In this episode I talk about the difference between your rational mind, your emotional mind, and your wise mind. Take a step back and get ready to rock because you are now listening to Tiny Leaps, Big Changes.</p> <p>You Will Hear:</p> <p>- The difference between your rational and emotional minds.</p> <p>- Why it’s important to develop a wise mind.</p> <p>- How to find a balance between your two states.</p> <p>Music:</p> <p><a href= "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJeh_dLjPN4">youtube.com/watch?v=gJeh_dLjPN4</a></p> <p>Click to view: <a href= "https://awesound.com/@greggclunis/093-developing-a-wise-mind-approach-to-life?auid=aDDb6dKTx6"> show page on Awesound</a></p>